Adrienne Katz Kennedy

Photo of Adrienne Katz Kennedy
London, England
Cleveland State University, Roehampton University
Culinary Anthropology, Food Industry Interviews, Food And Social Justice
  • Adrienne has collaborated with chef Jeremy Pang on four cookbooks, including the Gourmand Award-winning "Hong Kong Diner."
  • In 2019 Adrienne was awarded the Guild of Food Writers Bursary Award, for her work in New Mexican cuisine and culture.
  • Adrienne's work within cookery schools earned her a finalist title in the category of Unsung Heroes at the UK's Cookery School Awards.


Adrienne has spent 14 years in the food media and food education industry, with four years as tireless freelance writer under her belt. Her work has appeared in Sierra Magazine, Heated by Bittman, Whetstone Journal, Vittles, Pit Magazine, Courier Media, Life & Thyme, Eater London, TOPIA World of Good and more. Adrienne uses her training in anthropology and performance to investigate culture through the lens of food, including where comes from, who makes it, and what it's so important. Her collection of spices remains forever incomplete — a new curiosity is always lurking just around the corner.


Adrienne completed her undergraduate work in cultural anthropology at Cleveland State University, before packing her suitcases and moving to England to earn her master's in the field of Dance Anthropology from Roehampton University. She now applies her training in anthropology and performance to the wide world of food and culture.
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