Starbucks To Release 4 New Cups Just In Time For Spring

The air may not be warmer just yet and the flowers aren't quite blooming, but Starbucks wants you to feel a little bit more bright with its new line of spring cups and drinkware. If you are a Starbucks lover, you don't just know that new special drinks are always around the corner, you also know that every turn of the calendar's page brings a new wave of tumblers, bottles, mugs, and reusable cold cups with designs celebrating the spirit of the season. 

Most of the attention recently has been on the wildly popular Stanley tumblers, which have become coveted collector's items — even despite Stanley's recent lead scare – but Starbucks' own in-house designs definitely aren't something to overlook. According to a Starbucks release shared with Tasting Table, the new spring 2024 cup lineup is meant to "put a spring in your step" with four pastel designs that evoke seasonal symbols like rain, rainbows, and the coming seasonal blooms. 

The four new cups include a 24-ounce cold cup priced at $29.95, a 20-ounce glass water bottle at $24.95, a 14-ounce curved handle mug at $16.95, and a second cold cup available only at licensed store locations like airports and grocery stores, which will sell for $19.95. No specific release date has yet been announced for the new spring cup lineup, but the Starbucks spring 2024 menu was leaked just a few weeks ago, with a speculated debut date of March 7, so that may be a date to keep an eye on.

Starbucks' spring cups feature tie-dye and ocean seafoam patterns

The designs on each of the four new Starbucks spring cups highlight a pastel color like pink, seafoam green, or blue, and have wavy, shimmering features. The first cold cup highlights its soft green color with tie-dye splotches of red and yellow. The glass water bottle is a streaky, reflective mixture of blues with pink highlights, which Starbucks says is like seeing "the reflection of a rainbow after a spring shower." The mug is a solid pastel pink with a looping, engraved pattern swirling around it, and the licensed store-exclusive cold cup has a wave pattern rippling around it with alternating bands of seafoam green and soft pink.

If you're still interested in a Starbucks' Stanley tumbler beyond the new spring collection, the same Instagram leak shared by @markie_devo that revealed the new spring menu also included a photo of a powder blue Stanley with a listed release date of April 9, 2024. Unlike the company's seasonal cup collections, many past Starbucks x Stanley collabs have been sold exclusively at Target, and given their popularity, if you want one you may need to start lining up now. To give you an idea of just how popular these cups are, a peach Starbucks x Stanley tumbler sold out in minutes in May 2023, a cherry red Stanley cup went fast in November 2023, and a pink Stanley tumbler drew large crowds at Target stores just last month.