The 15 Absolute Best Super Bowl Snack Commercials Of All Time, Ranked

As the Super Bowl nears, plans for where to watch the game and who to watch it with are likely in the works. The final game of the NFL season draws more viewers than any other American sporting event, with an estimation of over 208 million televisions tuning in to last year's finale (via NFL). With such a large audience practically guaranteed every year, the Super Bowl is the golden opportunity for brands and companies to pull out all the stops to make the best advertisement possible. 

Of course, this comes with a high price tag. According to Fansided, the cost of a 30-second window is $7 million for the 2023 Super Bowl, the highest price it has ever been. With so much riding on that precious half of a minute, you have to get the ad right, which is why the commercials breaks during the Super Bowl have become as much of an event as the game itself.

Commercials for beer companies, fast food chains, and movie trailers have always been mainstays, as has something more football related than any snacks. So, here are the best of the best Super Bowl snack ads to grace your television screen throughout the years.

15. Doritos and Chevy Chase (1994)

One thing that is sure to draw everyone's attention during the commercial breaks is a celebrity cameo. In this 1994 ad for Dorito's, legendary comedic actor and original "Saturday Night Live" cast member Chevy Chase is seen at what appears to be some swanky, Hollywood party, dressed in a tuxedo. Chase has to endure a boring conversation that he is clearly not interested in, but he is able to get through it with the help of his bag of Doritos. With each bite, the crunch drowns out all other sounds.

Doritos is always expected to secure at least one commercial spot during the Super Bowl every year, dating back over three decades. This particular ad was actually one of the multiple commercials the brand did with Chevy Chase, who was a constant endorser of Doritos in the mid-1990s, including during the era of the 3D-designed bag, which was brought back for a limited time for classic '90s nostalgia in 2020 (via Guilty Eats). 

14. Planter's introduces Baby Nut (2020)

There are few Super Bowl commercials that have garnered as much attention as Planters Peanuts did in 2020. One of the longest-lasting, recognizable, and beloved snack mascots of all time is undeniably Mr. Peanut. The top hat, monocle, and cane made him a distinguished mascot of class and luxury, even if he was just selling canned peanuts.

In 2020, however, Planters decided to advance its image by doing away with its longstanding representative and introducing a new snack icon to the world: Baby Nut. In the weeks leading up to the big game, the brand announced on Twitter and through a different commercial that the beloved mascot tragically died during an attempt to rescue actors Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh from crashing the Nutmobile, per CNN Business.

Then, during the ad spot in the first half of the Super Bowl, Snipes spoke at Mr. Peanut's funeral, when, suddenly, Mr. Peanut was reincarnated as Baby Nut, and the legend lived on. Following the game, Planter's refigured its Twitter account with its new mascot and began the new ad campaign. The multimedia ad was surely a success as one of the most memorable Super Bowl ads that year with a seed of anticipation planted weeks ahead of time.

13. Skittles David Schwimmer possible ads (2018)

Despite an enormous price tag, companies pay the price of a Super Bowl ad due to the number of viewers. Well, Skittles was able to get people's attention for a Super Bowl ad that only one person viewed (via ABC News).

Like the 2020 Super Bowl ad by Planters, Skittles built anticipation for its set of commercials weeks ahead of game day, announcing that the candy brand's super bowl ad will only be viewed by a single person that year. The person was California resident Marcos Menendez, and viewers were able to watch Menendez watch the exclusive ad on the brand's Facebook page during the game.

As for David Schwimmer, he was in the set of teasers advertising the exclusive Super Bowl ad, which was aired in the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl. The 15-second commercial spots were definitely strange, but they did bring attention to the exclusive advertisement that people couldn't technically watch. Regardless, Skittles was able to bring attention to its candy without paying the lofty fee of airing a full ad during the Super Bowl. Even though only one person saw it, Skittles got the attention without the cost.

12. Doritos dance off with Lil Nas X (2020)

Dorito's 2020 Super Bowl took full advantage of multiple popularities at the time. The commercial featured esteemed actor Sam Elliot, who had just featured in "A Star Is Born," one of the biggest movies of 2019, as well as pop sensation Lil Nas X, whose song "Old Town Road," took the music world by storm around the same time.

The music star and actor faced off in an old-western duel but not the kind with revolvers. Instead, the two held a dance-off to determine who would be able to take home the bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. After Elliot's dancing mustache was unable to oust the moves of Lil Nas X, the pop star was able to ride off into the sunset to his hit song with a bag of Doritos in hand.

The ad did well to resonate with both young music listeners familiar with the artist and with older viewers familiar with Elliot's vast catalog of acting work. The ad ends with a brief cameo from Billy Ray Cyrus, who was featured in a remix of "Old Town Road" to cap off the 30-second spot.

11. Hershey's Reese's Take5 bar (2020)

Given the amount of money it takes to run a commercial during the Super Bowl, you can expect to see the same brands year in and year out. Most of the recurring brands belong to massive corporations that can afford to pay for a spot each year, but there are some immensely profitable and popular brands that do not bother. In 2020, Hershey's ran a Super Bowl ad for the first time in over a decade, and it was a gamble that definitely paid off, per Forbes.

Hershey's owns countless iconic snack brands, but a fusion of two of its brands was deemed worthy of an ad spot during that year's Super Bowl. The brand's introduction of its Reese's Take5 candy bar was advertised through a clever commercial set in a corporate office setting. As a woman takes a bite of the candy bar and a co-worker claims to be unfamiliar, she proceeds to rattle off the cliche phrases you might say about someone unfamiliar with what is considered common knowledge.

Each cliche comes to physical fruition for the clueless coworkers, one of which is made to "live under a rock," another to be "raised by wolves," and others. Finally, another coworker is portrayed to have his head up his you-know-what. Ultimately, what Reese's Take5 bars actually consist of is explained and delivered along with a few laughs.

10. Eggo Waffles' acrobatic grandma (1995)

This Super Bowl commercial takes us back in classic '90s fashion. Eggo Waffles were a breakfast staple in nearly every '90s American household (at least according to the TV) and the frozen waffle's widespread adoration is portrayed through family time at the breakfast table.

As the entire Phillips family waits for a singular Eggo Waffle to spring out of the toaster, a play-by-play announcer describes the action. Once the Eggo finally comes up, the mother, father, son, and daughter all rush over only to find the waffle has already been taken. Upon examining a slow-motion replay, we learn that it was the grandmother who sprung out of her chair, snatched the waffles from the toaster, returned to her seat, and finished the waffle before her family even notices.

The acrobatic grandma's leap across the room — full of flips forward and back — is done with corny, elementary special effects that actually make the commercial more appreciable today than ever before.

9. Cheeto's 'Can't Touch This' (2020)

Speaking of the 1990s, Cheeto's 2020 Super Bowl commercial paid homage to the era with a tribute to the 30-year anniversary of MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" hit. Cheeto's is another brand that took a long break from running ads during the big game and only did so in 2020 to promote its new product, Cheeto's Popcorn, according to Forbes.

A fusion of the new snack and the iconic hip-hop song perfectly matched. The commercial opens with a man in a work office enjoying the Cheeto's popcorn when his boss comes to give him an assignment. After seeing his fingers covered in that bright orange Cheeto dust, he leaves. The man then realizes his get-out-of-jail card and uses the excuse to avoid other tasks, such as helping a mover with furniture, his friend with a bench press, and holding a baby. Each time, MC Hammer pops up and ushers his famous line: "Can't touch this."

Stanley Kirk Burrell, the real name of MC Hammer, was more than happy to do the commercial, claiming Cheetos has always been a favorite snack of his and he has fond memories of it from his childhood, according to Forbes.

8. M&M's 'Sexy and I Know It' (2012)

Just like how Dorito's took advantage of the popularity of "Old Town Road," M&M's did the same in 2012 with the song, "Sexy and I Know It." The song by LMFAO was immensely popular at the time, and the timeless M&M's characters used it to make a hilarious Super Bowl Commercial.

In the 30-second spot, the brown M&M is introduced and is talking to friends at a lavish cocktail party when she notices a man laughing at her. It is explained that the stranger thinks the M&M is naked because her shell is the same color as the chocolate interior. After dismissing the stupidity of showing up to a party naked, the red M&M rips off his candy shell and dances to the song by LMFAO. 

According to Fast Company, the ad was one of the highest-rated for that year's Super Bowl. Not bad for a silly commercial.

7. Kellogg's says 'taste them again for the first time' (1992)

This next Super Bowl commercial is the epitome of how effective simplicity could be. This commercial may not have made people laugh, shed a tear, or rush to the convenience store to buy something, but Kellogg's Corn Flakes did make viewers rethink something they probably hadn't thought of for years.

The ad begins with text that reads, "Introducing a new cereal from Kellogg's." Then, a man is shown sitting on his couch with a bowl of Kellogg's Corn Flakes. At first, he is skeptical about the cereal, calling it "wimpy" and saying, "just flakes?" and "who's going to eat this?" After one bite, his mind is changed, saying it's simple, down to earth, and that "it has some muscle."

Finally, the commercial ends with a box and bowl of cereal. The voiceover says, "Kellogg's Corn Flakes, taste them again for the first time." Corn Flakes are maybe the most basic, fundamental cereal ever, but that does not mean it isn't good. It has been around a while for a reason, and this ad helps viewers rediscover this tried-and-true product.

6. Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen for Lay's (2022)

This commercial for Lay's potato chips is anything but simple. This obviously bigger-budget ad had a lot of moving parts in addition to featuring A-list actors Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. The two actors have been a comedy duo for years, acting alongside each other in some classic comedies such as "40-Year-Old Virgin" and "Knocked Up," and fans were very pleased to see them opposite one another once again.

The ad takes place on Rogen's wedding day, where Rudd is his best man. As they sit with one another just before the ceremony begins, they start to reminisce about the memories they share and how Lay's has been a part of every single one. Whether it be a road trip decades ago, getting kidnapped, or buying a haunted house, Lay's was also there with them as a testament to the product's consistency in everyone's lives.

The commercial was actually directed by Rogen's longtime writing partner, Evan Goldberg, and Rogen and Rudd simply saw the commercial as an opportunity to make something fun that could stand out during the commercial breaks (via Forbes) — even if Lay's has marketing down to a science.

5. M&M's become human (2018)

There may be no actor that incites such an instant reaction of levity than Danny Devito. Since becoming his iconic character, Frank Reynolds, on "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Devito has become even more beloved than before, and his humor absolutely shined in the 2018 Super Bowl ad for M&M's.

The commercial starts with the red and brown M&M's walking down the street while the red M&M complains about people always trying to eat him. Immediately after picking up a lucky penny, he says that sometimes he wishes to be human. Then, the candy does become a human, played by Devito. Devito then asks every passerby if they want to eat him, all of whom obviously decline. As he exclaims in the street, Devito is pummeled by garbage struck and thrown into a fruit stand. The candy brand's slogan "always fun" definitely hit once again.

Even when Devito says he likes the way he looks, the brown M&M shoots him down, pointing out his continued short stature and lack of hair.

4. Wonderul Pistachios crackin' Gangnam style (2013)

Of all of the popular songs used to help promote snacks throughout the years, there is no song that was more of a cultural phenomenon than Psy's "Gangnam Style." As of February 2023, the music video for the song has over 4.6 billion views on YouTube, remaining one of the highest-viewed Youtube videos of all time even ten years after its release. It was also the very first Youtube video to ever surpass 1 billion views, per PR Newswire.

This Super Bowl commercial collaboration between Wonderful Pistachio and the Korean pop star was not only the nut brand's first-ever Super Bowl ad, but it was also Psy's very first appearance in a U.S. commercial. The ad was another edition of Wonderful's "Get Crackin'" ad campaign, which combined the mega-hit song with the product's slogan. Psy sang, "Crackin' Gangnam style," while performing his signature dance with a pistachio mascot.

The ad was simple, straightforward, familiar, obvious, and fun. When asked about it, Psy explained that he always liked how fun Wonderful Pistachios' commercials were and that he knew he looked good in green, so it was really a no-brainer when he was approached to do the spot, according to the release.

3. Snickers' and The Brady Bunch (2015)

Snickers can always be counted on to put out a funny ad for its candy bar, and one of its best aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. The ad pays homage to "The Brady Brunch" as part of Snickers' "you're not you when you're hungry" campaign.

In this edition, a classic Brady Bunch scene plays out, but daughter Marsha is replaced by an axe-wielding Danny Trejo, who is upset that her nose was hurt before a school dance. After Mrs. Brady tells her to calm down because she gets "a little hostile" when she is hungry, one bite gets Marsha back to her regular self.

Then, an upset Jan, replaced by Steve Buschemi, expresses her displeasure with Marsha always getting so much attention with a couple of hilariously delivered lines to close out the ad. According to Bleacher Report, original Brady Bunch footage was used to make the commercial, with the dialogue and shots of Trejo, Buscemi, and the Snickers bar added in.

There have been so many celebrity cameos in Snickers ads throughout the years, and this unlikely duo was one of the biggest hits of that year's Super Bowl.

2. Doritos toddler says 'keep your hands off' (2010)

Of the countless Doritos ads that debuted during the Super Bowl, the brand's 2010 commercial is perhaps the most iconic. It includes no celebrities or special effects, just good writing and impeccable delivery.

The commercial starts with a man knocking on the door of the house of a woman he is presumably dating. After she thanks him for the flowers he brought and lets him in, she tells her son to say hello and be polite. As the woman leaves the room, the young boy notices the man checking out his mother. To make matters worse, the date tries to take one of the boy's chips. The toddler swiftly slaps the man across the face, tells him to put the Dorito back, and says firmly, "Keep your hands off my momma. Keep your hands off my Doritos."

With all of the technological advancements in studio production that have contributed to Super Bowl commercials in recent years, such as special effects or elaborate set designs, there remains no better ad than one that is simple and ends with a well-written joke.

1. Snickers' first 'you're not you when you're hungry' ad (2010)

Coming in as the number one Super Bowl snack commercial of all time is the iconic 2010 spot from Snickers. The "You're Not You When You're Hungry" campaign was a massive success, according to Adage. The end of the campaign saw the candy brand move to the top of its category as opposed to seventh, which is where it had been prior.

The ad that started the long-running campaign aired during the 2010 Super Bowl. A pickup football game is in full swing, and Betty White is wide open for a pass, but she gets tackled hard into a puddle of mud. As the team returns to the huddle, one of the players criticizes her, referring to her as "Mike." Then another teammate says that he's playing like Betty White. The actor's response might be the most quoted Super Bowl commercial line ever used in a snarky reply: "That's not what your girlfriend says." White has to be pulled aside and given a Snickers bar. With one bite, Mike returns as himself to the game.

The line was inevitably used in schoolyards, offices, bars, and wherever a chance at poking fun at a friend was possible. The ad still holds today as effective, memorable, funny, and maybe, the best 30 seconds in Super Bowl commercial history.