Judy Moreno

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Durham, NC
Hillsdale College
Product Reviews, Trader Joe's, Aldi
  • Judy has contributed extensive articles to Tasting Table. She particularly enjoys ranking and reviewing products from up-and-coming brands; her favorite piece so far is "Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Flavors, Ranked" (because it's coffee).
  • If she had to only eat one meal for the rest of her life, Judy would choose a charcuterie board — so naturally, she's on a ceaseless mission to find the best cheese and crackers.
  • She has experience baking and eating everything from croissants to crinkle cookies.


Judy spent years working at a local sandwich shop, which helped her gain industry experience that contributed to her consideration of products and dishes for Tasting Table. She has worked as a professional publisher's assistant, editor, copywriter, and marketing associate. In high school, Judy earned a perfect 800 Critical Reading score on the SAT — without studying. After college, her first job was as an assistant to the publisher of an arts and culture magazine in NYC. She then took on an editor position at BookTrib after freelancing for them, where she worked hard writing articles, reviewing books, editing, proofreading, and more. From there, she served as the copywriter and content creator for The Able Agency, where she worked with account managers and graphic designers to provide high-quality copy to clients. In addition to her work at Static Media, she is the associate editor and marketing and communications manager at Carolina Academic Press. Judy also earned the Rose Award for creative writing for her original stage play.


Judy graduated cum laude with a double B.A. in English and theatre from Hillsdale College.
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