15 Top Steakhouses In London, According To A Local

Though palates have since expanded, Britain itself was once considered home to a "meat and two veg" kind of mentality — a similar identity to the "steak and potatoes" American. After all, spuds and proteins comprise key aspects of the weekly Sunday roast, a favorite tradition of many Brits. Unlike the U.S., England's preferred livestock and protein of choice isn't beef, with more than double the number of sheep and lambs raised for meat than cattle. However, that doesn't mean England lacks high-quality steakhouses or chophouses. 

London alone has many reputable restaurants serving high-quality steaks for those with a penchant for beef. Though its blindingly bright sign and well-placed locations might beckon tourists, we firmly believe that you'll do best if you avoid the chain restaurant Angus Steakhouse. Instead, here are 15 alternatives in the Big Smoke that take their meat offerings very seriously and should satisfy any steak craving, no matter how big. 

This list combines local knowledge — mine and others' — first-hand experience, reviews, and recommendations from reputable outlets. Scroll on for a glimpse into London's beef and steak scene.


Like Quality Chop House (further down on this list), Blacklock is an establishment with a lengthy history. It was born when chophouses were popular venues that served as an alternative to home cooking — there to fulfill basic needs and serving largely bread and meat. 

Blacklock has five locations across London and is considered a guaranteed slam dunk for satisfying a steak craving. The restaurant exclusively uses Cornwall's oldest cattle farmers and butchers who specialize in rearing a rare breed of cows. Blacklock is also a certified B Corporation, meaning the business and buying practices focus on social responsibility and sustainability. 

Depending on when you visit, Blacklock offers a variety of cuts and dishes to make the most of the animal and occasion. Tuck into a steak sandwich or burger at lunchtime, skinny lamb or pork chops, or the thicker cut slabs of prime rib, porterhouse, sirloin, or rump. However, Blacklock is perhaps best known for its Sunday Roast. In 2023, two of Blacklock's employees were named among CODE Hospitality's Women of the Year, an organization that recognizes the achievements of women in the industry. Open for lunch or dinner seven days a week; booking for Sunday lunch is required.


Multiple locations


Opened by Argentinian chef and former head chef of Brindisa, Nicolas Modad, Chimichurris celebrates Argentinian grilling, saucing, and flavors. It's steps away from Borough Market, where co-founders Federico Fugazza and Modad met. Anyone longing for Argentinian flavors and grilled meats should consider this spot.

The menu includes many options for meat eaters: Beef escalope is slathered with tomato, caramelized onion, blue and mozzarella cheese, ham, olives, roasted pepper, and fried egg. Those looking for a thicker cut of meat might select short ribs, Argentinian rib eye (ojo de bife), or sirloin (bife de chorizo). All steaks come with a side (guarniciones). Having been stamped a Travellers' Choice venue by Tripadvisor in 2023, it is a popular destination for many looking to have their fill of Argentinian beef, with many reviews noting the impeccable service on top of the tasty food. Open for dinner Tuesday through Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.


+44 020 7928 7414

132 Southwark Bridge Rd, London SE1 0DG

Fine Cut Butchers Steakhouse

This small, family-owned Brazilian restaurant is hidden behind the family butchery in London's Bermondsey neighborhood. Choose the steaks, chops, or skewers you like, then have it grilled to order.

Known for the quality of meat, as well as the encouragement of extreme steak eating, once a month, Fine Cut Butchers Steakhouse also hosts a timed eating contest. If you can clean a plate filled with a hearty steak, mountain of chips, and salad within 20 minutes, you'll walk away $127 (or £100) richer. Though this might appeal to some, we'd rather take our time and appreciate the quality of the products on offer. The restaurant also serves an unlimited grilled meat platter that comes with a variety of Brazilian side dishes for around $35.

The butcher shop is open daily except Tuesdays, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. The adjoining grill restaurant is also closed on Tuesdays, but open from 12:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. six days a week.


+44(0)20 3105 2301

51 Blue Anchor Ln, London SE16 3UL

Flat Iron

Opened in 2012 by Charlie Carroll, Flat Iron is the city's go-to for satisfying a craving for steak at a cost-effective price. When first opening the business, Carroll's aim was to increase access to a product often only associated with fine dining costs. That said, Carroll was determined not to compromise the quality of animal welfare to achieve an accessibly priced product. Reputable family-owned farms supply the establishment's meat products, including Yorkshire-based farmer Charles Ashbridge (the same supplier as Temper, which will be discussed below), who looks after a herd just for Flat Iron. 

The business has exploded since its opening, with 12 London-based venues alongside one in Cambridge and another that opened in Leeds in late 2023. The steak menu is simple: a flat iron steak priced at just under $18 with various sauces, sides, wines, and cocktails to accompany. Additional beef specials include a bavette, cheeseburger, and sirloin, but the restaurant chain's signature namesake is all you really need to feel satisfied. Steaks are served with a signature cleaver, which can be purchased separately. Flat Iron is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week in all of its locations.


Multiple locations

Goodman Steakhouse

Serving beef reared from cattle raised in the wide-open air of The Lake District and Nebraska, Goodman is known across London for its entertaining atmosphere and flavorful steaks. Meat is hung for at least 30 days in a temperature- and moisture-controlled environment, all in the name of dry aging, which helps develop the flavor and tenderness of the steaks. Goodman is also known for its meat-sharing board, which allows guests to sample each cut of meat, adding to the convivial atmosphere through the shared experience. 

Steaks are cooked in specially designed, closed-grill ovens over a mix of charcoal, oak, eucalyptus, and hickory for a smoky finish and distinctive taste. The restaurant group behind Goodman is also responsible for other popular spots across the city, including Burger and Lobster, Wild Tavern, and Bouchon Racine.

Goodman first opened in 2008 in the Mayfair neighborhood and currently has three locations: Mayfair, City, and Canary Wharf. Start with a selection of surf, including prawn tempura, Devon scallops, or Brixham crab on toast, before moving onto the turf — Goodman's signature meat-sharing board, known as "The Cut," changes daily. Goodman is open most days for lunch and dinner, though the hours vary slightly depending on the location.


Multiple locations


Hawksmoor doesn't mess around when it comes to serving high-quality British-raised steaks. Its longstanding reputation for top-quality steaks and burgers, delicious sides, and creative cocktails makes it a go-to spot for any Londoner's carnivorous cravings. Hawksmoor only serves British beef from humanely raised, grass- and hay-fed cattle with plenty of space for grazing. All steaks, no matter the cut, are hung for 35 days before serving to tenderize and develop flavor. Renowned for the quality and care of its award-winning beef, Hawksmoor has ranked in the top 10 for steakhouses and Sunday roasts by countless British publications, including Vogue, Open Table, and Hot Dinners, all of which have their fingers on the pulse of the hearts and tastebuds of the British public.

Having experienced Hawksmoor firsthand, I can attest this to be true. For those searching for a good steak, everything beef-related, from steaks down to beef dripping chips, comes with a hefty recommendation. Hawksmoor is also a certified B Corporation, which signifies its dedication to equitable practices and social responsibility. Hawksmoor has eight London-based restaurants, as well as two bar locations.


Multiple locations


Gaucho has made a name for itself in London, both for the quality of its Argentinian steaks and for its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality as a steakhouse. With 12 London-based locations and additional restaurants across the U.K., the company works to offset its cow-shaped carbon footprint by supporting reforestation projects through its partnership with the charity Not For Sale. The restaurant is also known for being leaders in the Sustainable Steak Movement, which was launched in 2021 and encourages steakhouses in the U.K. to reflect upon and increase the sustainability of their products. 

Gaucho offers diners a choice from eight different cuts of steak, including classics like loco (fillet) and chorizo (sirloin). Unique specialty cuts also reflect Argentinian culinary traditions, like churrasco de chorizo and tira de ancho, which include spiral-cut steaks marinaded in garlic and parsley or chimichurri. For those inclined to share, there are three sharing plate options, including two sampler plates to alleviate any steak-related FOMO. Challenging as it may be, those who save room for dessert will be exceptionally rewarded with the likes of a slice of salted dulce de leche cheesecake.


Multiple locations

Hot Stone

For a Japanese-style surf and turf, head to Hot Stone, located in London's borough of Islington. According to the website, this establishment is one of a scant eight across the whole of the U.K. to feature certified Kobe beef on the menu. Kobe, Wagyu, and other meats are cooked tableside by diners on a hot stone from volcanic rock. This method is known as Ishiyaki, which translates to mean "stone cooked." Stones heated up to 400 C or 752 F arrive at each table alongside ingredients primed and prepared for cooking. This interactive dining is as delicious as entertaining, igniting all senses.

Start with a few of the restaurant's spectacular sushi rolls, sashimi, or carpaccio served with freshly grated wasabi before moving on to the hot stone items. Options include eggplant and black cod prepared for you, or Kobe, Wagyu, prawns, and scallops to cook yourself. Hot Stone is open for dinner Monday through Friday, and lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. Reservations are recommended.


+44(0)20 3302 8226

9 Chapel Market, The Angel, Islington, London N1 9EZ

Macellaio RC

Founded by Roberto Costa, whose grandfather is a well-known Genoese butcher, it only makes sense that Macellaio means "butcher" in Italian. That's precisely what the five Italian steakhouses across London are known for. Opened first in Italy, the first London offshoot opened in 2012; now, each of the five venues serves beef from a special breed of cow known as Fassona, found in the Piedmont region just northeast of Genoa. The breed is known for being tender and lean. Specialty steaks include the Fassona Piemontese, Herefordshire, Halal Sashi, a tomahawk, and various other delicious cuts, as well as homemade pasta and Italian dishes.

For those interested in eating steak and the process behind it, Macellaio RC also offers three-hour-long butchery masterclasses run by the executive chef and head butcher. The class also includes a three-course meal. Finish the meal with a classic tiramisu, latte dolce, or homemade gelato.

Venues include spots in Soho, South Kensington, Exmouth Market, Battersea, and Osteria del Macellaio.


Multiple locations

Sophie's Steakhouse

With two locations — one in buzzing Soho and the second in the chic neighborhood of Chelsea — Sophie's Steakhouse is a masterclass in sophistication-meets-steak. Up and running for 21 years and counting, founders and childhood friends Sophie Bathgate and Rupert Power opened the business to provide customers with high-quality steaks, generous 10-ounce martinis, and a memorable experience.

All beef is supplied by renowned Philip Warren Butchers, who raise native-breed West Country cattle. Cuts are then dry-aged and butchered in-house. Like others on this list, Sophie's offers a variety of steakhouse classics, including a signature sharing steak, a steak frites option, and a Sunday roast. It also serves all the steakhouse sides we know and love, from creamed spinach to truffle mac and cheese and a classic wedge salad with blue cheese and bacon. Sit at the 25-seater bar in Chelsea and sip on one of their signature martinis, or visit the speakeasy underneath Sophie's in Soho for pre or post-dinner cocktails, including a boozy slushie or a classic old fashioned. Open for dinner seven days a week, as well as lunch and dinner on Saturdays and Sundays.


Multiple locations


The relative newcomer temper made some serious waves when it first opened in 2016 by building the establishment around a fire pit, a brave and bold move for a restaurant in the center of a bustling city where space comes at a premium. Thankfully, the move paid off, with the restaurant having opened its fifth location in London in late 2023.

Temper's selection of meat is supplied by third-generation farmer Charles Ashbridge in North Yorkshire. The restaurants purchase the animal in its whole form, then butcher it in-house to cut down on food waste. This process ensures Temper uses a set number of cattle per week across all venues. Depending on the cut, meat is dry aged between 28 and 60 days, then used in various dishes. Depending on your hunger levels, start with a snack of aged beef nachos and add a few tacos or skewers of beef, lamb, pork, or prawns before moving on to the daily list of steaks. The burnt-end tacos, which have been on the menu since Temper opened, are a thing of beauty. Top off the experience with a tequila or mezcal-based cocktail from the bar. 

Temper is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week, though it closes early on Sundays.


Multiple locations

Quality Chop House

Quality Chop House has been around the block a few times, seeing steak and meat eaters through over 150 years of food trends. Opened in 1869, a time when chop houses were primarily aimed at working or traveling men who needed to eat but were away from home (or had no one there to cook for them), it is now a welcoming space for everyone, with vegetarian options as well as plenty of land- and sea-based dishes. (Vegans, this probably isn't the place for you.)

With a set lunch menu that currently includes a starter, steak-based entree with vegetarian substitutes available, and dessert for under $40, this is a quality value-for-money option for those looking for a long lunch. Quality Chop House uses its own in-house butcher. Meats include beef and mutton, with cuts ranging from leg chop and collar steak to sirloin and bone-in ribeye. Finish the meal with a scoop of Capezzana olive oil ice cream, topped with a sprinkle of flaky salt, for the perfect finish. Open for lunch and dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays, with an epic roast lunch on Sundays. Booking is advised.


+44(0)20 7278 1452

88-94 Farringdon Rd, London EC1R 3EA

Zelman Meats

On the fifth floor of the high-end department store Harvey Nichols in the affluent neighborhood of Knightsbridge, Zelman Meats is the place to go when dining with a group of omnivores. It's known for its Zelman plate, a piled-high platter filled with every cut of beef the restaurant sells, including ribeye, picanha, fillet, and striploin, plus a side per person. The meat served is sourced from the U.K., Australia, and Ireland. Steak eaters who prefer not to share can also indulge in their own plate of short ribs or porterhouse, or choose from two kinds of ribeye sourced from Yorkshire or Ireland.

For those looking for one of the most extravagant burgers in the city, Zelman Meats might be the spot. The restaurant serves a double patty wagyu beef burger topped with sriracha, cheddar, crispy onions, and pickles, and served with triple-cooked chips for a cool $44. Zelman Meats is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.


+44(0)20 7201 8625

Harvey Nicols, 5th floor, 109-125 Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RJ

Le Relais de Venise 

Fans of Le Relais de Venise love it for two things: its unwavering dedication to having just one main item on the menu and its steak frites. Located in the borough of Marylebone, with a second location in an area of London known as the City, Le Relais de Venise has been operating in London with its paired-back menu for over 15 years. Its menu is meant to be shared and is primarily ordered in pairs. A typical order includes two servings of steak and fries, a "secret sauce," and a salad with toasted walnuts and a mustard vinaigrette. Wine is sold by the glass or bottle and can be ordered for an additional cost.

For a restaurant that prides itself on one main, one side, and one salad, the list of dessert options is a bit of a surprise. But then again, it's French, so patisserie options are taken very seriously. Choose from a selection of sorbets, profiteroles, or creme brûlée, amongst other options. The beauty is all in the simplicity and execution, both unwavering since its opening. As of this writing, the restaurant in Marylebone is currently closed for renovations and will re-open in March 2024. London City is currently open for lunch and dinner, seven days a week. Once re-opened, the Marylebone location is also open for lunch and dinner every day.


Multiple locations


Though not a steakhouse per se, Fallow — located in London's Haymarket — has made its way into the public discourse for its sustainability and its food, including using ex-dairy cows as the primary source for the restaurant's steaks and burgers. While Fallow is far from the first to make such a move by using ex-dairy cows, it is the restaurant on the tip of the public's tongue when it comes to this kind of forward-thinking, as of this writing.

Whether it's their corn ribs, a vegetable-forward alternative to baby backs (also on the menu), their smoked cod's head, or ex-dairy-cow steaks and burgers, Fallow is front and center of the public eye when it comes to sustainability. Its high regard is apparent when watching the restaurant feature on Topjaw, a popular Instagram and TikTok account run by Jesse Burgess and Will Warr, featuring street-style, best-of-London interviews with chefs and celebrities. For those looking for a meaty experience without the meat, the hen of the wood burger is also quite popular.


+44(0)20 8017 1788

52 Haymarket, London, Greater London SW1Y 4RP


These restaurants have been chosen based on several factors. Some of the restaurants have been experienced directly, while the majority are based on reputation and reviews detailing the expertise, quality, and overall artistry. Though not all are a traditional "steakhouse," all of the steaks served in each establishment have earned a great reputation either through the media or by word of mouth.