13 Best Spirits Subscription Boxes

The subscription market is booming. Everything from coffee, clothing, ready-to-eat meals and more has joined the traditional newspaper or magazine. This growth in the subscription market has spiked over the past couple of years especially, with an estimated increase of over $50 billion between 2021 and 2022. By 2026, this number is expected to be over $784 billion.

The main appeal behind most spirits-related subscriptions is the convenience of sampling. Whether you want to try a new cocktail or just a single spirit, it's often not worth buying an entire bottle or a list of ingredients. Subscription boxes save you money in the long run, allowing you to sample cocktails without committing to anything major.

There is a spirits subscription for every kind of drinker. If you are seeking out new single-malts or more exposure to modern mixology, or if you are a non-drinker who likes a great mocktail, here are the spirits subscriptions you ought to check out.


Expanding your palate for whiskey can get expensive. While there are many great bottles of the spirit available at very affordable prices, committing to an entire one only to find out that it is not to your liking is a disappointing way to spend your money. This is the exact problem that Flaviar solves.

A subscription to Flaviar brings small samples of multiple spirits directly to your home every month. Not only do you get to try an array of products, but Flaviar even includes a tasting guide in each package, which helps customers detect certain flavor notes and develop their own personal taste. If you take a liking to a certain sample, you can then go for a full bottle of it. This way, there is no waste of money or liquor.

Flaviar has expanded to include gin, tequila, mezcal, rum, brandy, vodka, and whiskey. A monthly membership costs $60, but Flaviar also offers six-month and full-year subscriptions at reduced prices. Not only does a membership get you either three samples a month or one whole bottle, but it also gives you access to VIP tasting events held by the subscription service.

Mash & Grape

Mash & Grape is both a wine and spirits delivery service, and members of the spirits subscription are proudly part of the Mashbox Club. At Mash & Grape, you are able to select which type of product you sample every month based on the spirit category.

Categories to choose from include bourbon; whiskey, which includes Irish and rye; scotch; gin; tequila; and rum. Prices vary based on the category, understandably, with scotch being the most expensive at $79 per month and gin being the least expensive at $44 per month. You may ask why there is a fixed price for each bottle since products cost different amounts of money, but with Mash & Grape, you get much more than just a bottle of liquor. Each bottle sent to you is curated specifically to your own taste. Plus, each bottle comes with a tasting guide and background information about the brand, so you can learn what you like or do not like in any given spirit or which producers appeal to you the most.

Subscriptions start at three-month payments, but given the quality of the spirits you get, especially for the scotch category, the service definitely pays for itself. Bottles such as the Balvenie 14-Year Caribbean Cask are available, which is worth more than the price per month for the category.


If you do not drink very often but still enjoy discovering new spirits, then this next subscription is for you. Caskers sends members of its club two different full bottles of liquor in three-month increments. Therefore, you have plenty of time to enjoy each one however you like, and then look forward to the next two products.

With Caskers, there are three subscriptions to choose from. The two most notable for our purposes are the American Whiskey Club, which includes bourbon and American rye, and the World of Whiskey Club, consisting of scotch, Irish whiskey, Japanese whisky, and others. With both of these clubs, members get a varied selection of classic brands and bottles, newer craft ones, and bottles that you may have never even heard of. Having the searching done for you is exactly what makes any subscription service great.

Caskers is a great subscription to sign up for even if you do not drink. Its Pentire Adrift Non-Alcoholic Spirit Club sends members this single 0% alcohol product that is herbaceous and complex — a great option for non-drinkers. No matter what club you sign up for, each shipment will coincide with digital tasting notes sent to your device, and shipments can also be delayed or skipped anytime.

Taster's Club

Taster's Club is another alcohol subscription service that allows you to enjoy a wide variety of options without the hassle of guessing what you might like. Taster's Club memberships are also broken down by category, with choices consisting of bourbon, whiskey, scotch, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and wine.

If you are not sure where to start or want to have a little of everything every month, there is also the Stock the Bar option, which sends members a different spirit each month of the subscription. Then, you can dig into different categories with excellent representations of each.

In addition to receiving tasting notes with each shipment from Taster's Club, you will also receive suggestions on how to enjoy each specific product. These can include the type of glassware to enjoy them out of, temperature, or even simple cocktails.

Taster's Club does encourage that every spirit it sends to members be sipped neat first, though, as the whole point of a subscription like this is to expand your palate for liquor. Memberships are available in 3-month, 6-month, and full-year prepayments as well as month to month and are priced differently based on which spirit club you choose.

American Cocktail Club

American Cocktail Club is a subscription service that removes all of the shopping for mixed drinks and finding the specific, single-use ingredients that come with it. Subscriptions to the American Cocktail Club can be bought for just one month and all the way up to 12, each month featuring a different cocktail that includes most of the ingredients needed to make the drink. Plus, the box will include information on the bartender who created the drink and the inspiration behind it.

For example, the cocktail for March 2023 is the Back In Black, created by Bob Peters. This drink is made by mixing together bourbon, blackberry sage syrup, lime juice, and a dehydrated lime for garnish. If you subscribe to the Everything Box, you would be given all of these ingredients besides the fresh lime juice. You can also subscribe to the Everything But the Booze Box, in which you will receive the same as the Everything box minus bourbon, which is a less expensive option.

This service may not give you the choices that others do, but it does give you a completely unique cocktail crafted by an expert. Also, you will get to see which cocktail is being sent out ahead of time, so if you do not think you will like it, you can easily skip that month's shipment.

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon may be the most extensive subscription service on this list, with dozens of boxes to choose from, each one revolving around a single spirit category. Boxes by Shaker & Spoon include enough materials for four recipes and 12 drinks in total. However, this excludes alcohol, but though you have to use your own liquor, this service takes care of every other aspect of each drink. Plus, each box comes with a bottle recommendation that the curator believes will work best for that specific cocktail.

Shaker & Spoon also crafts its very own house-made ingredients for each box such as infused syrups and other proprietary ingredients. Not only do the box options span the entire spectrum of spirits, but they also include subcategories like reposado tequila and añejo boxes. Other boxes even revolve around lesser-known spirits like cachaça as well as around one single cocktail, like the Negroni Box.

Again, despite Shaker & Spoon not providing liquor in its boxes, you are still getting your money's worth. In addition to the recipes and ingredients needed for them, boxes include pictures of the cocktail so customers know what it should turn out like and what glassware or ice to use. Subscriptions can be bought for single-month, 3-month, 6-month, and full-year timeframes.

Curious Elixirs

Just because you do not drink alcohol does not mean you should not be able to enjoy great cocktails. The art of the "mocktail" is one that is being practiced more and more in the modern drinking scene, and Curious Elixirs is a subscription service that brings that scene right to you. Curious Elixirs sends its customers an assortment of delicious alcohol-free cocktails that are also 100% organic with no refined sugar.

The process for signing up begins with a quiz to help Curious Elixir's learn more about your taste. Then, you have the choice of a monthly box with four bottles, worth 8 drinks, or 12 bottles, worth 24. There are currently four bottles to choose from, including one inspired by the Negroni Sbagliato and another by a cross between a spicy margarita and a dark and stormy.

One of the selling points of Curious Elixirs is that these drinks are ready to pour as soon as they arrive. Even though the process of mixing a great drink is quite fun, having it done for you is sometimes even better.

Sake Social

While other spirit subscriptions offer a variety of spirits, Sake Social focuses on only one. Given the countless styles and expressions of sake on the market, though, devoting an entire subscription to the spirit is more than justifiable. In case you do not know, sake is a Japanese spirit that is made from rice. It is not a hard liquor, as its alcohol content normally falls between 15% and 20%.

If you have never had exposure to sake or have only had very little, the depths of the spirit are vast. There are so many styles, brands, and price points that if you are a sake beginner, getting into the spirit really can be challenging.

When you join the Sake of the Month Club, you can choose between the Emperor and the Samurai packages. The Emperor package is characterized by smoother, more luxurious style sakes. These include styles like Daijingo and Ginjo, which are clean and gentle. The sakes sent in the Samurai subscription include fuller-bodied, more richly flavored, "everyday" sakes, as the brand calls them. There is quite a sizeable price difference between the two options, but no matter which one you choose, you get two full bottles every month.

Maguey Melate

Mezcal is more popular than ever in the United States today, but the tradition and art of producing the spirits date back centuries in Mexico. Maguey Melate offers a subscription service that not only provides its members with excellent mezcal but also educates them on where exactly they come from.

The club choices for Maguey Melate include a $60-per-month box that includes two full bottles of mezcal, or a mini box that has six expressions in small sampler bottles, which costs $29. Both boxes, though, come with detailed background information about each product as well as the person who made it. Each mezcal is bought directly from mezcaleros, so not only do you get to try expertly crafted spirits, but you are also supporting the people who practice this ancient art form.

Sustainability is an issue that has negatively impacted small-scale producers. While massive brands make tequila cheaper and at a faster rate, more mindful production done by generational mezcaleros is harmed by a lack of resources to compete as well as use the best materials possible. So even if you have never tried this complex and delicious spirit before, which is an absolute must, Maguey Melate is well worth a try.

Saloon Box

Saloon Box is another cocktail kit subscription service, this one sending out subtle twists on classic cocktails. Past cocktails sent out by Saloon Box include a Bloody Maria, which swaps out the regular vodka in the drink with tequila, and another is a rye and ginger Old Fashioned. These reinventions of iconic drinks are what make every shipment of Saloon Box so interesting. You may have had the drink before, but never like this.

Saloon Box is an accessible and simple way to get to know the anatomy of a drink better and learn about how subtle changes make a big difference. Plus, with every single ingredient required included in each box, there is no need to track down any specific, uncommon items.

Another great aspect of Saloon Box is that it only sends the amount of liquor that you need, so instead of using a whole bottle of a liqueur and then setting it on your shelf to collect dust, you can use the amount sent to you and not waste anything. Not only does this service send new drinks every time, but the drinks are also seasonal, so more botanical, floral cocktails are sent in the springtime while more whiskey drinks are sent in the winter.

Cocktail Courier

Cocktail Courier places all of the power into the hands of the customers. Although a service sending you an already selected cocktail can introduce you to spirits and flavors you may not have thought to try otherwise, Cocktail Courier lets its customers select which cocktails they get in each and every box.

Every cocktail kit includes the ingredients needed to mix several drinks, and members can choose if the box includes alcohol or not. It starts with a quiz that lets the service know what you like and do not, after which you are presented with a list of ready-to-pour cocktails to choose from. Some of these include an Irish-inspired Godfather cocktail, a spice old fashioned, and a seasonal winter mule.

It is possible that you want to get into mixing drinks at home but do not have the right bartending tools to do so. Luckily, Cocktail Courier also sells separate items like stirring glasses, shaker tins, strainers, jiggers, and everything you need to put your kit to its best use. The website also sells glassware, another key aspect that contributes to a better drinking experience.

Crafted Taste

Crafted Taste sends its member's craft cocktails created by craft bartenders. If you are looking for traditional drinks, this may not be for you, but if you want exposure to modern mixology, this is the place to get it. Not only do boxes from Crafted Taste include great spirits brands, but they also include unique syrups, bitters, and mixers that you can only get from your subscription.

Each shipment of Crafted Taste includes full-size ingredients, and although you may be thinking that this means some of them will go to waste, the service sometimes provides additional uses for the ingredients beyond that month's recipe. So you get to mix craft cocktails and stock your home bar at the same time. If you do like the cocktail sent to you, and chances are you will, there are enough ingredients inside to mix over a dozen drinks.

In case you do not want to commit to full-sized bottles of liquor or mixers every month or with every shipment, Crafted Taste also offers miniature kits as well as kits that do not include any alcohol. These include the ingredients you need to make each drink, including a jigger, mint julep spoons, and even napkins, so all you need to do is supply the booze.

Simple Times Mixers

Being a subscriber to Simple Taste Mixers really could not be any easier. All you have to do is choose your two mixers for a given month's shipment, then use them to mix yourself a drink using the recommended three parts mixer to one-part alcohol formula. That's really it. This is a great service to put your personal favorite spirits to use, as these mixers can be mixed with any type of liquor. You can even mix them with sparkling wine to make a spritz, or with beer to mix yourself a refreshing shandy.

Again, even though craft cocktails are fun to make and the process of doing so can be an event itself, Simple Times Mixers gives subscribers the most hassle-free drinking experience for when all you want is a fast, easy-to-make libation. Current choices offered by this service include a pineapple mule, a raspberry mule, three different lemonades, a classic margarita mix, and a monthly exclusive. March 2023's, for instance, is a blood orange mojito mix.

This is also a great subscription to sign up for even if you don't drink. These delicious mixers are great for making non-alcoholic drinks simply by adding a splash of soda water, fresh citrus, or other botanicals. Subscriptions start at just $27, which gets you two 32 oz bottles for a total of about 20 cocktails.