For An Extra Special Treat, Dip Ice Cream Cones In Marshmallow Fluff And Toast

Sugar or waffle, the cone upon which your ice cream rests plays a critical part in your ice cream eating experience. Sometimes a plain ice cream cone is all you want, but other times it needs to impress. Dip it in chocolate, roll it in sprinkles, candies, or something savory and when you get to that bite where the creamy frozen dairy hits the crunchy cone, nirvana ensues. But if you really want to step up your cone game, break out the marshmallow fluff and your kitchen torch for a toasted marshmallow cone.

Gracie's Ice Cream in posh Sommerville, California is credited with making torched marshmallow cones a thing, but the process is fairly simple and if you can't get to the Golden State, making them at home is the next best thing. Dip your cone of choice into a dedicated container of marshmallow fluff – an inch to an inch and a half deep is probably as far as you want to go if you don't want to be holding a sticky mess — and then dip it again so you get a nice thick coating of the fluff. When you are happy with the amount of fluff, take your torch and lightly toast.

Make your own fluff

If you want to get truly fancy, first dip your cone in chocolate and allow it to harden. Then dip it into the marshmallow fluff and sprinkle some crushed graham cracker over it to create s'mores cones. Because marshmallow fluff is so thick, it will likely cover the opening of the cone. You can either take a small spoon and remove this excess fluff or push it into the cone for a little extra marshmallow flavor as you eat the cone. This decision may be influenced by the type of ice cream you decide to pair it with.

If you do not have any marshmallow fluff in your pantry but want to try this ice cream cone embellishment, you can make your own fluff using corn syrup, sugar, egg whites, water, cream of tartar, and vanilla extract. However, if that is too labor intensive, then grab a handful of mini marshmallows and a little water and use your microwave to melt them until they are sticky and smooth.