Abigail Bliss

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Denver, CO
Elgin Community College
Plant-Based Eating, Healthy Meal Prep, Coffee Culture
  • Abigail has interviewed several plant-based food companies, including innovative brands and the most recent winners of Food Network's "The Great Food Truck Race."
  • She is a vegan home chef who shops for whole foods, cooks budget recipes in bulk, and somehow always manages to find more room in her freezer.
  • Before becoming a food writer, Abigail spent six years working in craft coffee shops, won multiple latte art competitions, and spent a summer touring coffee plantations in Costa Rica.


Abigail started writing professionally ten years ago when her barista role expanded into marketing copy, including advertisements and social media. After graduating into management, she was exposed to technical writing, such as training guides and job descriptions. Both writing styles served subsequent sales and marketing roles and her transition into full-time freelance writing in 2021. Since then, Abigail has found her niche in travel, outdoor recreation, and food topics, all of which align with her personal interests. She contributes to several print and online publications and is currently a feature writer for Tasting Table. As a vegan, she frequently covers plant-based restaurants, alternatives, and recipes, including meal prep hacks that suit her busy lifestyle and backcountry adventures. In addition, Abigail often circles back to her coffee expertise, making use of her decade-long obsession.


In 2016, Abigail earned an Associate of Arts from Elgin Community College, where she attended several classes related to journalism and communications.
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