The Rich Topping Gordon Ramsay Adds To Roasted Tomato Soup For Elevated Flavor

Known for taking things to the next level in the kitchen, renowned chef Gordon Ramsay loves to add a special finishing touch to his roasted tomato soup. Ramsay not only adds a pinch of cayenne and sugar to the soup itself for a more robust taste, but also tops his soup off with a rich and flavorful sun-dried tomato pesto. Sun-dried tomato pesto works really well with a roasted tomato soup as it deepens the spectrum of tomato flavors by incorporating tomato in more than one form and adds texture and sweet tanginess to an otherwise soft and savory dish.

Ramsay recommends hand grinding sun-dried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, grated parmesan cheese, olive oil, and a touch of the oil from the jar of sun-dried tomatoes using a mortar and pestle for the ideal, authentic texture. The chunky topping gets dolloped right in the center of a bowl of soup, for rich tomato flavor in every bite. 

Tips for making the most of sun-dried tomato pesto

You can take Ramsay's idea further by customizing a sun-dried tomato pesto to suit your own tastes. Adding a handful of fresh herbs such as basil or oregano can kick the flavor up a notch. Consider swapping the pine nuts for walnuts or other nuts of your choice to add a different texture and nutty taste. A squeeze of lemon will further enhance the flavors of sun-dried tomatoes, adding some brightness and acidity. For garlic lovers, a few cloves of garlic are essential. For those who love a bit of spice, a pinch of red chili flakes will bring some welcome heat. If you want to top off a vegan roasted tomato soup, skip the cheese in your pesto.

While Ramsay prefers the manual approach, you can easily use a blender or food processor to make your sun-dried tomato pesto. This method can save time and streamline the process, making it more accessible for everyday cooking. Just be certain to use the pulse function so you have greater control over the texture of your pesto.

The robust flavor of sundried tomatoes can enhance other soups as well. Mix it into a butternut squash soup for some umami depth, or drizzle it over a bean-based soup for added complexity. Its versatile nature complements both light, brothy soups, and hearty, creamy ones, making it a true testament to Ramsay's knack for elevating simple dishes with bold flavors.