Amp Up Your Iced Coffee This Summer With Plenty Of Froth

Hot, sunny summer days were made for iced coffee, and the only thing better than a chilled cup of java is one that's frothy with a creamy taste. While whipped cream is often a go-to topping for cold coffee beverages like an iced mocha or an American frappé, for people who don't want or can't have dairy, this isn't an option. Luckily, the Greeks have created their own version of the frappé with dairy-free options that is just as flavorful and light in texture. 

A relatively new part of Greek culture, the frappé became widely popular after a manager of instant coffee maker Nescafé accidentally created the beverage in 1957. There are a few variations on the drink with the least complicated called "sketos," meaning plain and with no added sugar or milk. "Metrios" is a little sweeter with a teaspoon or two of sugar, while "glykos" is the sweetest with double the amount of sugar as "metrios." The fourth variation, "me gala," includes evaporated milk. 

With its crave-ability and customizable options, the frappé has become Greece's most popular way to enjoy cold coffee at cafés, restaurants, residences, and wherever else the mood hits.

How to make a Greek frappé at home

While sitting at a café table in Athens may be the most desirable way to enjoy a frappé, you don't need to rack up the frequent flier miles to enjoy the frothy iced coffee. Should you want to experiment with making your own frappé at home, it's a simple process that involves a milk frother (or a cocktail shaker or a jar with a lid). Use the desired amount of instant coffee (usually about 2 teaspoons is strong enough) and blend with 2 to 3 tablespoons of water by shaking or using a milk frother until thick and foamy. If a sweeter drink is preferred, white or brown sugar can be added before the whipping occurs.

Next, add ice to a glass or cup and pour the coffee-water mixture over it. Finally, fill the glass up with cold water, and, if you'd like, a little whole milk. Or, if you don't want to consume dairy, skip the addition or select a dairy-free substitute.