Make Ice Cubes With Bitters For More Refreshing And Complex Drinks

Just like a small squeeze of lemon or a shake of salt can enhance food, the smallest detail can make a significant impact on your drinking experience. A nice glass or a beautiful clear ice sphere makes cocktail hour more special, but more than anything, a dash of bitters enhances the flavor profile of your favorite cocktails and drinks. Bitters are a concentrated blend of herbs, spices, and other botanicals, and many mixologists think of them as the equivalent of seasoning or spice for cocktails. 

You've undoubtedly shaken a dash or two into your Old Fashioned, but another innovative way to include bitters in your beverages is by making bitters-infused ice cubes. Adding bitters to ice cubes introduces a subtle bitterness at first that changes as the cubes slowly melt, imparting depth to your drink that doesn't fade as the ice dilutes it. The process is simple yet rewarding, elevating your at-home mixology game.

Creating flavorful, bitters-infused ice cubes

Start by selecting a high-quality type of cocktail bitters with flavors that complement your preferred beverages. Classic aromatic bitters, citrusy orange bitters, or velvety chocolate varieties can all lend unique notes to your ice cubes. For example, Angostura bitters ice cubes would liven up an Old Fashioned cocktail, while ice infused with orange bitters would do wonders for a Zombie. 

Begin by filling an ice cube tray with filtered water, ensuring that you'll make clean and clear ice without any unwanted flavors. Next, add a few dashes of your chosen bitters directly into each compartment of the ice cube tray. The key is to balance the bitterness, so start conservatively and then adjust the amount based on your taste preferences. Swirl the bitters gently in the water to distribute the flavor evenly. Then, freeze the ice cube tray, allowing the bitters-infused cubes to solidify completely. 

The result is a visually stunning array of amber-hued and colorful ice cubes, hinting at the flavor infusion within. These cubes can be stored in a resealable bag, ready to elevate your next drink. Drop them into your favorite cocktails for a sophisticated twist, or add bitters to simple, non-alcoholic beverages like sparkling water, soda, iced tea, cold brew coffee, or lemonade. Cheers to a new dimension of flavor in every glass!