Riess's Ceramic Cookware

The last word in enamel cookware

We've watched ceramic and enamel take hold of our pots and pans at a slow but steady pace.

Sidelined as camping cookware when nonstick pans came on the market, the coated pans and Dutch ovens have returned to favor recently‚Äďand with good reason. The surfaces are both functional and a designer's dream.

Le Creuset continues to expand its ceramic-coated rainbow of cooking vessels, and British line Falconware has just arrived Stateside. Design-centric Italian home-wares company Bialetti will debut a line of oven-safe ceramic cookware this summer.

But for those seeking an extra-special vessel, consider the enamel creations from Riess. The family-run company has been producing its lovely creations in Austria for more than two centuries.

History aside, the goods hold up to modern cookware. And lucky for us, the diminutive milk pot ($42) and sunny omelet pans ($45) are available on Ancient Industries, a digital custodian of home-wares organized by book-cover designer Megan Wilson.

Slow but steady, it seems, is winning the race.