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The Frying Game

How we came up with fried chicken oysters + chicken-fried oysters
Chicken-Fried Oysters
We chicken-fried other things, like oysters | Photo: Tasting Table

It's Fried Chicken Fortnight: two weeks of hot crunchy chicken talk, recipes & chef tips. Get all the stories about this super important holiday that we made up right here.

Me: Hey Andy, do we need to test the duck-fat fried karaage recipe again?

Andy Baraghani, Food Editor: Uh, no, Adam. That story ran last week.

Me: Okay, okay, but damn that was some tasty duck-fatty fried chicken...

Andy: [Looks busy]

Me: Well, we do need more stories for Fried Chicken Fortnight. Any parts haven't we tried frying yet?

Andy: Well, we could do chicken "oysters"—that beloved pair of oblong, little, oyster-shaped dark-meat pieces neatly tucked into the chicken's back.

Me: Perfect chicken nuggets.

Andy: And we could pair them with actual oysters, lightly dredged in corn flour and quickly fried to a golden crunch.

Me: Genius.

Andy: We can serve them on the oyster shell with a briny aioli made with puréed raw oysters and a little cayenne...

Me: And we can fry it all in duck fat?

Andy: No, no. Too much. A squirt of lemon and we're done.

Me: Et voilá, a surf-and-coop fresh take on fried chicken. This deserves a celebratory drink!

Andy: It's 10 a.m.

Me: Okay, okay...

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Make Fried Oysters and "Oysters"

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