Katherine Beck

Waukesha, WI
Carroll University
Writing & Editing, Small-town Restaurants & Bars, Budget Traveling
  • Katherine Beck began writing for news outlets before she took her first journalism class at Carroll University in Wisconsin. During her writing and editing career, she has written for daily and weekly newspapers in Wisconsin, as well as business publications, literary journals, magazines, and the Stars and Stripes newspaper. She has won several awards from the Wisconsin Newspaper Association.
  • A love of food and cooking shows started at a young age for Katherine, who remembers watching "The Frugal Gourmet" when she was barely out of diapers and Bobby Flay before he was a household name. Her love of food and culinary exploration has taken her to Asian and European countries, as well as around North America in the pursuit of hole-in-the-wall restaurants with amazing dishes.
  • Katherine's current culinary goal is learning how to cook elevated foods while boondocking with her camper, husband, baby, and dog in the woods, as well as pack a gourmet and portable lunch for kayaking excursions.


Katherine Beck has covered a variety of topics for news outlets, including food trends, business, politics, health, education, and breaking news. She served as the managing editor of two daily newspapers and one weekly newspaper in Wisconsin (the Waukesha Freeman, West Bend Daily News, and Oconomowoc Enterprise), as well as having written for the BizTimes, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Stars and Stripes. She also co-authored a book on fashion designer Vera Neumann.


Katherine graduated from Carroll University in Wisconsin with majors in journalism and politics, but largely learned the craft of writing through experience. She had her first poem published in an international literary magazine at age 13 and her first newspaper story at age 19.
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