15 Stanley Cup Accessories, Ranked

The Stanley tumbler has come to the forefront of the "It Girl" lexicon and surged in popularity thanks to TikTok. These bottles, which are manufactured by the same company that got its start in camping equipment, feature 30 or 40-ounce liquid capacities with an easy-to-grab handle and vacuum insulation to keep beverages cold. I am not immune to the charm of a freakishly large emotional support water bottle and proudly tout our own Stanley Cup around the gym, work, and everything in between.

Not only are folks buying Stanley Quencher tumblers in record numbers and in exclusive colors, but there has also been a push for accessories that allow customers to not only personalize their bottles but increase their functionality, too. I examined some of the most popular Stanley Cup accessories, based on items I've seen on social media and major retailers like Amazon, and ranked them based on their functionality, practicality, and whether they improved the Stanley Cup drinking experience or not. I chose products that are widely available and that are made with the design of the Stanley in mind — though some of the products can also be used for other water bottles.

15. Carrying handle

If the first question you asked was, "Wait, doesn't Stanley already come with a handle?" then you're in the same boat as I am. Although the Stanley Cup already comes with a perfectly designed, generous handle, someone thought it was a creative idea to create a carrying sling for this product. You can also purchase this product in an adjustable size to easily fit the top of your water bottle, so it's not exclusively used for Stanleys alone.

This strap is designed to offer Stanley aficionados a hands-free drinking experience. But, a metal water bottle slamming against my hip as I try to shimmy around and walk with it isn't my idea of a fun time. Alternatively, though, you can hang the bag on a stroller or a coat hook for easy travel and storage. While someone, somewhere, might find a use for this strap, I'll save the $10 and go without on this one.

14. Reusuable snack ring

I became keenly aware that this was a TikTok invention when I saw one after scrolling down my For You Page one day. My first question with this product was, "Do people have that big of an opposition to plates to purchase one of these things?" Realistically, this snack ring is impractical for almost every application. For example, you can't take it on a walk because if you hold the handle, then all of the food is going to go skittering across the sidewalk. You also have to awkwardly pick your hand up like a T-Rex to get the food from the ring if you're sitting on the couch with your Stanley nestled next to you.

The only application where I would even consider buying this — and still, even that is a stretch — is for driving and road trips. Everyone has experienced the painful shoving-your-hand-into-the-passenger seat to grab a single Dorito from the bag. But ultimately, it's just more work to measure and pour out your snacks into the ring, eat them, and then wash the ring afterward.

13. Chapstick holder

Anyone with dry, chapped lips has experienced the trials and tribulations of always having to carry chapstick in their pocket. The issue with this wintertime essential, though, is that it is so small that it always manages to fall down the sides of your purse, backpack, or fanny pack — or get lost somewhere inside your car. The remedy to this is a chapstick holder that outfits to the outside of your Stanley Cup's handle.

This a great idea in theory, but the practicality of attaching a flimsy piece of plastic to another piece of plastic is flawed. Several users have reported that the plastic attachment scratches the Stanley's handle — which is the last thing you want to happen to your expensive water bottle. Other users have noted that some of the attachments come with a key ring while others do not. What this boils down to is a flimsy piece of plastic that's only designed to fit a small chapstick container — and even that is not worth upwards of $15.

12. Charms

Charms are probably the most elegant and least kitsch Stanley Cup accessory I looked at. However, these initialed charm bracelets seem like something that an eight-year-old would wear on their wrist as a special memento rather than something you'd attach to a water bottle as a serious accessory.

The issue I have with these little charm bracelets is that they dangle, which opens up the possibility for them to get caught on anything and everything possible. Plus, anyone who has ever purchased a cheap necklace will know that it's not a matter of if it will break — it's a matter of when. Like the other Stanley personalization, it also begs the question of how hard it is to tell the difference between your Stanley Cup and everyone else's, especially if it's a different color. When it comes down to it, there are just some customization tools that are easier to rely on than this fragile stainless steel chain.

11. Insulated sleeve

If you notice your Stanley Cup is getting a little chilly, give it a jacket! Although this might seem like a bit of an excessive item, some Stanley Cup owners swear by it. This neoprene coating supposedly prevents the cup from chipping when it is dropped. Besides that, manufacturers of this product tout that it will prevent your cup from discoloring on the bottom while also reducing the amount of noise from when you put it on a flat surface. I've never been bothered by the sound of putting a water bottle down on a counter, and if I were, I would solve the problem by placing it down a little more gently — not dropping $10 on a case for an already insulated water bottle.

My main question is, what are people doing to these poor Stanley bottles to cause them to dent in the first place? I've had my cup since late 2023 and despite my usual klutziness, I have not dropped it once. So unless you're wielding your Stanley around like it's a hammer, I really doubt that you need to add an extra layer of protection.

10. Carrier bag holder

This carrier bag holder takes things a step up from the simple strap of the past. This neoprene cover, which comes in multiple colors, encases almost the entire water bottle in a protective coating. Attach the comfort-designed reinforced carrying strap to take your Stanley Cup on the go.

There are many problems I see with the design of this product right off the bat. The first is that neoprene is a naturally very smooth material, which can make it hard to pick up off a counter or surface. Moreover, the neoprene coating prevents the bottom of the cup from laying flush with the table or surface, which I would think opens up the door for it to go slip-sliding all over the place. While it may prevent your cup from dings and scratches, it makes it a pain to carry and transfer from surface to surface.

The last problem that I had with this product is that there is no evidence that the neoprene would keep your drinks insulated for longer. The Quencher H.20 Flowstate Tumbler is one of the best types of Stanley drinkware because of its insulative capacity, so it doesn't really need an extra layer.

9. Name plates

It can't just be me, but it seems that these nameplates are bringing back some 2010s monogrammed tote vibes. I admit that they do look a little cringy, especially when they're adorned with "momma" or "dog mom" instead of your actual name. But I understand that everyone has a personal preference for what they enjoy, especially considering that you should have the right to decorate your $45 water bottle with whatever accessories you deem fit.

The only time I see that these name labels would be practical is if you needed to identify your Stanley from others. But with the sheer number of colors, including special releases, that this brand comes in, it seems a little excessive that everyone in your friend group would have the same color bottle. Plus, you have to get a durable tag that won't wear over time. So, you may be shelling out upwards of $15 for a quality engraved tag that won't lose its lettering over time.

8. Straw caps

Straw caps are one of the cheapest ways you can customize your drinking experience and outfit your Stanley with your personal flair. You can purchase a multi-pack of these plastic cap covers on Amazon for under $10; many of which include several different designs in a single package. You can buy everything from cutesy pink decor to ones inspired by "The Office."

The only reason I could foresee purchasing one of these caps is in the summer months when you want to avoid the potential for a fly or a pesky gnat to take a swim into your bottle. The cap covers can also be easily removed, popped in the dishwasher, or washed by hand. But, the practicality (outside of the aesthetic value) is limited. For sure, there's no way this cover would stop water from leaking from the straw if you knocked it over, which would have been my first logical use for this product.

7. Stickers

I am a fan of a good sticker. The best thing about putting stickers on your Stanley is that there are so many different ways to customize it, and you don't have to opt for a sticker that's made for a Stanley, either. As long as you have a solid decal that's resistant to water, you can expect that your personalized design will last for a while.

Like all Stanley accessories, there are some drawbacks to these stickers. The first is that stickers don't tend to fair well in the wash, especially with high-temperature dishwashers. Over the years, I've learned that my dishwasher's favorite food was water bottle stickers, and it would have no problem ripping them off my Nalgenes and YETI drinkware products alike. It's unreasonable to think that a Stanley Cup would be any different. Moreover, stickers are also a pain to remove, especially when it comes to the sticky residue they leave behind. You can't wake up every day and swap your stickers out like you would a charm or an acrylic nameplate.

6. Pouch attachment

Do you know what an obtrusive water bottle needs? An equally as obtrusive carrying pouch to go along with it. This pouch is essentially the fanny pack that your Stanley doesn't need. The features vary based on brand, but most include a large main pouch that's large enough to hold your phone, headphones, wallet, and more. There are also some models that come with a strap to easily adapt the size of the pouch to fit whatever size Stanley (or other water bottle) you have.

What I like most about this product is that it isn't necessarily designed for your water bottle. You could also use it as an armband pouch for running. Or, find something else to wrap it around. However, I don't really see this product as a necessary purchase, seeming as there are already so many different pouches, pockets, and fanny packs out there to purchase. After all, it's not like you're going to take your massive water bottle with you in hand when you go on a run — unless you want the experience of holding a Shake Weight in hand.

5. Boots

While I have never dinged my Stanley Cup on the side of a counter or accidentally dropped it on the floor, thanks in large part to its massive handle. But, I'm sure someone out there has. The primary purpose of these boots is to prevent the enamel from chipping off the bottom of the container, which supposedly extends the utility and life of the product. However, I can't conclusively say that your water bottle stops holding water the second it gets a little ding on the base.

The boot also seeks to solve an additional problem in the Stanley world: the sliding of the water bottles across the surface. The silicon base of these boots is supposed to provide some extra stability. However, in testing this with my own Stanley Cup, I found that the bottle doesn't slide easily against a countertop or wood surface, so this just seems like an imagined problem.

Granted, this product has more utility than the others I reviewed, especially considering that it is relatively inexpensive and could easily prevent aesthetic damage to your $45 water bottle. But I'm not going to run out and invest in one anytime soon.

4. Leather tumbler tote

This faux leather tumbler tote is a more minimalist approach to the bulky tumbler pouch. I prefer the style of these pouches, especially considering that there are pouches and attachments to hold your keys, credit card, and more. Plus, the strap is fashion-forward and can either be worn as a cross-body or over the shoulder.

This tote comes with snap holders so that you can easily change the size to fit your water bottle — which makes it great for folks who don't have a Stanley (yet). However, be sure that you snap all of the buckles completely to ensure that you don't drop your Stanley and everything else in the tote's pockets. Overall, I like that this pouch is very modern and fashionable, and it makes it easy to store all of your essentials without having to carry a purse in one hand and a Stanley Cup in another. However, I could foresee this tote limiting the handle usage, which I think is the best part of the Stanley experience.

3. Straw replacements

Could it be? Finally, a practical Stanley item that everyone will likely use at least once in their lives. Water bottle straws can get gunky, and your Stanley Cup will only come with one of them. While you can go cheap and substitute your cheap plastic takeout straw when your other one is in the wash, you'll likely find that this is one occasion when size matters. The Stanley Cups are so tall that any straw you use with them will have you looking like a hamster trying to suck water from the dispenser in its cage. It also may not reach the bottom, which will lead you to take off the top entirely so you can sip the rest of your beverage.

You can get these straws in many different colors, including glittery ones. It's more exciting than the boring clear straw that comes with your beverage. I recommend buying a straw pack with a stopper on the end to prevent your straw from ejecting from the lid entirely.

2. Pet portrait tags

While I might have said that the water bottle name tags were cringy, these pet portrait tags are in a class of their own. You can purchase the tag from craft retailers on Esty. Some retailers even offer the option to customize the tag to include all of your furry friends and their names. It's a great reminder of your pets while you're sitting in the office and sipping on water from your Stanley Cup.

Like the personalized name tags, I have some questions about the design of these tags — mainly regarding their durability. For example, you'll have to carefully remove the tags before putting your bottle in the wash to prevent washing the design off. But, I find that these tags are much more giftable than other Stanley accessories. And seriously, who doesn't want to have their pet as the focal piece of everything, right?

1. Lid replacements

If there is a part of your Stanley that's destined to break, it's likely the lid. It's not as reinforced as the inner lining of your Stanley, so a hard enough drop or a clink on just the right spot could potentially crack it and render it useless. Luckily, you can buy lid replacements — which are also helpful when you can't find your lid in your heaping junk drawer. The only downside I can think of to having a couple of these lids is that you have to buy ones that fit a Stanley — often directly from the website — to ensure that the fit is perfect. Otherwise, you could be left with an ill-fitting lid and a leaky bottle.

But if a gross film is the reason why you're looking for replacement lids, you should really just rethink how you clean them. To remove the gunk on your cup's lid, you just have to take all of the pieces apart, including the straw, clear base, and the piece that secures the straw to the lid. After washing with soapy water, air dry the lid before reassembling. No bleach (or purchases) necessary.


There were numerous factors that I considered when ranking these Stanley Cup accessories. The primary factor I looked at was the practicality of each item. In other words, did the accessory enhance the user experience or improve the overall value of the tumbler? I also examined the practicality of this item as a whole and its materials.

For example, most people can probably see the use in condensing the components of their wallet into a Stanley tote for easy use, while not as many people could justify spending the same amount of money on a sticker that only adds aesthetic value to the tumbler and would likely fall off within a few months. I did not necessarily consider the cost of each item since many of them hovered around the $10 range, with variations in retailers and vendors.