The Last Thing To Do Before Throwing Out Soggy Coleslaw

A bowl of fresh and slightly crunchy coleslaw is a classic picnic salad that helps to balance out the rich flavors of the other picnic staples: brats, hamburgers, and potato salad. And if you should you find yourself with leftover coleslaw that has gone soggy from the dressing, don't toss it out just yet — there are ways to give it new life.

The easiest way to revitalize that sad salad is to add some crispy shredded cabbage and carrots. If, however, the cabbage and carrots in the original batch still have some crunch and the problem is the salad has gone watery, you can try tilting the bowl and draining out the water. But then, you might be left with salad that doesn't have the proper vegetable to dressing ratio. In that case, try adding a little mayonnaise or mix together half measurements of the dressing and incorporate it back into the existing salad.

But rest assured, even if you lack the ingredients to add more vegetables or make more dressing, you still have other options. This can include using the slaw as a condiment on your favorite sandwich, hamburger, or a hot dog.

Save your coleslaw by draining it or adding it to other meals

Adding leftover coleslaw to your hamburger or grilled bratwursts can really boost the flavor and texture of your meal — but don't hesitate to think beyond that. Slightly acidic coleslaw offers brightness to a spicy shrimp taco, and its creaminess can complement a savory and saucy pulled pork or shredded chicken sandwich. And of course, meat isn't the only food that goes well with the crispy cold salad. For a vegetarian meal with some crunch, make stir-fried tofu and top it with some slaw in a taco shell.

Another fun way to use coleslaw is to stuff it into egg rolls, which traditionally include shredded cabbage anyways. The salad can be used with other nontraditional egg roll ingredients such as corned beef or pulled pork. With a little creative thinking, there is no reason any coleslaw should go to waste again — so why wait until the coleslaw has become soggy to use it in other ways than as a side dish?