M&M's Just Revealed A New Character

This year has been a big one for the M&M's characters. In January, the characters got makeovers and new wardrobes, along with some counseling, it would appear. While the female candies, Brown and Green, got to slip into more comfortable shoes, they also forged a closer relationship, according to Today. Orange, who History of Candy explains was introduced in 1999 as a "paranoid crispy M&M," has learned to accept his anxiety and insecurity. Red, the original character introduced along with Yellow in 1954, is reportedly a little kinder to his fellow candies.

The changes Mars made to its M&M's characters brought some controversy. The Miami Herald cites some tweets that criticized the woke agenda that must have been behind the plot to strip Green of her sexy shoes. While M&M's said their changes would make the brand "more inclusive, welcoming and unifying," one critic joked, "Will somebody just tell me which M&Ms I'm allowed to be attracted to?" Another change was made on September 28, when the existing lineup of characters got a new friend.

M&M's debuted a brand new character, and she's delightful

The best introduction to the new M&M's character is her video. Purple, the first female peanut M&M is a bit anxious, but she's determined to be her fabulous self. Today explains that as part of Purple's debut and as an incentive for viewers, M&M's is donating $1 per view of the video for "I'm just gonna be me" to the nonprofit Sing for Hope to fund their mission of bringing "hope, healing, and connections to millions of people worldwide."

Purple is a feisty, relentlessly positive character whose motto is "Flawless? How about flaw more?" M&M's positions Purple as a reminder that color makes the world more fun for everyone, and the company points out, "With her optimistic outlook, quirky nature, and authentic charm, our newest crew member reminds us to embrace our true selves." Before you race to the store to purchase a bag of peanut M&M's to devour all the purples first, CNN explains that the character Purple has arrived on the scene, but purple peanut M&M's will only be available online, not in regular bags of the candies. Alas, lovers of purple M&M's will continue to be disappointed.