Our Favorite Trader Joe's Juice Is Definitely Worth The Hype

Trader Joe's offers a wide variety of juices for you to choose from when you're in the mood for a bright, fruity, and refreshing drink, but which one is the best? In Tasting Table's ranking of every Trader Joe's juice from worst to best, there was one clear winner: the Organic Jalapeño Limeade.

In our ranking, we found the Jalapeño Limeade to be just the right balance of sweet, tart, and spicy. Further, the spice is not too overwhelming and feels more tingly than uncomfortably hot. Our review of it certainly aligns with how Trader Joe's presents the drink: On the Trader Joe's website, the brand describe the Jalapeño Limeade by writing, "The spiciness of this Jalapeño Limeade is mild enough for even the wariest spicy food consumers — and will be pleasantly enjoyable for those who seek heat." Additionally, the tartness of the lime is in perfect balance with the heat from the jalapeño.

If you're in the mood for it during the off season, you can even duplicate it at home. If you're especially worried about the spice, you can always water it down by adding in some sparkling water — not only will this dilute the spice, it will also transform it into a fun, bubbly drink. But turning the Jalapeño Limeade into a sparkling drink is not the only way to customize it.

How to turn the Jalapeño Limeade into a cocktail (or mocktail)

One of the best ways to use the Jalapeño Limeade? Turn it into the perfect margarita. Firstly you must decide if you want to add salt to the rim of the glass — if so, start by using a lime wedge to make the rim wet, then turn the glass over and dip it into the salt. Alternatively, you can kick up the heat by using Tajin instead or balance out the spiciness with the sweetness of a sugar rim.

Next, flip it back over and add ice, then pour in one shot of your favorite tequila or mezcal. Add in about four ounces (or to taste) of the Jalapeño Limeade. Finally, add your preferred garnish, such as a lime wedge or a jalapeño slice. If you want to make it into a sparkling margarita, add about two ounces of sparkling water.

For a non-alcoholic version, simply swap out the tequila for two teaspoons of agave nectar, which will give you a little taste of tequila, which is made from agave without the alcohol. The agave nectar also works as a sweetener, so keep that in mind when deciding the ratio of sweet to spicy that you prefer — if you want it spicier, add an extra jalapeño slice or two as garnish.