Get Creative With Dessert And Make Your Own Cool Whip Bowl

It is time to start thinking of Cool Whip as not only a pretty whipped topping for your favorite desserts but as the main event itself. While you can make candy or fluffy cookies with this versatile ingredient, you can also whip up a delightful pudding-like mixture that is something like an acai bowl but more squarely in the lane of desserts. When sweet cravings strike, they are not always the most patient, and making yourself an easy treat with a fluffy container of Cool Whip can be your quick ticket to a no-fuss sweet.

Cool Whip bowls can be made and served at a moment's notice and won't require much cleanup if you mix the ingredients together and serve them in the Cool Whip container. Simply grab a package of Cool Whip and add your favorite flavor of pudding mix. Stir the ingredients until smooth and introduce your choices of texturally satisfying toppings. Think cookie crumbles, toasted walnut pieces, chocolate sprinkles, or even broken pretzels. You can turn this treat into a fresh creation with slices of seasonal fruits or handfuls of berries, or top your whipped dessert with dried fruits and the homemade granola you roasted earlier in the day. 

A quick treat that requires no expertise

Making a dessert bowl with Cool Whip is so easy that even the younger eaters in your household can whip up the treat. Modify ingredients to suit the diet preferences of your dinner guests with sugar-free or gluten-free pudding mixtures. You won't easily exhaust recipe options when creating these treats.

Any topping that you would use to coat a bowl of ice cream is fair game. Drizzles of caramel, sprinkles of toasted coconut flakes, chocolate chips, and even pieces of cookie dough can turn this simple dessert into a decadent one. While you can certainly enjoy your creations straight out of the plastic tub, you can go the extra mile by plating your whippy creation in a pretty bowl and garnish with flaky pieces of sea salt or mint leaves plucked from your garden. Layer your pudding-whipped cream between cookies, marshmallows, or graham crackers, and you'll have a treat that will be difficult to set back down.