Brian Rooney

Norwood, NJ
Montclair State University
Food, Wine & Spirits, Home Cooking
  • Brian is a Food and Dining. Feature Writer for Tasting Table
  • He has previously written for his university newspaper and Man of the Hour magazine.
  • Brian has become a passionate home cook over the passed two years and now takes charge of cooking and baking on all family holidays and special occasions.


Brian began writing for his student newspaper, The Montclarion, while attending Montclair State University. Two semesters later, he became its Opinion Editor for the final year and half of his time as an undergraduate. In his final semester, Brian was awarded third place in Editorial Writing by the New Jersey Press Foundation in their College Newspaper Contest 2020-21 for his editorial calling on university administrators to improve mental health resources on campus. Brian became a food and drink writer for Man of the Hour magazine the fall after graduating college, where he writes two columns relating to food and wine and spirits. Now, Brian is combining what he learned in college and as a home cook to be a food and dining feature writer for Tasting Table.


At Montclair State University, Brian earned a bachelor's degree in Communication & Media Arts. His coursework expanded his skillset and understanding of the role media outlets play in our everyday life, how they differ based on content matter, and the most effective strategies for engaging those consuming it.
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