Chicory Coffee Comes In Two New Forms | Tasting Table San Francisco

Chicory coffee without the Café du Monde tin

You've done it, too–returned from New Orleans with a yellow can of Café du Monde's chicory coffee, which never tastes as good at home as it did in the French Quarter.

We have a better solution.

Step 1: Secure a blue-and-white carton of Blue Bottle's famous New Orleans Iced Coffee ($4 for 11 ounces) at local Blue Bottle cafés or Whole Foods stores.

To bring the drink to grocery stories, organic coffee and chicory are roasted at the company's Oakland facility, then brewed by Fort Point Brewing in the Presidio and blended with organic whole milk and sugar at Clover Stornetta in Petaluma. The results taste just as good as the version served at Blue Bottle cafés.

Step 2: Locate a bottle of St. George Spirits' new NOLA Coffee Liqueur (750 ml, $33 at K&L Wines).

This fruity, floral rendition of the brew is made by cold-infusing neutral grain spirits with chicory, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee from Jewel Box Coffee Roasters, vanilla and cane sugar.

Step 3: Stir together.

While the NOLA liqueur makes a great White Russian, it's even better mixed with the Blue Bottle iced coffee. It keeps the concentrated coffee flavor front and center, with just enough dairy and sweetness to level the chicory's smoky bitterness.