How To Make Homemade Fireball? Whiskey Video

The only thing better than whiskey is bright-red cinnamon whiskey

We've all been on the business end of a Fireball™ shot, right? Spicy, warming, tastes like trouble but goes down easy.

Fireball™'s exploded in popularity in recent years, but that should only inspire you to make your own cinnamon whiskey from scratch. It couldn't be easier: All you need is a bottle of whiskey and about a cup of Red Hots.

Pour a 750-milliliter bottle of whiskey into a quart-size resealable container. Add ¾ cup of Red Hots, seal well and give the whole thing a good shake.

Let sit overnight. It will turn bright red as the candies dissolve and infuse the liquor. Strain out any remaining candy.

Transfer it to a nice bottle for a perfect gift. Whether or not the recipient does shots, however, is anyone's guess.

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