London-Area Bar Offers To Save Guests From Bad Tinder Dates

British bar posts sign to save souls on bad Tinder dates

Anyone who has ever Tindered, watched Catfish or frankly just gone on a date in the past couple of years (or heard one's friends bitch about their dates) understands that what you see on your phone isn't always what you get when the person shows up.

A bar just outside of London is offering these souls in need a helping hand. The team at The Brickyard posted a sign in the ladies' room that reads:

After the sign went viral and more than a few people commented on the gendered language and placement of the sign, the team added a similar sign to the men's room.

Bad Tinder dates probably aren't going anywhere anytime soon, so it's nice to know that some bartenders have our backs. (In our experience, if you're feeling uncomfortable, most bartenders are more than happy to help you out of an unsafe situation. Just say something.)