17 Types Of Stanley Drinkware, Ranked

The internet can't get enough of the viral Stanley cup. Although it has recently received recognition for its Quencher H.20 Flowstate tumbler on social media, the brand has been making quality drinkware products since 1913. The brand is most well known for its stainless steel products that are made with vacuum technology to keep hot drinks hot and cold ones cold. Besides drinkware, Stanley also makes a selection of camping cookware products, insulated food jars, and lunch boxes for every consumer's rugged adventures. 

Not all of Stanley's drinkware products are created equal, though. There are some water bottles and mugs that rise above the rest in terms of usefulness and practicality, as well as size and color selection. We've ranked the top drinkware products from Stanley based on our personal experience as devout fans of the brand, as well as someone who is always looking to get the most use out of their purchases. 

How we selected the products

What makes a good drinkware product? It's something we've pondered time and time again, especially considering the litany of drinkware products on the market right now. In ranking these Stanley products, we have taken into account many considerations. The first is the practicality of the drinkware as a whole. Since some of the containers run upward of $50 each, it would be a waste to buy one and not use it to its fullest potential. We've also looked into the practicality of the of the reusable bottles' features, including its shape, lid, and whether it has a handle or not. 

Equally as important, we've considered the selection of products that each particular shape offers. While we don't need to buy a Stanley in every color, it's always nice to have several different colors available to choose from. And we've looked at size, since carrying around a tiny 10-ounce container would be just as impractical as a 96-ounce jug only made for transporting water between campsites. Here are the Stanley products you should add to your cart.

17. Ice Flow Bottle with Fast Flow Lid

Everyone wants a pretty water bottle. But the IceFlow bottle with the Fast Flow Lid? It's just not it. 

This bottle looks about as weird and obtrusive as it can be. The wide-mouth design is made for athletes to gulp down a ton of water at a time, but this has created an awkward shape that makes storage very difficult, and a cap that you have to screw on and off for use — just to misplace it somewhere and have to buy an entirely new lid. Like our lower-ranked Stanley products, none of the IceFlows are designed for cupholders. 

There are some perks to this bottle design. Mainly, it comes in five sizes ranging from 16-ounce to 50-ounce bottles, each with a comfortable grip. You can also find a 96-ounce jug with the same cap but a different body shape. Most of the sizes come in 11 standard colors for easy mixing and matching.

16. Classic Vaccum Bottle

The Classic Vaccum Bottle was arguably the product that put Stanley on the map. These two-quart bottles are absolutely massive and heavy, weighing in at nearly a pound and a half. While this weight is a testament to the craftsmanship and the quality of the product, it makes packing it into a backpack or taking it anywhere a bit of a big lift. Plus, it only comes in one size and one color (hammertone green), which limits its aesthetic value. 

This product would be ideal for someone who likes to take hot chocolate or coffee to a function to share with others. Each bottle cap doubles as a cup, making it a solid option for traveling or hiking, especially when hot beverages will stay heated for upward of 30 hours. It may not be the bottle you take with you to the gym, but it does have a time and a place. 

15. GO Everyday Wine Tumbler

We'll admit wine tumblers are a little dated. But this Stanley wine tumbler has a high utility in the home and is a worthwhile gift for someone in your life who enjoys wine — and Stanley. Like other Stanley products, it's made with double-insulated sides and a Tritan drink-thru lid that allows you to sip on your favorite cup of coffee, cocktail, or wine. This tumbler is price-comparable to others on the market at $20; Corkcicle stemless tumblers are priced slightly higher at around $30 with significantly fewer color options. 

The primary drawback of the GO Everyday wine tumbler is that it only comes in one size: 10 ounces. The small size diminishes its utility for other beverages, but it's a solid option for alcoholic beverages or small servings of coffee. You can select from nine regular colors, or customize it for a loved one ─ which makes it a great choice for a stocking stuffer.

14. Adventure To-Go Bottle

The Adventure To-Go Bottle is like the fun, kiddie version of the classic vacuum bottle. It doesn't come with a handle, but it does have a top cover that doubles as a cup. The design of this bottle is also thoughtful, including its pour-through stopper to limit the splashing of hot or cold beverages. 

This bottle is a smaller and more utilitarian option than its larger counterpart. It holds 1.1 quarts of liquid and is designed to keep hot beverages hot for up to 25 hours. It also comes in five colors, making it a little more decorative and personal than the classic vacuum bottle. The reason why this bottle didn't score higher on our ranking was because it is girthy, so holding the bottle in one hand is difficult. Like our other low-ranking bottles, we can't see this bottle coming with us to the gym, but it could be a viable purchase for someone who needs a product for the outdoors, or storing a large volume of liquid.

13. Lifted Spirits Prismatic Highball Glass

The Lifted Spirits Prismatic Highball Glass is a luxury product that we don't think is actually practical for anyone. Its inner base is designed as a prism, so it has a cool cocktail effect when sipping from it. We also liked that the bottom of this glass features a silicone base to prevent sliding it across the table. It's made of recycled stainless steel, too, making it a little more eco-friendly for your home. 

The drawback to this product is that it doesn't come with a lid. While this might not seem like a big deal for sipping your favorite cocktails, it is problematic when you have to find other uses for this expensive, 12-ounce cup. Moreover, it only comes in three colors, limiting your creative freedom with it. In short, you're better off purchasing a different Stanley product that can be used for storing drinks and sipping your favorite cocktail. 

12. The Stay-Hot Camp Mug

The Stay-Hot Camp Mug is designed for the coffee drinkers among us. This 24-ounce mug with a convenient drinking handle comes in two colors: matte black and hammertone green. Like other products, it features the Tritan drink-thru lid for mess-free sipping, as well as a recycled stainless steel exterior for an insulated drinking experience long after your first pour. Granted, its large size is also a more practical option for sipping than other smaller products. 

We're always looking for a good coffee mug, but this one is not high on our list. You would think that Stanley would elect to make a coffee cup that could fit in your cupholder, but alas, it has not been delivered with the Stay-Hot Camp Mug. The lack of colors may also be a drawback for people who love colorful, exciting mugs to sip their coffee out of in the morning. 

11. Classic Stay-Chill Beer Pint

We could see taking the Classic Stay-Chill Beer Pint to a football tailgate. This cup comes with a built-in bottle opener — which is downright innovative. It also has a wide-mouth lid for easy, frothy sipping and a stainless steel coating to keep your pints icy cold. Besides beer, this 16-ounce container can also be used for storing soft drinks and soda for the big game. 

The design of this product makes it a winner alone, but it's not as useful as other Stanley products designed with straws. This product comes in nine color options and is priced on the higher end of similar products at $26. If you're a big beer drinker, this pint glass would be a plausible investment for years to come. But if you're not an avid beer fan, you may not get the utility value out of the product, thus making the price not worth it. 

10. IceFlow AeroLight Bottle with Cap and Carry Lid

The IceFlow AeroLight Bottle has athletes in mind. The water bottle is made with spun steel, so it's about a third lighter than other stainless steel drinkware. This means you can pick it up and move it with ease. In addition, this bottle is made with 90% recycled stainless steel, which makes for great insulation and a cup you can feel good about. 

The lid on this bottle is relatively easy to open and close, and easier to clean than a narrow-necked water bottle. These bottles come in four sizes ranging from 16 to 50 ounces and a whopping 13 colors. Our biggest qualm with this water bottle, though, is the poor cup holder compatibility. The lid is also slightly skewed, making it a bit awkward to hold and carry around with you to the gym. We're team straw, and this Stanley just doesn't deliver. 

9. Forge Thermal Bottle

The Forge Thermal Bottle has a macho-like appearance and comes in only three metallic colors. It's made with heavy-gauge rolled steel, which helps beverages stay cool for more than a day, and hot for about a day. The 25-ounce size fits the needs of most consumers, but you can also purchase a 1.4-quart bottle with a handle for easy carrying and a built-in drinking cup. It's definitely large and in charge, which might be the style of some outdoor enthusiasts. 

The biggest issue with this drinkware product is its weight. The 1.4-quart bottle weighs almost 3 pounds, while the smaller Forge bottle weighs around 2 pounds. So, carrying this canister around can weigh down your hiking pack and just clunk around a little too much for our liking. And at $57 for the smaller bottle and $72 for the larger one, it's a bit more of a price hike than we would want to spend on an everyday bottle. 

8. The Legendary Classic Canteen

Why would anyone enjoy drinking out of a canteen bottle? Maybe it's a blast from the past for the cowboy-wannabes. Although this bottle is a bit clunky, it's filled with the modern aesthetics of the Stanley brand that consumers know and love. Unlike other Stanley products, the canteen bottle is made with lightweight material and comes in at less than a pound. Its flat design also makes it easy to stow into a backpack, hiking bag, or carry-on. In addition, the strap is well-crafted and adjustable to almost any body size. 

If you're obsessed with the Stanley logo, this product is for you. The Stanley bear covers both the strap and the bottle, which can be a bit obtrusive and make you a walking billboard for the company. Moreover, the product's utility is limited because it's awkward to take around and doesn't have the same insulate capacity as other products.

7. Classic Legendary Bottle

There's not that much different about the Classic Legendary bottle compared to other similar Stanley models like the larger Classic Vaccum Tumbler. This drinkware container is slightly smaller at 1.5 quarts and weighs about 2 pounds, so it's slightly less bulky in your hiking pack. The two best features of this container are its collapsible handle, which makes storage a breeze, and its easy twist and pour cap, which makes it easy to pour liquids without splashing. 

Like other Stanley products of the same shape, the limiting factor to this bottle is its style and use. It's great for camping trips and time spent in the outdoors, but it's not a practical mug or drinkware container that you can carry from place to place. The price-tag is also steep at $57, which may not be ideal for someone who goes on annual hiking trips, rather than every weekend. 

6. AeroLight Transit Bottle

The AeroLight Transit Bottle has a sleek, minimalist appearance. It is 33% lighter than other stainless steel bottles from the brand, and the lid locks into place to prevent your drink from spilling out all over your bag or car. It's also car-holder compatible, and you can leave it in your vehicle on a warm day and come back to ice-cold water a few hours later. 

This bottle comes with a drink-thru lid, which we think is rather awkward to use. You have to tip the bottle at just the right angle to get the water out, which is impractical, considering there are much better options out there. But this bottle scored where it did on our rankings because of its lightweight profile, ease of use, and practicality for a lifestyle on the go. Granted, we would still purchase one of our top choices over this one. 

5. Classic Legendary Camp Mug

We're in love with the 10 color selections available for the Stanley Legendary Camp Mug. These mugs are practical for everyday use and can fit 12 ounces of your favorite brew. The handle on these containers is elegant to look at and easy to hold in our hands. Like other products, this mug has double-layer insulation to warm your beverages. 

Our biggest qualm with this drinkware, though, is that it doesn't fit in a cup holder and comes with a drink-thru lid rather than something we can close in between uses. This can lead to coffee splashing around the center console of your car, which is unfortunate. If you wanted to purchase this mug for your home and your home only, we could see it being a viable option. However, the 12-ounce cup size is really limiting for a large latte, and the poor lid design isn't ideal for traveling. 

4. IceFlow Jug With Fast Flow Lid

If you constantly complain about having to refill your water bottle throughout the day, Stanley has a solution for you. Its 96-ounce water jug has a comfortable handle and lightweight composition, making it easy to hydrate throughout the day without constantly refilling your bottle. It has a flip-straw compatible lid for easy sipping, and double-walled vacuum insulation to keep your water or beverage of choice cool throughout the day. 

The drawback of this model is that it is rather clunky to hold, move around, and carry in your car. It's not cupholder compatible, so if you neglect to spin the lid on tightly, you risk soaking your entire car seat and vehicle. It also only comes in eight color options and is one of the most expensive drinkware products the brand carries at $90. You might as well just walk to refill your bottle for that price. 

3. Classic Trigger-Action Travel Mug

The classic trigger-action travel mug is made for all sorts of adventures. It can easily be opened with the tap of a button and fits in your car's cup holder. When you're ready to sip, just hit the bottom with one hand to quickly release it. You can also easily take the mug apart for cleaning, and all of its components are dishwasher-safe. How easy is that?

This 16-ounce container is much more practical than the smaller Stanley mugs and glasses, and a bit less clunky than the massive ones. It holds a single serving of your hot or iced beverages, which is perfect for daily use. You can also choose one of 12 color options, or add a custom personalization to make this mug yours. It's one that we'll always have in our arsenal, even if it's not our top pick from the Stanley collection. 

2. IceFlow Flip Straw Tumbler and Jug

Suffering from a chronic case of the dropsies? This cupholder-compatible drinkware container features a handle and built-in flip straw for easy sipping and carrying. Besides these features, we love that this container comes in 20-ounce and 30-ounce tumbler options, as well as jugs ranging from 40-ounce to 96-ounce. Colors vary based on the size, but every customer is bound to find an option that they love — and one that is within their budget. Sizes below the 64-ounce can also be personalized. 

This bottle clenched the second-best ranking on our list for its ease of use and compatibility with a cup holder — which many of Stanley's products surprisingly don't offer. You're also only limited to iced or cold beverages for this cup, but we can always use it as an excuse to hydrate more. Overall, this bottle is a solid option for someone who wants to have a sturdy-handled water bottle that is comfortable to hold and transport from place to place. 

1. Quencher H.20 Flowstate Tumbler

We can assure you that we didn't just select the Quencher H.20 Flowstate Tumbler as our top pick because it's an internet-famous water bottle. We chose it because it surpasses every single one of Stanley's other products by a long shot. 

The first reason we love this Stanley cup is that it comes in so many different size options, from 14 ounces up to 60 ounces. The handle on these bottles is also very secure and easy to carry tilted on an angle without worrying that all your water is going to spill out. The 40-ounce Stanley tumbler, which has been popularized the most on apps like TikTok, comes in 21 different color options. That's right, 21! It's impossible to find a color Quencher that you don't absolutely love. 

This drinkware's price is shocking for any thrifty bottle shopper; the 40-ounce container will run you $45. And before you say, "why would I ever want to spend $45 on a water bottle?", we can assure you that we said the same thing. But now, this tumbler is an essential for morning workouts, running errands, and everything in between.