Ryan Cashman

Photo of Ryan Cashman
New Hampshire, USA
Westfield State University
Home Cooking, Local Food, Homesteading
  • Ryan's greatest food influences are Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, Anthony Bourdain, The Two Greedy Italians, Jamie Oliver, and, of course, his mother, Rose.
  • A cook "by feel," Ryan never writes down the recipes of his own creations, much to the annoyance of his wife.
  • Ryan lives on a 2.75-acre homestead where he produces maple syrup, raises chickens and satin angora rabbits, and plans to grow up to 75% of his own food.


Ryan has been a writer his entire life, knowing since age seven it was the craft he was meant to pursue. Having grown up with an Italian mother, food has always been central to Ryan's life. In 2013, he started writing a weekly food column for his college newspaper, The Westfield Voice. The column, titled Knowing to Cook, quickly became one of the paper's most popular writings. Ryan has since gone on to be published both locally in his native New England, as well as nationally. He served as a freelancer for the Worcester-based lifestyle magazine, The Pulse, eventually going on to become the voice behind PulseBrew, the magazine's beer/spirits column. Ryan has also written stories for Fresh Cup Magazine and Edible Pioneer Valley. Apart from food writing, Ryan is also an essayist, aspiring novelist, and award-winning playwright. He is currently at work on his first novel and is building a homestead with his wife and three children in the foothills of southwestern New Hampshire.


Ryan holds a bachelor's degree in communication with a concentration in journalism from Westfield State University. During his time there, Ryan was surrounded by food lovers and storytellers, all of whom helped fuel his passion for food writing.
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