Judy Moreno

Raleigh/Durham, NC
Hillsdale College
Creative Writing, Books And Film, Culinary Arts
  • Judy Moreno comes from an editorial background. She is a professional copywriter, as well as a freelance writer and copyeditor.
  • In addition to Tasting Table, you can spot Judy’s writing on BookTrib.com. Her editing appears in various undisclosed locations that are now more grammatically correct and well-worded.
  • She has experience acting, writing, and designing for theater; and experience baking and eating everything from croissants to crinkle cookies.


Judy has always had a way with words, but her journey to the world of writing was complicated by her ridiculously varied interests. For a while, she was going to be the first woman shortstop for the New York Yankees. Next, she was interning at a theatre company in NYC attempting to get her Broadway break. Then her immense love for animals led to a planned major in Marine Biology and a future in marine mammal conservation. Along the way, however, she couldn’t ignore the glaringly obvious fact that she was no good at baseball, belting, or biology, but quite brilliant at filling blank pages. She switched gears, began studying English, Writing, and Editing and rest is history. When Judy's brain can’t come up with one more clever turn of phrase, she finds a new creative outlet: cooking. Ask her to write about celestial imagery in Anna Karenina or the differences between macarons and macaroons; either request will be met with enthusiasm.


Judy graduated Cum Laude with a Double Major in English and Theatre from Hillsdale College after achieving a perfect 800 SAT Critical Reading score without studying. She was nominated for multiple Irene Ryan acting awards, won Departmental Honors in Theatre, and won the Rose Award for Creative Writing from the English department for her original play, which received production.
Stories By Judy Moreno