Give Your Chocolate Fudge A Salty Boost With One Unique Addition

We know pairing chocolate and salt is a flavor enhancer that can take sweets to new heights, but thanks to Tasting Table recipe developer Tess Le Moing, we have new tricks up our sleeves when it comes to up-leveling decadent bites of fudge with mouthwatering-inducing savory undertones. Chocolate fudge and cheddar cheese may sound like a combination that belongs tucked away in the depths of your kitchen, but the surprising match will have you reaching for more. Think of the buttery, creamy tang of cheddar matched with your favorite gooey chocolate fudge recipe, and you're in for a treat.

In Le Moing's recipe, culinary adventurists combine a half-cup of cheddar cheese spread with a half stick of butter, sugar, cocoa, and the added ingredients of your choosing — think a pinch of cayenne peppers and toasted walnuts — to make a fudgy mixture to set in the freezer to serve and enjoy later on. The taste of cheddar cheese will be subtly recognizable, and the chocolate cheddar fudge will stand out when placed among other cheeses and sweets. Want to try the combination but don't include dairy in your diet? A vegan spread made of cashews can work as a replacement, or if you can't find a creamy cheese spread in your market, try finely dicing cheese cubes to incorporate into the recipe.

When desserts and appetizers collide

Should you have pre-made fudge on hand and want to try the combination, offer slices of aged cheddar along with bites of fudge to give the unique savory pairing a try. Whether you freeze homemade cheddar cheese fudge to serve at tonight's party or decide to offer slices of cheddar cheese alongside bites of store-bought fudge, the conversation between decadent cocoa and savory cheese hits all the right notes when it comes to texture and taste. Served with freshly sliced apples, seasonal berries, and toasted French bread, this presentation is appealing as an appetizer and a delight to present as a post-dinner offering. After exploring the flavors found in the fudge and cheese combination, you can experiment with matching boozy cheese spread with different varieties of fudgy pieces and reach for other kinds of cheeses to pair with your chocolatey creations. 

While the nutty, tangy flavors of aged cheddar can bring out some of the spicier and bitter-tasting notes of a dark square of quality chocolate fudge, creamier cheeses like goat and Camembert can play off the richness found in mouthfuls of a 4-ingredient salted caramel fudge recipe. Parmesan can also add the right amount of savory, salty notes to your fudge of choice, or if you're looking for a smokier, smooth mouthfeel, reach for smoked gouda or an aged gruyère to pair with the fudge you spike with splashes of booze.