Eric Ngo

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Paris, France
University Of California San Diego
French Pastry, Baking, Copycat Recipes.
  • Eric attended culinary school in Paris at the Ferrandi school of gastronomy. He specializes in French pastry and has taught in various school throughout Paris. He loves bringing professional baking to home kitchens.
  • Eric currently works in a French bakery and makes hundreds of baked goods everyday such as croissants, pain au chocolat, and apple turnovers. For him, laminating dough and butter is a daily routine and a piece of cake!
  • Copycat recipes is Eric's favorite hobby. Trying to figure out "how it works" is challenging and the journey of getting there is so interesting! He and his wife love testing out new recipes.


Eric was born in France and grew up in Los Angeles. He's currently living with his wife in Paris and works as a baker. After attending culinary school at Ferrandi, he fine tuned his baking skills in various bakeries and has been teaching the fundamentals of baking to an English speaking audience in the city. For Eric, baking brings him joy and to those around him.


Eric studied French literature at UCSD and French pastry at Ferrandi. For the last 7 years, he has been teaching pastry in various schools to over ten thousand students. With this experience, Eric specializes in making the technical aspect of French pastry simple to the everyday home baker.
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