New Starbucks X Stanley Pink Cup Is An Instant Hit At Target

There was a time in recent history when long overnight lines forming outside of stores was the sign of a big album release or some highly sought-after Christmas toy. But recently, that kind of fervent fandom has been unlocked by the coffee giant, Starbucks, and Stanley drinkware. Driven by an influencer-focused social media campaign, Stanley tumblers have become some of the hottest collector's items of the past few years, with fans also attracted to the utility of the tough, 40-ounce cups that help keep liquid hot or cold on the go. 

Stanley has released multiple exclusive colors through Target and has also parlayed its popularity into collaborations with brands like Olay and celebrities like country music star Lainey Wilson. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the most fruitful of all these collaborations has been with Starbucks, another brand that inspires deep devotion. And the newest release, a "Winter Pink" cup available exclusively at Target, has been the most popular yet.

Released on January 3 to coincide with Starbucks' new winter 2024 menu, the Starbucks x Stanley Winter Pink Quencher had people lining up in front of stores the night before just to get a chance at grabbing the new cup (via Today). Retailing at $49.95, the Winter Pink Quencher is a limited-time offering that won't be restocked once it's sold out. Unfortunately, if you are just reading this now, there is a good chance that your local Target Starbucks is already sold out, though some locations were limited to one or two cups per customer.

The Starbucks x Stanley Winter Pink Quencher is already being resold at high prices

Videos posted on TikTok and social media have depicted the chaos at Target stores during recent Stanley releases, showing groups of people clearing display racks and arguments breaking out between customers. While the glittery pink color is certainly unique — and people do love their Starbucks — a lot of the competitiveness certainly stems from the premium prices that some limited-edition Stanley Quenchers can fetch on the secondary market. 

Resellers like eBay and Mercari are already listing dozens of the cups, with the average price for one of the coveted Quenchers being over $200. The rush and reselling of these tumblers has become a regular occurrence, with a Starbucks x Stanley cherry red tumbler selling out quickly last fall, and a Stanley Valentine's Day collection at Target getting the same treatment just a few days ago on December 31. 

The hype has been so great that the leading marketing institute, ASI, named Stanley Quenchers the 2023 product of the year, and in the last four years, the once niche brand has increased its sales tenfold to $750 million a year. Knowing this, it's no surprise that Target and Starbucks will be doing more collaborations with Stanley throughout the year. But you'll need to stay really on top of the news if you want to grab one of the future releases for a normal retail price.