New Elote-Inspired Corn Nuts Flavor Is Coming To The US

Love the flavor of roasted Mexican street corn and wish you could snack on the savory dish more often? You are in luck, thanks to a new product hitting shelves: Corn Nuts Mexican Style Street Corn. Like the popular hot Mexican corn dish, elotes, the new flavor of Corn Nuts will taste of chili and citrus. The new flavor joins other Corn Nuts flavors, including Original, Ranch, Chile Picante, Nacho, Jalapeno Cheddar, and BBQ. First created in 1939, Corn Nuts are made with roasted waxy corn kernels, while traditional elotes is made with sweet corn. There are no nuts involved in making Corn Nuts, despite the name, although the original recipe does taste nutty. 

Traditionally served on the cob in Mexico as a street food, elotes is grilled and seasoned corn with a tangy, creamy sauce and topped with cilantro, cotija cheese, and chili powder. While having similar flavor as the street dish, the Corn Nuts promises to be a lot easier to eat whenever you want a crunchy snack.

Bold flavors in a bag

It'll be easy to spot the new variety of Corn Nuts thanks to its neon-colored packaging. Corn Nuts Mexican Style Street Corn will be sold in grocery stores, gas stations, convenience stores, and other markets. You can even purchase it as part of a six-flavor variety pack.

Robbie Koons, Corn Nuts brand manager, said making an elotes-inspired flavor of Corn Nuts made a lot of sense. "Seriously, these are really great and it's only fitting that an iconic corn kernel snack takes on this flavor profile. We're very excited to have the Mexican Street Corn flavor join the ranks of the classic Corn Nuts varieties people love," he said.

Since parent company Hormel purchased Corn Nuts in 2021, it has added new flavors of the crunchy snack food. It's that crunch that goes well with the bold flavors of Mexican-style street corn, according to the company announcement. Next time you crave the complex flavors of elotes but are nowhere near a Mexican street food vendor, pull open a bag of Corn Nuts Mexican Style Street Corn and get crunching.