Kraft Heinz Aims To Improve Frozen Meals With Speedy New Oven-Baked Brand

Grabbing a frozen meal and placing it in the oven is a go-to solution for busy folks who want to eat at home but don't have the time to shop, prep, and cook dinner. A product invented to make lives easier, frozen meals take very little work to make other than reading the directions on the box before popping the pan into a preheated oven. However, thanks to The Kraft Heinz Company, making a meal at home is about to get even easier with its new brand Homebake 425°/:30.

As the name implies, all of the offerings from the brand will be done in 30 minutes when cooked at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The line features 15 frozen products, including entrées, sides, and veggie dishes that can be made in combination with each other or by themselves. The collection of mix-and-match frozen dishes means a full meal can easily be made without even reading the boxes' directions thanks to the brand's uniform cooking instructions.

"With Homebake 425°/:30, we're giving consumers solutions to the pain points we all experience when cooking, and shattering the notion that there needs to be a tradeoff when it comes to quality, convenience, customization, and crave-ability," said Alan Kleinerman, vice president of Disruption at Kraft Heinz.

A selection of family favorite foods

Whatever dishes choose to make — whether it's an entrée of chicken parmesan with a side dish of loaded scalloped potatoes or Italian-style cauliflower on its own— you can bake all your Homebake 425°/:30 offerings for 30 minutes in the same oven at the same time due to Kraft Heinz's Homebake roasting pans. Kraft Heinz says that their Homebake recipes, ingredients, and cooking process result in dishes steaming for 25 minutes followed by five minutes of roasting.

In addition to chicken parmesan, other main dishes from Homebake 425°/:30 include Southwest-style chipotle chicken, Italian-style meatballs, and garlic butter chicken scampi. A variety of side dishes include parmesan-crusted potato medley and homestyle mac and cheese. Finally, vegetable options include cheesy broccoli, green bean casserole, and Mexican-style creamy corn.

Homebake 425°/:30 products are rolling out in stores around the United States; to check if they are available in your local retailers use the company's store locator