Why You Shouldn't Skip Bitters For Cocktails

Sipping a great cocktail can be a fantastic way to wind down at the end of the work week or celebrate a nice dinner out. It can even be a fun way to experiment in the kitchen. With so many different combinations to craft the perfect drink, you can go for something traditional, or experiment a little more to achieve the perfect taste.

Bitters are highly concentrated flavored extracts that can change the taste of your drink without completely altering its components. They are typically made by infusing herbs, bark, berries, or flowers into spirits (via Vinepair). Two of the most common brands are Peychaud's — which pulls its flavor profile from licorice root and a hint of mint — and Angostura, which blends fruits, spices, and herbs in its aromatic bitters. Orange and chocolate varieties are also available.

While bitters may be commonly used at bars, is it really worth it to buy them for at-home cocktail making?

Bitters can upgrade your drink

Bitters can create an extra dimension to your drinks, as well as adding a unique flavor profile. Many common cocktails often use bitters, including the Manhattan, Martini, and Old Fashioned. Adding them can give your homemade drinks that professional feel and change the tone of the whole tasting experience.

Bitters can help align and accentuate flavors that are already present in the drink, says Epicurious. They say not using them in your cocktails is like not salting your food while cooking. The strong flavors can create a blend between the liquor and mixers to achieve the perfect sip in every drink.

While it may seem at first like an unnecessary step in making at-home cocktails, bitters can be a fantastic flavor enhancer, and you will be glad you added them. They can be found at many grocery or liquor stores, but if you are feeling adventurous, you can even try making your own!