14 Types Of YETI Drinkware, Ranked

There isn't a brand as reputable in the drinkware business as YETI. This outdoor supply company doesn't just specialize in mugs, cups, jugs, and other drinkware products; it also has an entire line of coolers, bags, cargo containers, and outdoor living goods. While its products may not be low-end in price, the quality, customer service, and experience of its products are unmatched — even by major competitors like Stanley.

As self-proclaimed YETI commissures (of both the coolers and drinkware collections), we've dug into the good, the bad, and the (not so) ugly YETI drinkware products on the market to determine which are the most worthwhile save up for, as well as which ones we would recommend skipping over. After all, if you're spending $30 to $100 on a coffee mug or a reusable water bottle, why would you settle for anything but the best? Here are our top picks from the YETI brand.

How we selected products

There has to be some method for selecting our favorite YETI drinkware products. Above all, we considered the practicality and utility of each product we ranked. In other words, does the purchase price justify all of the uses you can get from the cup, mug, or jug? We also considered the functionality of the product since it correlates back to the utility of the product. These included variables like the handle shape and size, interchangeability of lids, cupholder compatibility, and the like.

Although we ranked function over form for these products, the color availability and sizes were also a factor in our ranking. The ranking was ultimately decided by personal experience with the products, as well as the functionality listed on the YETI website. It's important to note that none of the products were necessarily "bad," but some of them would better suit daily activities rather than occasional use.

4-Ounce Stackable Cups

We can't see the practicality in the 4-ounce YETI cups — sorry. These little espresso cups are sold in a pack of two and are lined with the brand's new DuraSip Ceramic Lining. This lining is supposed to keep the espresso hot in between serving and sipping, and, like other YETI products, they are dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. So, we can understand that a definite amount of thought was put into designing these cups, including making them small enough to fit under a standard espresso machine. However, these cups don't come with a lid, which defeats the purpose of carrying them from one place to another. Plus, most people pour their espresso shots directly into another cup, so having a YETI for just pouring shots seems a bit outrageous.

There is some variety in these products, as customers can purchase the 4-ounce cups sans handle or opt for a 6-ounce handled variety. In addition, there are a few core color options, as well as some limited edition colors.

10-Ounce Stackable Lowball Tumbler

Space-saving cups are always a win in our book. These 10-ounce Ramblers are designed for cocktails, but we can also see using them for normal everyday drinking. The cups come with a stackable element on the bottom that makes for some better storage utility, but not as much as other cups from their Rambler collection.

There are six core color options for this cup and two other limited edition options available for dressing up this cup to your liking. It is a rather practical mug due to double-walled insulation that keeps your favorite Old Fashioned ice-cold. It also comes with a magnetic slider lid that, although it may not entirely prevent leaks, is an easy way to ensure your drink stays in the cup rather than everywhere else. The primary limitation of this drinkware, though, is its small size, which can't be used for large quantities of liquid.

Rambler Water Bottle with Color Straw Cap

If a water bottle with a straw is your game, then the Rambler with a built-in straw is the one for you. This bottle features the same comfortable handle as many YETI products and at least five different core colors to choose from. The bottles also come in three size options — 12-ounce, 18-ounce, and 26-ounce — for all of your drinking needs.

One of the features that this bottle has that other YETIs don't is a leak-proof lid. This keeps your water cold and prevents it from spilling all over your bag. However, putting hot, carbonated, or pulpy drinks into this container is not recommended because it could damage the straw and the material. Moreover, this water bottle isn't ideal for cupholders, which places it against the top-performing YETI ramblers on our list. If you're drinking only water, then it's a permissible option. But otherwise, you're better off with a different bottle entirely.

Rambler Water Jug

This YETI Rambler water jug is made for the wild. The bottle comes in four core color options and features a MagCap for pouring and a comfortable handle for moving it from place to place. The jug is designed to be used for hot or cold beverages, but the brand does not recommend storing food or carbonated drinks in it.

The reality of this water bottle is that it just isn't practical for most people. The cost is much more than other YETI drinkware products at $100 and $130 for the ½-gallon and gallon containers, respectively. It's also rather heavy, with the one-gallon container weighing more than four pounds empty. And realistically speaking, does anyone need to carry around a gallon water bottle on their way to work or the gym? We could see the practicality of camping or lugging liquid across long distances, but otherwise, this jug isn't a great investment.

64-Ounce Water Bottle with Chug Cap

The 64-ounce water bottle is a step above the half-gallon or gallon jugs and wins some practicality points from our team. The water bottle is large enough to hold a day's supply of water but is not so obtrusive that you can't take it to the gym or out with you to run errands. Like other YETI products, it has a no-slip exterior that won't build up any condensation. It also has the same insulation technology that will ensure your beverages stay cold all day long. We are also big cans of the chug cap on these water bottles because it allows you to sip confidently without worrying about water spilling everywhere.

We would love this bottle more if it fits in a cupholder and if it was less weighty in our bag. Without water, it weighs just over 2 pounds — but decreasing the weight may change its insulation capacity.

Yonder with Tether Cap

The YETI Yonder doesn't resemble any of YETI's other products. This clear water bottle is designed to be lightweight and easy to transport from location to location or pack on a day hike. The plastic composition makes this bottle about 50% lighter than YETI's Rambler products. This bottle holds 20 ounces of water and comes in four color options.

Our favorite part about this bottle is probably the lid. The Tether cap is more robust and sturdy than other brands (like Nalgene) and ensures that you don't misplace the lid or break it if you hold the bottle by the handle. However, we don't like that this bottle has a high price tag for the drinking experience it offers. At $22, you're better off going with a free water bottle that you get at a charity event and instead investing that money back into a Rambler (or a cooler).

Rambler Water Bottle

The Rambler water bottle is YETI's version of a standard bottle. It comes in several sizes, including 18, 26, 36, and 46 ounces, and a minimum of five core colors.

Although this was our first YETI purchase ever, we were a bit disappointed by how bulky the water bottle is — even the 18-ounce version. It won't fit in a cupholder, which is downright maddening. But, we will say that the insulation capacity of this bottle is unprecedented, and the chug cap makes for easy drinking throughout the day. Plus, this bottle had a lid that could easily be interchanged with a MagDock cap to prevent you from losing the top.

In our personal experience with this bottle, we've also found that its girth makes it difficult to carry around. We've dropped it on several occasions and dented the side of the bottle where the cap screws in, which has, in turn, made it impossible to remove the chug cap and clean it. We would rather have a bottle that we can wrap our entire hand around than one with a similar bulk to this one.

HotShot Bottle with HotShot Cap

The HotShot Bottle with HotShot Cap is designed with the coffee drinker in mind. It comes in two sizes, 12 ounces and 18 ounces, which is ideal for large or small coffees alike. Customers can select from five core color options and some limited edition rotating products. Besides hot coffee, you can also use it for iced beverages. Like other YETI products, you can switch out the lid for a chug cap for your cold beverages, which makes the HotShot bottle more practical than other YETI products.

The cap on this bottle truly changes the sipping game. It allows users to sip from every direction, which is perfect for travel on the go. However, don't think so fast. This bottle won't fit in your cupholder, so it's not practical for sipping on the drive to work. If this bottle were cupholder compatible, it would score much higher in our ranking.

Rambler Insulated Wine Tumbler

Seriously, how cute is the 10-ounce wine tumbler from YETI? This little container is perfect for sipping your favorite Pinot on the porch or bringing a boozy cider to a tailgate. Since this Rambler comes with a no-slip, no-condensation coating, you won't have to worry about your wineglass condensing and dripping water all over your countertop or wood-finished table. The little tumbler also comes with a MagSlider lid, which will prevent bugs from getting into your beverage during the warm summer months.

Although this container might not be entirely leakproof, the cup's shape makes it difficult to tip over. The shape is also easy to hold with one hand, which makes sipping easy. The major downside to this barware is its small shape, which makes it impractical for coffee or other beverages. But if you (or someone on your gift list) drink a lot of wine, this is a great product to invest in.

Stackable Mugs

The YETI stackable mugs are an excellent investment for people who enjoy sipping on their coffee at home. The handle on these mugs, which come in three size options including 10 ounces, 14 ounces, and 24 ounces, is easy and comfortable for most hand sizes and keeps the cold air from turning our piping hot coffee ice cold. The MagSlider is easy to use and keeps bugs out of your beverage while also keeping the drink insulated and warm. Similar to the brand's other stackable drinkware, the grooves on this bottle allow you to nest this mug on top of another in your cabinet.

Can you already tell what we will say is wrong with this cup? It's the lack of cupholder compatibility. If we don't finish a coffee, we want to be able to bring it with us to our next location. This mug is obtrusive and difficult to keep stable in our car since it won't tuck into the center console.

Straw Mug

Did you have to do a double-take on this one? It's not a Stanley tumbler; it's YETI's new version of this internet-famous cup. This bottle comes in three size options, including 25, 35, and 42 ounces, with five core colors and up to 11 limited-edition shades. Although the cup comes with a straw lid (with a stopper), you can also swap it out with a MagSlider lid and store hot beverages in it.

This cup is on a new level compared to the lower-ranked products. We've finally found a cup that is compatible with a cupholder and has a comfortable handle to pick up and carry it. It also has the same YETI technology that keeps our beverage chilled all day long. This cup is functional and easy to carry from the bottom or from the handle, which is perfect for taking it to the gym, in the car, or on errands.

Stackable Pint

A stackable pint is a friend for beer lovers and general beverage drinkers alike. This cup comes in several shapes, including 8, 16, and 24 ounces, and comes with a straw cap for drinking your favorite smoothie or iced coffee. We're surprised this cup didn't come with a MagSlider lid, considering that it's designed for beer drinking (which doesn't require the use of a straw), but it can be interchanged with this other lid for your hot or alcoholic beverages. This container comes in many colors, including six core colors and ten limited-edition options.

 The only reason why this cup ranked slightly above the straw mug was that it stacks more easily inside other cups, which is better for space-conscious storage. Moreover, the cups are cupholder-compatible and easy to grip with one hand, which makes taking them with you a breeze. And honestly, we don't really miss having a handle on this container.

Travel Mug with Stronghold Lid

The YETI Travel Mug is the perfect companion for road trips and driving. It comes with a Stronghold lid, which is much more leak-resistant than other Rambler tops, including the plain MagSlider. This lid is affixed by screwing it onto the container rather than pressing it down and can easily be twisted by both right-handed and left-handed users. The protection on this mug is unmatched by the other YETI products, which gives it a high spot in our product rankings. However, the MagSlider lid is not compatible with this mug, which can be a pain if you lose the Stronghold lid and need to steal one from another mug.

We also love the YETI travel mug because it fits easily in a cupholder and comes with a comfortable handle for carrying. However, the handle size may not fit all sized hands, which places this mug out of the top spot.

Rambler Tumbler

Unsurprisingly, our No. 1 favorite YETI drinkware product is the O.G. Rambler. This cup comes in three size options — 10 ounces, 20 ounces, and 30 ounces — meaning that there is a perfect size for every YETI lover. The color options and customization options for this cup are also plentiful, including six core colors and even more limited edition shades. When we say we use this cup for everything — we mean that we use it for everything. We keep the complementary MagSlider on for hot lattes or swap it out with a straw lid for iced coffee and water. We love how this mug feels in our hands, and since it doesn't have a handle, we don't have to worry about being unable to take it places.

Although the lid might not entirely be leak-proof, it is very leak-resistant. And it fits in our cabinets and coffee holders with ease. Although we might not love this drinkware product as much as we love our YETI cooler, it is by far the best drinkware the brand offers.