Freeze Canned Tomato Juice Into Cubes For Even Better Bloody Marys

Canned tomato juice is good for more than just the drinkable part of a Bloody Mary. Put that pantry staple to good use and turn it into Bloody Mary ice cubes. Your brunch guests will thank you (and you'll be a hosting star, honestly). To do it, simply grab an ice cube tray, pour in the canned tomato juice, and slam it in the freezer for flavorful ice cubes for chilling your Bloody Marys without over-diluting 'em.

Avoiding over-dilution keeps your cocktail's body thick and luscious — which can be especially helpful in retaining the bold tomato flavor necessary for showcasing flavorful garnishes like kimchi or even fried chicken skewers. No one wants to sip a watery chilled tomato broth loaded with toppings. If you're a garnish-gourmand, it's gotta be milkshake thick here. Those flavorful tomato juice cubes can make a world of difference during pool parties and potlucks on hot summer days when you've whipped up a large batch of Bloody Marys but need to chill individual cupfuls after pouring 'em from the increasingly tepid central drink cooler. Alternatively, if you prefer a little dilution as you slow-sip on a languid Saturday morning, you could chill your drink with one frozen tomato juice ice cube and one regular water ice cube (This tip also works with bitters and dirty martinis, by the way).

Can you dig a bolder-bodied Bloody bevy?

At a Walmart in New York, a six-pack of Campbell's canned 100% tomato juice costs $3.16. Or, keep it extra thrifty and make your cubes using the leftover canning liquid from your canned diced tomatoes as you cook. For the most flavorful flair (we're looking at you, diehard Bloody Mary fans), make your ice cubes with cans of V8 Spicy Hot tomato juice. A six-pack runs for $4.98 at that same Walmart, and it's also great in beef stew and rib marinades. Although, it's probably worth mentioning that you might want to reserve a separate ice cube tray for these bold, acidic, red-hued tomato juice cubes. Your regular ice cubes might taste a little, well, off if you try to use that same tray again. A two-pack of plastic ice cube trays costs $2.43, so...thanks Walmart.

Canned tomato juice ice cubes are a simple way to upgrade your Bloody Marys, whether you swear by a homemade recipe or if the store-bought mix is more your style (we have a few shopping pointers for that, for the record). If you're flexing your garden harvest and making a Bloody Mary with yellow tomatoes, this canned tomato juice tip probably won't work as well. But, otherwise, this pantry staple might be all it takes to bring your Bloody Mary game to the next level.