For A Fresh, Vibrant Twist On The Bloody Mary, Spring For Yellow Tomatoes

Here at Tasting Table, we love a savory cocktail. Cosmopolitans and Pina Coladas get their days in the sun, and they're delicious, but it's high time that mixed drink fans shifted the spotlight toward the tragically unsung heroes of the mixology world. When most sippers hear the words "savory cocktail," there's probably a good chance that one of the first drinks that comes to mind is a Bloody Mary. It's an acidic, umami classic for a reason. But, for a fresh, vibrant twist on this tried-and-true bevy, switch it up and spring for yellow tomatoes. 

Yellow tomatoes are large fruits with a stunning golden hue, but that isn't the only thing that makes them different from their red counterparts. They are also sweeter, milder, and less acidic thanks to their color: In the produce world, the compounds that make different skin pigments also create different levels of acids and sugars. This accessible flavor, paired with naturally high water content, makes yellow tomatoes the ideal substitution for taking your cocktail to the next level. The fruit sees peak growing season in the summertime but grow year-round. And though they are more expensive (canned, they are nearly twice as much as the traditional fruit on Amazon), their incredible flavor makes them well worth the investment for your next Bloody Mary.

Meet the Sunny Mary

Incorporating yellow tomatoes into your Bloody Mary is as simple as a single ingredient swap. Just blend the fruit into your mix as you normally would, pureeing them in a food processor until smooth. From there, your yellow "Sunny Mary" is ready to enjoy.

As with any cocktail, your drink can range from sweet to umami, depending on the nuanced flavors you choose to incorporate. For example, at the longstanding hotel and cocktail bar Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy, the yellow tomato Bloody Mary is infused with an anchovy sauce made from local fish off the Amalfi coast, reports Gentleman's Journal; it's a knockout savory kick. If you prefer to keep it bright, add a squirt of lemon juice and some kimchi to garnish. 

To serve, stir your yellow tomato Bloody Mary with a sweet red pepper shrub and rim the glass with celery salt or Tajin. Complete it with a meal of lox and eggs or avocado benedict for an elevated summer brunch. Or, enjoy your refreshing beverage with scallops and crab legs, crusty bread with pesto, and a bitter green salad dressed in olive oil.