17 Creative Ways To Use Marshmallow Fluff

The soft and gooey marshmallow fluff isn't something you crack open solely for a Fluffernutter sandwich, although that is a classic way to use it. There are other simple ways to use the fluff that don't involve a lot of work, whether you plop a spoonful onto your pancakes or layer it into your pudding. Additionally, there are captivating methods to add this creamy treat to your next dessert or drink that you might not expect. From a sturdy cold fold to using it to sweeten your yogurt, we'll give you a variety of interesting and creative ways to use marshmallow fluff in your daily life.

These aren't funky, one-off, overwhelming ways that are so complex it makes your head spin. We share some things that you might integrate into daily or weekly life. You can fully blend or mix it into something like brownie batter or a milkshake, or you can swirl it in so it remains visible and has its unique texture contribution. You can use marshmallow fluff as an adaptable addition to everyday recipes.

1. Drop it in your cold foam

You'll find cold foam coffees at local coffee shops and even aerosol canned versions at the grocery store, but it's pretty easy to make at home. Next time you're looking to put a little present in your coffee, you might want to add marshmallow fluff to your cold foam. This helps to create a fluffy topping for the drink, leaving you with a sweetness in every sip.

Rather than the standard froth that will bubble out after a few minutes, mixing marshmallow fluff makes it thicker and more durable. The milk you use makes a difference in how foamy it can get, so an easy-to-follow cold foam ratio can help simplify the foam-making process. If you want to flavor cold foam, add something like cinnamon, vanilla, or cocoa powder. Gather your ingredients and froth everything until smooth and fully incorporated. Now you can add as much cold foam to your coffee without the coffee shop upcharge.

2. Use marshmallow fluff in your favorite pie

Marshmallow fluff can provide a beautiful layer to your next pie. Place it as a topping on something like Key lime pie or lemon meringue pie. Spread it all over the top of a pie or add a dollop to each slice. Replace the meringue of a lemon meringue pie by delicately spreading marshmallow fluff all over the pie. Replicate the look of a toasty meringue by using a kitchen torch to get a similar effect.

You could place the pie under the broiler for a minute but you might run the risk of a melted, runny fluff. A torch allows more flexibility since you can heat a designated spot versus the whole thing at once. Apply the same technique as a s'mores pie instead of marshmallows. Instead of spreading it on top of a pie, you can mix it directly into the batter. Adding it to chocolate pie can give it a mousse-like texture. This is a great hack for pies that call for marshmallows since you don't have to place them on the pie individually.

3. Dip your ice cream cone in marshmallow fluff

When you go to the little ice cream parlors, there's always some sort of chocolate-covered waffle cone on display. It always seemed like the fanciest option, a tasty upgrade compared to the standard plain cake cone that always got a bit soggy by the end of your chilly confection. But a marshmallow-dipped ice cream cone is harder to come by if it's available at all. Make this marvel yourself and dip ice cream cones in marshmallow fluff.

To start, you can dip your cone in chocolate, then get a knife to spread the marshmallow fluff onto your cone. You don't want to cover the whole thing otherwise it'll be a sticky mess for your fingers, so apply the fluff to the top half. Use your kitchen torch to give it a light toasting or leave it as is. Since it's a sticky base, you can dust on some sprinkles, chopped peanuts, toffee bits, or whatever your inner child wants.

4. Liven up your fudge

Fudge feels nostalgic. Maybe it's because of those shops at the mall from yesteryear with so many types of fudge to pick from. While you might not find those stores in prevalence now, you can make fudge at home. Adding marshmallow fluff might be the game-changing ingredient to transform both the taste and the texture for a rich fudge. Make an easy fantasy fudge, which is nice and chocolatey with a hint of nuts from walnuts.

The recipe calls for walnuts, but you could add something like pecans or peanuts if you'd like. It does have almond extract so you can lean into it with a little bit of almonds or a mixture of nuts. Marshmallow fluff peanut butter fudge is airy and delicious. This fudge is scrumptious, easy to make, and decadent thanks to the fluff and peanut butter combination. It is peanut buttery so you could also drop in chopped peanuts for a peanut crunch. The marshmallow fluff gives a fudge velvety quality without being overly dense.

5. Upgrade your frosting with marshmallow fluff

There's a lot of fun to be had when making frosting since there's plenty of flexibility on add-ins. When you have a jar of marshmallow fluff that you're not sure what to do with, try using it as an unexpected ingredient for better buttercream frosting. Marshmallow fluff contains similar ingredients to marshmallows, but the fluff version helps the buttercream maintain its shape. If you added straight marshmallows into the frosting it would be a lumpy mess. If you're worried about it being cloyingly sweet, a pinch of salt or cocoa powder can help cut the sugariness.

The combination of buttercream with fluff makes a lighter frosting, which can also help with the spreadability. It's still thick enough that it won't run or slide off of your cake or cupcake. The marshmallow fluff does give a bit of that scrumptious marshmallow taste, so this could be a great fit for something with chocolate, graham crackers, or vanilla, but this sweet treat goes with basically any flavor.

6. Swap it for whipped topping in your favorite salad

Jazz up your next fruit salad with marshmallow fluff. Not only can it keep all your ingredients together, but it also offers a sweetness to your entire concoction. Use it on a simple fruit salad with fruits of your choice, such as bananas, strawberries, grapes, and oranges. You could change up the way you make ambrosia salad by replacing the whipped topping with marshmallow fluff.

Ambrosia salad is another way to use crushed canned pineapple, mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, and coconut for a colorful confection to bring to a potluck. The marshmallow fluff complements the marshmallows that are already in the dessert. Similarly, you can replace the whipped topping in a Watergate salad. There's pistachio, pineapple, and marshmallow, so the fluff swap makes a lot of sense. Substitute whipped topping for marshmallow fluff in your favorite fruit-based salad.

7. Garnish your cocktail with a dollop of fluff

Give your cocktails an indulgent boost with a marshmallow fluff garnish. One of the easiest methods is to rim your cup with the marshmallow fluff. Place the fluff in a shallow plate and twist the rim of your glass so it coats evenly, which you can leave as it is, or add other items to take advantage of the stickiness. Marshmallow fluff can elevate your next espresso martini since coffee and marshmallows go beautifully together. Do the marshmallow fluff rim and dust with graham crackers for a dessert-like cocktail.

Warm up on a cloudy afternoon with a boozy hot chocolate with bourbon. Plop a heaping dollop onto the top of your hot chocolate so you can have a slurp of bourbon hot chocolate and a mouthful of marshmallow fluff simultaneously. A campfire mule with marshmallow vodka makes a delicious cocktail to serve at the campsite or at home. Channel the toasted marshmallow taste with a smoky mescal or try something spiced and spicy like cinnamon whiskey.

8. Add some to your brownies

Gently swirl some marshmallow fluff into brownie batter for a beautiful swirled dessert. Scoop out spoonfuls to place into the batter and then lightly swirl it with a knife marshmallows. Elevate your brownies with an unexpected texture of marshmallow fluff. It makes a light, slightly chewy addition to your brownies and can also break up the color if you want to swirl in the white of the fluff.

Pair it with other add-ins like butterscotch or dulce de leche, or graham crackers for a s'mores-inspired brownie. You could choose to layer in by putting half of your brownie batter, then gently spreading on the marshmallow fluff on top, and topping it off with the last brownie batter layer. The addition of marshmallow fluff gives it a gooey texture and added sweetness that can go well with a rich, cocoa-heavy chocolate brownie.

9. Sweeten your yogurt with marshmallow fluff

There are plenty of ways to add flavor to yogurt from coconut sugar to maple syrup, but mixing marshmallow fluff into your yogurt is an uncommon method of sweetening it up. Sweetening yogurt is one of the subtler creative ways to use marshmallow fluff since you likely won't even see it or know it's in the yogurt. The tartness of a Greek yogurt pairs wonderfully with a sugary marshmallow fluff to provide a balance of tangy and sweet.

Drop it into your yogurt and do a light mix, so you can taste the juxtaposition in each bite, or you can pour it in and blend it thoroughly, so you end up with a sweetened yogurt. It may have a hint of marshmallow, but you wouldn't necessarily be able to identify it. How many people are expecting marshmallow fluff in their yogurt? This is a swift way to enhance a snack. Chop fresh fruit for color and include something like chia seeds or hemp seeds for some added texture.

10. Top your sweet potatoes with it

Marshmallows and sweet potatoes go hand-in-hand. They're a charming combination that has dessert components, but it's labeled as a side dish and served amongst other proteins and meats. While it's something you find in many households during Thanksgiving and other holidays, this could easily be integrated throughout the year. If your grocery stores are out of marshmallows during peak season or you want to try something new, marshmallow fluff can provide the same flavor profile but in a different vessel.

Spread a layer of fluff over the entire top of your sweet potatoes or dd dollops onto the sweet potatoes right before serving to mimic the marshmallows. Then use a kitchen torch to give it a toasted marshmallow taste without putting it in the oven to get completely melted. This scrumptious blend of marshmallow fluff and sweet potatoes is a household favorite for many families that comes with fond memories with loved ones. For extra depth, sprinkle on cinnamon or nutmeg to accompany the sweetness.

11. Layer it into your pudding

Pudding may be deemed for children, but adults shouldn't shy away from this comforting dessert. From layering the pudding to adding mix-ins, there is a laundry list of ideas on how to upgrade instant pudding mix so it isn't your boring old snack. Layering the pudding can give it an exciting look and taste, ensuring that it isn't your average dessert. You can take a basic packet of pudding mix and transform it into a sophisticated treat by integrating various layers.

Marshmallow fluff goes with just about any pudding flavor, whether you choose pistachio, butterscotch, chocolate, or strawberry. Pour your desired pudding into the container you're going to eat it out of, such as a bowl or cup, then alternating layers of pudding and marshmallow fluff. This breaks up the flavor and texture as well as the aesthetics. Both the fluff and pudding are creamy, so give it an additional bite by including something like crushed cookies, chocolate chips, or chopped nuts. Instead of individual servings, make it a larger batch in a glass casserole dish to bring to a party.

12. Spread marshmallow fluff on bread or toast

Move over a PB&J, the fluffernutter ought to be a lunchtime staple.  You won't want to miss out on the delights of a fluffernutter sandwich, which is a mixture of white bread, peanut butter, and marshmallow fluff. Keep it simple with the classic ingredients or bring something new to the mix like your favorite fruit jam, thinly sliced apples, or a sprinkle of cinnamon.

When you're not in the mood for a sandwich, spread the fluff onto a piece of toast with a little bit of chocolate sauce or hazelnut spread for a sweet snack that isn't your average dessert. Add sliced bananas or strawberries for texture and bright color. The warmth from toasted bread can contribute to the gooeyness of the fluff, warming it up just enough to assist with the spreadability.

13. Mix some into your popcorn

Popcorn is one of those puffy little treats that you can munch on day or night. It's perfect for an evening summer movie, weekend cartoon watching in the morning, or an afternoon snack after school. There's no wrong time for popcorn. While butter may be one of the most popular choices to add to popcorn, other mix-ins are a welcome addition to provide a different snacking method. Mix marshmallow fluff into your popcorn for Rice Krispie-inspired treats.

If your fluff is hard to work with, consider heating it lightly on the stove and then pouring the popcorn directly into the pan to mix. Once to integrate the popcorn and fluff, add anything goodies such as chocolate chips or mini candies, then it's stir it together. Once fully incorporated, shape the popcorn into balls. These are somewhat like kettle corn and completely customizable since you can make larger balls or smaller ones with any mix-ins you desire.

14. Swirl marshmallow fluff on your favorite breakfast goodies

From cereals to donuts, you'll find a wide array of sugary breakfast items. If you're looking for an alternative sweet breakfast idea, adding marshmallow fluff to some basics, such as pancakes, can mix things up. A lot of the creative ways to use marshmallow fluff revolve around using it as a tasty addition to sweets, so try marshmallow fluff instead of soaking your hot pancakes in maple syrup. It will melt and loosen up with the heat of the pancakes to give you a similar sticky, sweetness that you get from maple syrup.

Spread a little bit into each pancake on the stack so it gets melty and gooey. Add some into a pan to heat up and then pour it over pancakes. You could do the same method with waffles. There are plenty of waffle recipes you can follow and swap or add some marshmallow fluff into the recipe rather than maple syrup. Spread marshmallow fluff on French toast or make a stuffed version for an irresistible and satisfactory brunch.

15. Make a sweet dip with it

Sweet dips are ideal for parties or lazy at-home movie marathon nights because they're easy enough to whip up but also can be made for a crowd. Marshmallow fluff is the sweet inclusion you never expected in a sweet dip. It can be a one-ingredient dip by itself, or it can be used as a simple base for dips by tossing in other components. Make it as complex or quick as you want it to be, or garner inspiration based on the season or foods you want to dip. Mix in some fruit jam if you're dipping strawberries or pumpkin puree for an autumnal dip.

Create something like a pecan pie cheesecake fruit dip by pouring the fluff into a mixing bowl along with cream cheese, vanilla yogurt, caramel sauce, and pecans. This is a crunchy dip to use with apple slices, strawberries, pretzels, and other delights. You don't even have to make it a big occasion, simply spoon some into a small bowl and dip, your fruit into it.

16. Turn it into frozen treats

What happens when you freeze marshmallow fluff? Well, it turns a chewy chilled confection. That's a bit firmer than it would be at room temperature but it's not rock-hard either. The ingredients of marshmallow fluff mean it will get firmer but will remain flexible and scoopable like ice cream. Turn the fluff into a cheeky frozen dessert by spooning it into a silicone ice mold to freeze.

Melt some chocolate and take out your frozen marshmallow fluff pieces to dunk in the chocolate. Put them on parchment paper and add things like chocolate sprinkles or nonpareils before the chocolate sets. Store in an airtight container in the freezer so you can conveniently pop one in your mouth when you want a quick, cool dessert other than ice cream. These bite-sized frozen sweets are versatile in that you can use cool ice mold shapes or dip in coconut flakes, nuts, or M&Ms.

17. Blend marshmallow fluff into your beverages

Milkshakes got even better with a marshmallow fluff inclusion. There are a couple of ways you can approach adding this sticky treat to your milkshake. First, blend in amongst the rest of your ingredients. This makes a great foundation for the milkshake and you only need to add a spoonful of marshmallow fluff to take it to new heights. Once blended, it will integrate smoothly and provide that classic marshmallow flavor. Make a toasted marshmallow coffee milkshake and use marshmallow fluff instead of classic marshmallows. Spoon it into a bowl and lightly torch it with a kitchen torch for a toasty marshmallow taste.

Decorate your glass as another method of using marshmallow fluff in milkshakes. Get a knife and spread it in the glass as a decoration. You can do swirls, zigzags, lines, whatever you want. Instead of whipped cream, top your milkshake with marshmallow fluff to bring a different taste to the table. A fluffed-up milkshake is a heavenly indulgence that you can apply in many ways.

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