Catherine Womack

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Knox College
Writing, Baking, Cocktails
  • Catherine is a freelance blogger and copywriter specializing in food and drink.
  • As a naturally curious person with a love of travel, she's drawn to regional American cuisine and foods from other cultures.
  • In the kitchen, she enjoys recipes that challenge her, from French macarons to elaborate craft cocktails.


Catherine "Cassie" Womack is a food writer from Virginia. True to her Southern roots, Catherine's first sentence was “I love butter." While her tastes have expanded since then, her passion for food has remained. After earning a degree in Creative Writing from Knox College, she began her career as a copywriter for a cookware company, writing blog posts, how-tos, and chef profiles. She loves to bake, and while she no longer sneaks butter from the refrigerator behind her parent's backs, she enjoys using it liberally in cookies, cobblers, and pie crusts.


Catherine has a degree in Creative Writing from Knox College, where she wrote for the college's newspaper and literary magazine.
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