Melis Amber

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New York University
Travel, YA Media, Veganizing Recipes
  • A travel junkie, Melis spends more time in local markets than museums whenever visiting a new city.
  • Once, while at a Vietnamese restaurant in LA, Melis got to try the then-hottest pepper in the world. They cried for ten minutes after eating a ¼ inch piece.
  • Melis has been writing about food since they created a "cookie recipe" at the age of eight. Let's just say they've since improved and have destroyed all incriminating evidence.


Melis has worn many hats throughout the years. They've also had a lot of different jobs including writer, editor, video journalist, teacher, and even food YouTuber. Their work has been published on Geek Girl Authority (where they serve as a Senior Contributor), Autostraddle, Cuarto Poder, and El Público.


Melis holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production from New York University. They are also certified in teaching English as a foreign language.
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