Nikita Ephanov

Dallas, Texas
Southern Methodist University
Food, Travel, Technology
  • A full-time freelance writer for two years, Nikita Ephanov has dedicated himself to exploring food and its ability for interconnection.
  • He's written for Eater, Sliced, Matador Network, and other publications, blending food, travel, and his cultural interests.
  • Empowered by his travels to over 40 countries, he's collected stories and perspectives from cultures worldwide.


Nikita Ephanov has written on food, coffee, technology, and travel for publications like Eater, Intrepid Times, and Sliced, as well as served as a staff writer for Cyberpunks and Coffeegeek. His work focuses on inclusivity and cultural diversity, emphasizing food as a vehicle for the shared human experience. He believes eating someone's offerings is sensing their story through flavor: whether told by a remarkable chef or sung by the noteworthy voices of ordinary people. As a cook, traveler, and dedicated researcher, he strives to bridge the gap between the unfamilar, trending, and accessible.


Nikita Ephanov graduated with an applied mathematics degree from Southern Methodist University. While unrelated to food writing, he loves pursuing interdisciplinary perspectives and applying analytical thinking to food reportage. His academic background led him to reinforce broader perspectives, empowered by education outside of traditional academia.
Stories By Nikita Ephanov