Cecilia Ryu

Photo of Cecilia Ryu
Demarest, NJ
Korean/Asian Cuisine, Comfort Food, Home Cooking
  • Cecilia is regularly featured in her own ‘Cooking Corner’ section of Brunch Magazine, a local New York/New Jersey Korean periodical.
  • Cecilia took multiple classes in New York City to learn the art of specialty, completely edible flower cakes. She studied under one of the first and finest teachers who brought over the hand piped buttercream flower art to the Unites States from South Korea.
  • During COVID, Cecilia gained interest in photography from her camera loving husband. She took the initiative of taking photos of her recipes and shortly thereafter, fell in love with food photography and food styling.


Cecilia is a self-taught chef and baker. She is also a mom of three children who have helped and inspired many of her recipes. Cecilia was the owner of her own baking company, Two Sweet Lavender, that specialized in special occasion buttercream flower cakes and pastries.
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