8 Crave-Worthy Cod Recipes

When it comes to white-fleshed fish, few varieties offer a better culinary experience than cod. Its texture is firm, while the flavor is gentle and not at all fishy, making it an approachable entryway into the world of seafood. It is no surprise that cod has been one of the major players in Atlantic fishing for centuries.

Today, cod continues to be easily purchased, found in two common varieties covering both Atlantic and Pacific waters. Such a wide area of habitation makes it available to many culinary influences. Plus, the fish is often found in fillet form. The flesh is well-cleaned and easy to work with, so there is no need to worry about bones or organs.

As a result, cod is a great fit for a wide range of preparation methods, from frying to grilling, baking, and as a component in a stew. It's the perfect recipe candidate for a weeknight dinner or an elaborate weekend meal, delivering crave-worthy fish recipes in spades.

Mediterranean Baked Cod

Cod's light and gentle nature makes it a great pairing alongside Mediterranean flavors. Tasting with Tina's Christina Musgrave offers an easy-going one-pan recipe, amplifying the fish with bright additions. Aromatics come by way of dried herbs brightened with classic South European components like lemon juice, olives, and olive oil. Chopped red onion and tomatoes garnish the top, adding a dash of color.

Best of all, the dish comes together in only 20 minutes. Full of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, it's the perfect candidate for an easy nutritious weeknight dinner.

Recipe: Mediterranean Baked Cod

Baked Ginger And Mint Cod

Throwing cod in the oven is not only convenient but also lets you integrate variable flavors. This recipe leans on an Asian palate, marinating the fish in a zesty combination of herbs, ginger, lime, and oil. After a quick assembly in the blender, the fragrant liquid infuses the fish in only five minutes.

A subsequent short stint in the oven yields a tender, flaky result. The flavors are bright but easy to pair with a side, whether it's simply a bowl of steamed rice or a colorful sesame noodle salad.

Recipe: Baked Ginger And Mint Cod

Baked Tandoori Cod

With firm, white flesh and a neutral palate, cod can readily serve as a chicken substitute. This preparation integrates it into an Indian tandoori-style typically made with poultry but without the underground charcoal oven. Yogurt is the marinade vessel of choice, coating the fish in an aromatic mix of dried chilies, turmeric, and other spices.

Once baked, the sauce creates a palatable brown crust, lending each bite aromatic spice. Paired with a raita-style cucumber salad and basmati rice, it's a blast of Indian flavors that come together fuss-free.

Recipe: Baked Tandoori Cod

Pan-Seared Black Cod With Morels And Asparagus

When working with a skin-on cod fillet, don't discard the external layer. Instead, pan-fry the skin to incorporate a delectable textural element. This recipe adapted from chef Michael Cimarusti highlights such a cod cut alongside an elevated pairing of asparagus and morel mushrooms.

The ingredient list isn't expansive; the recipe rests in a deft olive oil pan fry that highlights the wild-caught fish. Meanwhile, the vegetables are cooked down in butter, adding a savory base that comes together with a drizzle of lemon juice and a sprinkling of chive.

Recipe: Pan-Seared Black Cod With Morels And Asparagus

Fish & Chips

Cod is a great candidate for creative dishes, but it also makes a perfectly flakey fish & chips. This recipe is classically crafted, coating the fish in a flour-based dark beer batter, before frying for only two to three minutes.

The secret is in heating the oil to the target hot temperature, which will set the batter and yield a crispy result. Paired with a homemade tartar sauce and fries, it's a slice of a British pub in the comfort of your own home.

Recipe: Fish & Chips

Coconut-Crusted Cod Filets

A breading perfectly pairs with cod's flesh, contrasting a crisp exterior with a juicy interior. Imbue a hint of sweetness and added crunch by covering the fish in coconut flakes. Strengthened with some panko bread crumbs, flour, and eggs, the crust will pan-fry into a gorgeous golden brown.

There are some sneaky ways to ingrate added flavor, too — like a lime and cayenne coating right on the fish. Nostalgic and fun to assemble, this recipe spritzes up a classic fish stick into a delicious, revamped form.

Recipe: Coconut-Crusted Cod Filets

Steamed Black Cod With Sweet Potatoes And Dried Shrimp

In Hawaii, salted cod fillets are steamed in taro leaves to make a delicious dish called lau lau. Honolulu-based chef Chris Kajioka reinvents this technique by wrapping fresh cod fillets in kale instead.

Paired with purple sweet potato, ginger, and dried shrimp, the dish assembles an aromatic array of ingredients to yield an earthy and complex result. The cod turns out extra moist after leaf-wrapped preparation time in a steamer basket.

Recipe: Steamed Black Cod With Sweet Potatoes And Dried Shrimp

Salt Cod Fritters (Buñuelos De Bacalao)

Northern Spain and Portugal enjoy cod in salted form, creating varied preparations with its cured state. New York City chef Marc Vidal shares a recipe of how the Basque craft the preserved fish into delightful fritters. The cod is mixed with potatoes, flour, and eggs, yielding a result reminiscent of elevated tater tots.

Served alongside a zesty citrus and mustard mayonnaise, the fritters are both comforting and inventive. It's a perfect appetizer for a night of seafood delights.

Recipe: Salt Cod Fritters (Buñuelos De Bacalao)