Disney Adds Alcohol To Its Menus

You can now have a beer after a long day at the park

Getting a strong drink inside Disney World's Magic Kingdom has never been easy. Walt Disney himself wanted the Kingdom's predecessor, Disneyland, to be dry, so the company kept it virtually alcohol free. However, that changed in 2012, when Be Our Guest, a Beauty and the Beast-themed restaurant added alcohol to its menu. And until now, that has been the only place to drink in the Magic Kingdom.

Starting December 23, four more restaurants in the park will add alcohol to their menus, The Disney Food Blog reports. The alcohol on tap at each restaurant will match its theme and food menu: Tony's Town Square will offer Italian wine and beer, while Cinderella's Royal Table will pour glasses of bubbly. Meanwhile, there will be American-made beers, ciders and wines Liberty-Tree Tavern, as well as selections from around the world, to complement the global menu at Skipper Canteen.

Just don't expect Mickey to have a beer with you.