Everyman Espresso At Bikini Bar In Tribeca | Tasting Table NYC

Everyman Espresso gets down in Tribeca

No need to alert the truant officer: We happily confess that we've been playing hooky at Everyman Espresso's pop-up (Tues. through Sat.; 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) at Bikini Bar Sip n' Surf in Tribeca.

Take a load off, brah.

Tiki-riffic D├ęcor: It's a full-on tropical time warp the minute you step inside. There are enough surfboards to form a flotilla, idiosyncratic tchotchkes galore, and silent surfing footage screened on repeat to a hauntingly beautiful effect. Excuse us while we disappear into an easy chair on the hushed balcony.

Tropic Thunder: The good folks from Everyman will gladly make a Counter Culture cappuccino ($4.50), but that selection seems uninspired in the face of a tropical Tikicino (coconut milk with espresso), the Haru Swizzle (peach maceration, lime juice, mint leaf and AeroPressed Ethiopian Haru over crushed ice) or the Puente Collins (cherry, soda water and espresso; all drinks $7).

Point and Order: The quirky, gorgeous hand-drawn menu gives you another reason to linger. (Sidebar: We love the illustrated-menu trend. See it at Michael White's nearby supper club, The Butterfly, which should be your second stop if your drinking needs take a turn toward the harder stuff.)

Arctic AC: Enough said.