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The Whole Fish

Grill the most delicious and impressive seafood dish of the summer

If you really want to enjoy the flavors of a great fish, you've got to grill it whole. Bonus: A big fish stuffed with aromatics, glistening with olive oil, makes for a gorgeous, summery presentation.

The technique sounds a bit intimidating, but it's actually easy to master: Look for a black sea bass that's big enough to feed two. Rub it all over with Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, herbs and tangerine zest. Then cook it quickly on a hot grill. It's so spicy and awesome and satisfying, you could easily cook this dish for steak enthusiasts.  

The key to success is picking a fresh fish, preparing it for a deep infusion of flavor and getting it off the grill without a mess. Here's everything you need for perfect whole fish cookery.


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