Take Irish Coffee To New Heights With A Decadent Egg White Foam

When it comes to the absolute best coffee cocktails, favorites like the espresso martini and coffee negronis are often the most riffed drinks on cocktail menus. Their templates are easily malleable, and the typical coffee cocktail shaking or stirring technique makes it easy to involve new components. However, don't neglect the beloved Irish coffee in mixology experimentation.

It's a historic drink that evolved from a tradition of boozy coffees topped with whipped foam — a delightful combination. When executed properly, the cocktail converges mouthfeel and flavor, with the sweetened whiskey base heightened by the foamy garnish. In fact, such a texturally-forward experience recalls another class of cocktails — the egg white sour. So, for a truly decadent rendition, combine the two styles in one.

You won't want to be sipping on a hot egg white, so to pull off this, you'll need to craft this drink chill. Still go for the same strong coffee you'd employ in the hot version, just make sure to cool prior to mixing. Furthermore, this Irish coffee cocktail also deserves a proper whiskey, so don't neglect a careful spirit selection. Throw into a shaker with simple syrup, and assemble as other sours; with a dry shake first, then alongside ice to create a delicious, silky result. Finish with a double strain to attain the ideal texture.

Integrate egg whites for a chilled, frothier take on Irish coffee

The flavors of such a riff remain similar — after all, the body of the cocktail is still whiskey, coffee, and sugar. However, the introduction of the egg whites does come with a slightly unpalatable smell, which is why most sour cocktails come with a topping of bitters. It's wise to apply the same technique to this drink; perhaps dollop some spice-heavy bitters, which will also lend the drink a nice aesthetic touch.

Plus, the assembly of this drink in the shaker enables easy integration of additional flavors. A touch of a fragrant amaro makes a delectable touch. Or you can even reach for a port or liqueur flavored with spices and coffee to amplify the sugar's complexity. Unlike its inspiration, this entire cocktail gets emulsified with the foamy additions, which not only makes the cocktail frothier, but also tones down intense flavors.

Note that the egg white foam forms naturally, so you'll easily be able to achieve the quintessential layered Irish coffee appearance with just a dry shake. Unlike the whipped cream component, there's no need to foam the egg white separately. And if you're vegan or careful around raw eggs, you should consider using aquafaba for a similar result. So, assemble such a drink per personalized taste, and you'll discover a new side to Irish coffee.