Best Red Wine For Valentine's Day

Here's one less thing to worry about for that upcoming dinner

There's already enough you have to think about when planning date night, from deciding on a recipe that uses the least amount of raw garlic to, er, finding an actual date. And though it won't solve the latter problem, rest assured West Coast-based winery 7 Moons at least has your wine pick covered.

Photo: 7 Moons Wines 

The Oakville winemaker's just-released 2016 vintage blends seven different grapes, from Cabernet to Syrah, all sourced from vineyards along the Central Coast of California. Notes of red cherries, mocha and vanilla bean make for a fruit-forward glass. Plus, that crowd-pleasing profile makes it versatile enough to pair equally well with a fancy homemade dinner—or an emergency delivery of Chinese takeout. 

Better yet—it won't know the difference if date night is what you choose to call a wine-fueled solo movie night.