You Don't Need Bowls To Serve The Best Tuna Salad

No bowl? No worries when it comes to tuna salad, especially if you like to include some avocado with your salad. Instead of slicing the avocado and placing it on top of the tuna mixture in between two slices of bread, use that avocado half as a container to hold your salad. Not only are you creating a fun and creative bowl for the salad, but you're also cutting back on the dishes that you'll need to wash later. You're even giving that avocado shell one more use before tossing it on the compost pile or into the trash can. It's a win every way you look at it.

Avocado is a natural fit for tuna salad, adding flavor and creaminess to the mixture. And as a low-carb alternative to bread, the avocado halves are high in several vitamins (C, E, and K), folate, potassium, and many other nutrients. With so many reasons to swap bread for an avocado, why not make it part of your lunchtime lineup?

More alternative bowl ideas

Avocadoes aren't the only natural way to serve tuna salad. Other low-carb options include tomatoes, lettuce leaves, cucumbers, or red bell peppers. With lettuce, it's easy to wrap the leaves around the salad for a hand-held meal.

Just like with an avocado, tomatoes and bell peppers can also be hollowed out and then filled with tuna salad — eat with a fork and knife, or as you desire. Cucumbers may be transformed into holders for the tuna salad in two ways: quartered and cleaned out a little bit to create boats for the salad or cut into rounds and have the tuna salad scooped on top. Both are perfect for finger foods for lunch or as a healthy party appetizer.

So don't limit yourself to the same-old slices of white bread. Instead, reach for the fresh produce and make a colorful and tasty bowl for your creamy tuna salad.