15 Ways To Use Canned Vienna Sausages

Canned foods provide a convenient and slightly more affordable way to eat compared to dining out or purchasing fresh food to make yourself, and Vienna sausages are no exception. A top choice for canned meats you should consider stocking in your pantry, there are various Vienna sausage options on the market, including low sodium, chicken sausage in chicken broth, barbeque flavored, and more. Frankly, the variety of canned Vienna sausages means there are numerous compelling ways to use them in meals and snacks — and you don't have to stick to eating them straight out of the can.

There are plenty of options available to bring some additional pizzazz to canned Vienna sausages. They can act as a suitable hot dog replacement in several different dishes (like macaroni and cheese) or serve as a unique addition to a grazing platter. You can even get creative when slicing Vienna sausages by dicing them, cutting them into coin-sized pieces, or using a crinkle cutter (the type normally used for potatoes) for a wavy cut. If you'd like to turn this canned meat product into an appealing appetizer or a delightful main dish, here are 15 ways to use canned Vienna sausages and transform this common pantry staple.

Toss Vienna sausages into macaroni and cheese

You might have tried macaroni and cheese with hot dogs before. If so, it likely comes as no surprise that you can easily swap in Vienna sausages. Canned Vienna sausages have a fairly similar taste and texture to hot dogs and bring a chewiness that works nicely with the softness of the pasta. Plus, since this canned meat is ready-to-eat, you can just chop and add Vienna sausages to a prepared batch of mac and cheese.

Whether you fully incorporate Vienna sausages or simply add them on top for a visual contrast, you can keep the macaroni and cheese part simple, or give it a twist with additional ingredients. Cheddar is the standard cheese, for instance, but different types of cheese can offer distinct flavors when combined with the sausages.

You can try various kinds of pasta, as well, such as cavatappi, penne, or farfalle (based on what you have at home). Ingredients like chipotle powder can bring a bit of smokiness that goes well with the sausages, particularly if you use a smoked variety. Either way, mac and cheese with Vienna sausages is great for dinner – or any time of day, for that matter.

Liven up your pizza toppings

If you're a fan of sausage slices on pizza, you're apt to enjoy canned Vienna sausages as a topping, too. You can always keep it simple and make a Vienna sausage and pepper pizza with fresh green pepper strips. Or you can swap in Vienna sausages for the standard Italian variety and cook a sausage and sweet potato pizza with fennel for a flavor bomb. Once baked, top the pizza with basil leaves and Parmesan cheese for a colorful and texturally varied meal. 

Keep in mind that canned Vienna sausages are often a mix of multiple types of meat, with many brands comprised of a cross between chicken and pork. Some brands contain beef, as well, and this mishmash of sausage ingredients brings a different mix of flavors compared to a standard beef hot dog — giving your pizza a tasty intensity.

You can slice canned Vienna sausages into thin, coin-like pieces or cut them into longer strips. You can also use barbeque-flavored Vienna sausages with actual barbeque sauce and sliced red onions for a barbeque chicken-style pizza.

Make mini corn dogs with them

Mini corn dogs are a delicious appetizer to nosh on no matter the season or time of day. Unsurprisingly, canned Vienna sausages offer a fresh way to make this classic finger food — one that helps elevate your corn dogs – by simply replacing the standard hot dogs. These small, cute, and perfectly bite-sized snacks are perfect to serve at any family party.

If you're whipping up Vienna sausage mini corn dogs as a party food, put the cooked corn dogs on a platter with a small container of toothpicks beside it; this way, people can easily pick them up and enjoy. Since canned Vienna sausages are already condensed, too, you'll save yourself the hassle of cutting hot dogs or sausages into smaller pieces before cooking. You can also have fun with the batter, like using pancake mix so it's more of a brunch option.

Create Vienna sausage skewers with fresh vegetables

Find inspiration from the Korean street food favorite known as sotteok sotteok and make grilled skewers with canned Vienna sausages. These make a convenient meal when cooked in larger batches for family dinners. They're incredibly simple to prepare, and you can plop your Vienna sausage skewers right on the grill while you can laugh with your friends and family.

Consider integrating canned Vienna sausages into skewers with vegetables such as whole mushrooms, chunks of bell peppers, or sliced onions. You can spread gochujang on the sausages to give them a scrumptious kick of flavor, too. Given the smokiness of the grill, you can up that flavor profile with smoked or barbeque Vienna sausages, or try pairing chicken-based Vienna sausages with actual grilled chicken to double down on protein.

You can also roast your Vienna sausage skewers in the oven if you don't have a grill (just remember to flip them halfway through cooking). When roasting, an additional marinade can help create a caramelization without making a mess outside the pan.

Add chopped Vienna sausages to chili

Given its versatility, it's no wonder there are so many delicious chili recipes for folks to follow. Even if you have your own recipe, it may change slightly each time you make it based on what you have or what you're in the mood for (spicy one day, tomato-heavy the next). No matter the recipe on hand, you can always alter the type of meat you use, and canned Vienna sausages bring a fun and distinct flavor profile to any batch of chili.

You can use any flavor of Vienna sausages you like, but you may want to chop them into coin-sized pieces so they're evenly dispersed throughout the chili. You can also take it a step further by chopping them finely so they mimic the crumbliness of ground beef. Try frying up canned Vienna sausages beforehand, as well, so they have a firmer texture akin to bacon or pancetta. As you can see, there are a lot of ways to combine canned Vienna sausages and chili, so don't hesitate to grab a can from the shelf the next time you're preparing a pot.

Use Vienna sausages in salad

If you're sitting there thinking of ways to pair canned Vienna sausages with vegetables or greens, you're in luck. After all, just as you can enjoy a hot dog salad for a twist on the classic, you can just as easily toss Vienna sausages in with a bowl of leafy greens. It may be a different spin on what you think a salad should be, but there are multiple ways to integrate hot dogs into a salad — and the same logic applies to canned Vienna sausages.

You can make a deconstructed hot dog of sorts with lettuce, tomato, onions, relish, and pickles, (along with your other favorite hot dog condiments). Some people swear by mustard while others say ketchup, but it's up to you.

For additional veggies, place a heap of sauerkraut or red cabbage on top to stay within the hot dog theme. Of course, you can also substitute canned Vienna sausages for any type of meat used in a salad. For the best results, try frying chopped sausages so they have a bit of a crispy exterior that adds a welcome crunch to your salad.

Eat them in a sauerkraut skillet

A kielbasa and sauerkraut skillet is a comforting and aromatic dish — one that can easily sustain the addition of canned Vienna sausages in place of kielbasa. This flavor-packed meal combines potatoes, Vienna sausage, and sauerkraut. Everything is bite-sized and works splendidly together. It's a perfect blend that tastes even more delicious on the second day since the potatoes can sit in the juices overnight.

Brown the Vienna sausages in a pan to give them a touch of color and a crisp texture before adding them to the skillet. Feel free to incorporate other ingredients such as sliced onions and bell peppers for more color and vegetable content. A canned Vienna sausage and sauerkraut skillet can also be made in a slow cooker. This method allows you to mix the ingredients, set the temperature and time, and relax until it's ready to serve.

Be sure to brighten up this hot dish with fresh parsley once plated. Additionally, this tangy meal will produce plenty of leftovers that can last up to four days in the fridge. 

Wrap them up in bacon

From bacon-wrapped hot dogs to bacon-wrapped asparagus, the salty pork product is a top choice for enhancing finger foods. Along those lines, bacon-wrapped Vienna sausages can be the perfect hors d'oeuvre at any gathering. This appetizer pairs crispy bacon with the soft, slightly chewy Vienna sausage for a scrumptious treat.

You can make a batch in bulk and serve them as is, of course, or you can make bacon-wrapped Vienna sausages into a whole meal by serving them on a small roll along with caramelized shallots, cheddar cheese, and freshly chopped jalapeños. You can also go the pickled jalapeño route, which is equally delicious and has a vinegar component that works well with the sausages. Whether you keep this appetizer simple or turn it into a full dish with other components, this potential use for canned Vienna sausages is alluring thanks to the juxtaposition of the smoky and crunchy bacon alongside the Vienna sausages.

Upgrade your average cornbread

Cornbread is a delicious and comforting side dish that's often served as a portion of a larger meal. You have your standard cornbread that's a standalone classic, of course, but there are other iterations made with jalapeños, cheese, and other mix-in options. Canned Vienna sausages bring both flavor and texture to the dish — not unlike adding hot dogs to your cornbread rather than deep-frying. Frankly, Vienna sausages provide a little bit of intrigue to a basic cornbread recipe.

Start by cutting them into small enough pieces that can be fully incorporated into the batter. Once combined, pour the batter into your baking pan. You can also choose to wait and strategically place the canned Vienna sausage bits on top of the cornbread instead of mixing them, which adds a pop of color to the final product.

Sprinkle in fresh jalapeños for an additional spicy kick or use corn kernels to enhance the texture. For a higher ratio of sausages, open (and add) a couple of cans for your cornbread. Eat Vienna sausage cornbread as a snack by itself, serve it with your favorite soup or chowder, or eat it with pulled pork.

Use crescent rolls for pigs in a blanket

Crescent dough is worth keeping in your fridge because it can be used in many ways — like making pigs in a blanket with a can of Vienna sausages. Pigs in a blanket are a welcoming treat that reminds you of good times and fond memories. It's nostalgic, bite-sized, and easy to whip up, which is why it's an ideal use for canned Vienna sausages.

You can make herby pigs in a blanket with a small number of ingredients including crescent dough, canned Vienna sausages, butter, and herbs. The herbs liven up the dough to ensure this savory and crunchy snack is overflowing with flavor. If you aren't a fan of the suggested herbs, you can top it with chopped jalapeños and cheddar cheese instead, or stuff it with a piece of mozzarella. It's a finger-licking good appetizer to make on any day (and try making them with phyllo dough for an extra-flaky delight).

Pair Vienna sausages with eggs

There are a lot of ways to eat eggs. This includes a cheesy sausage breakfast casserole made with canned Vienna sausages, hash browns, and cheese (among other ingredients). Featuring all the classic breakfast fixings, this is a top-notch meal option when you're hanging with family on a weekend morning. For this easy breakfast, dice canned Vienna sausages before tossing them in with eggs. Sprinkle in a little salt and pepper for upgraded scrambled eggs. 

You can also make your favorite baked egg white breakfast cups with sliced Vienna sausages and whatever fresh veggies you prefer. Try preparing egg cups in bulk ahead of time and freeze them in a baggy for a quick and convenient breakfast. Grab a frozen egg cup when needed, pop it in the microwave or toaster oven for a couple of minutes until heated, then head out the door. Opt for something minimal, like eggs and sausage, or fanciful (such as eggs, sausage, cheese, herbs, and veggies) based on what you have at home. 

Stuff peppers with canned Vienna sausages

When you're trying to prepare a nutritious weeknight meal but running out of produce, stuffed bell peppers make for a wonderful option. After all, you can potentially scavenge your fridge and pantry and create a wholesome dinner for the family with this dish. Many stuffed pepper recipes call for ground turkey or beef, but you can also use canned Vienna sausages as a replacement or flavor enhancer (and any color bell pepper will work).

Now, stuffed peppers usually involve some sort of carbohydrate (such as rice or orzo), vegetables, beans, meat, and seasonings. One option then is to use canned Vienna sausages instead of (or in combination with) ground turkey in a southwest turkey-stuffed baked peppers recipe.

No matter the precise recipe or ingredients, seal the deal with shredded cheese on top to get nice and gooey during the baking process. Once out of the oven, you can use scallions or fresh parsley to give it a hint of green. Additionally, if you find your bell peppers are a bit wonky or lopsided, cut them in half lengthwise so they don't topple over while cooking.

Place them on a grazing platter

Grazing platters aren't just the perfect party dish — they're something you can make for yourself when you don't want a full-on cooked meal. There's nothing wrong with a little snack platter, after all, and it's one of the best ways to use canned Vienna sausages.

All you have to do is place your canned Vienna sausages in a lovely bowl with some toothpicks and pair them with other items such as salami, brie, sliced apples, olives, and crackers. You can even add them to a platter alongside any number of canned foods that belong on your next charcuterie board. Once your ingredients are set, it's time to assemble the platter, which is arguably the most fun aspect of preparing and eating this type of meal.

Simply put, there are plenty of ways to use canned Vienna sausages on a grazing platter that mixes convenience with sophistication. It's an unexpected way to use the sausages — and one that might make your next platter a bit more approachable for people who don't enjoy standard options like prosciutto. Once you've crafted the grazing platter, add some condiments for dipping and you're all set.

Mix up savory scones with Vienna sausages

If you've never eaten a savory version of these buttery delights, you're in for a treat with a Vienna sausage-enhanced scone. After all, canned Vienna sausages offer a delectable twist on savory scones.

There are several different ways to incorporate chopped Vienna sausages into a batch of scones. For example, you can use them in a ham, cheese, and scallion scones recipe as an addition to (or replacement for) the diced ham. Dice the ham and Vienna sausages into similar-sized pieces for an even bite of this meaty and delicious combo. Be sure to cut the amount of ham used in half when integrating Vienna sausages if you opt for both proteins.

Another magnificent scone combination includes Vienna sausages, cheddar, jalapeños, and hot honey. The chopped Vienna sausages provide a textural contrast that complements the diced jalapeños in this buttery, flaky, and cheesy baked good — ensuring you'll go for a second scone. Leftover savory scones with Vienna sausages are just as yummy. Cut them in half lengthwise and toast them for a couple of minutes, before sealing the deal with butter and hot honey.

Turn canned Vienna sausages into a spicy appetizer

One tasty but simple use for canned Vienna sausages is to make spicy little smokies. This recipe magnificently blends sweet and spicy thanks to the brown sugar, barbecue sauce, and chili garlic sauce. Plus, it takes a fairly short amount of time to prep before you toss them in the oven to cook. You can even make Vienna sausage-based sweet little smokies in bulk to bring as an appetizer to a potluck.

These snack-sized sausages can be customized to be hotter or milder depending on your preference (or if you're making the appetizer for someone who doesn't enjoy a lot of heat). You can boost the spiciness with additional chili sauce or a sprinkle of red chili pepper flakes.

Additionally, while Vienna sausage-made sweet little smokies are satisfying to eat solo, they also work on a grazing table as an alternative meat option and are great when served at dinner alongside vegetables. Top it with freshly chopped scallions for a touch of color.