The Best Holiday Cocktails In Disney Springs For 2023

A day at Walt Disney World wouldn't be complete without a cool drink in hand, and the same can be said for Disney Springs. Opened in 1975, the Lake Buena Vista, Florida, complex contains a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment establishments, from Salt & Straw Ice Cream to Splitsville Luxury Lanes. Though you don't need a ticket to enter the waterfront attraction, you can still experience the world-class refreshments Disney is known for at its many bars, restaurants, and booths.

Whether you're looking for a cocktail with a kick or fancy something alcohol-free, you'll find plenty of new and exciting options to try at Disney Springs. To celebrate the winter holidays, several venues at the lakeside destination are serving up an assortment of seasonal drinks. At Splitsville Luxury Lanes, for example, the Mistletoe Cocktail delivers an instant dose of holiday cheer — not to mention a decent dash of chilled Stoli vodka. Of course, you can enjoy plenty of zero-proof potions too, like the Holiday Peppermint Milk Chocolate Boba Tea from the Japanese-inspired kiosk YeSake. On a recent trip to Disney Springs, we at Tasting Table tested dozens of drinks throughout the scenic village in search of its tastiest beverages. To help you navigate its many menus with ease, we're pleased to bring you a guide to the best drinks at Disney Springs.

Chef Art Smith's Homecomin': Brown Sugar Old Fashioned

Celebrity chef Art Smith has been part of the Disney culinary team since 1981, where he got his start as a member of the first Magic Kingdom College Program. Since then, the star has earned two James Beard Awards, served as Oprah Winfrey's personal chef, and opened numerous restaurants. Homecomin' is a tribute to some of Smith's favorite Southern-style dishes — with his own artful twist, of course. The bustling sit-down restaurant is home to many beloved menu items, like Church Lady Deviled Eggs and Bee Haven Bay Fried Green Tomatoes, with equally enticing drink offerings.

A typical Old Fashioned cocktail recipe consists of sugar, bitters, whiskey, and orange. At Chef Art Smith's Homecomin', fans of the classic cocktail are in for a treat with the Brown Sugar Old Fashioned. Thanks to ingredients like chocolate bitters, brown sugar bourbon, and pumpkin puree, this innovative creation represents a milder, sweeter version of its predecessor. A jammy dark maraschino cherry garnish provides the perfect complement to its chocolatey undertones, and the drink's smooth, mellow taste will keep you coming back for more.

Swirls on the Water: Frozen Hot Cocoa Knob Creek Float

It's difficult to choose a favorite cocoa-based drink from Walt Disney World, but the Frozen Hot Cocoa Knob Creek Float ranks quite high on our list. Available at Swirls on the Water, a kiosk located in Disney Springs' Marketplace, the chocolate and caramel-infused float is a can't-miss cocktail for chocolate and bourbon fans alike.

We quickly learned that the Frozen Hot Cocoa Knob Creek Float is one of the boozier-tasting beverages at Disney — courtesy of the generous pour of Knob Creek pooled along its surface. The jolt of small-batch Knob Creek bourbon pairs nicely with the chilly, blended cocoa but our favorite portion of this drink came from none other than Disney Springs' chocolate hotspot, The Ganachery. The shop's crispy chocolate pearls delight the taste buds in many Disney dishes, including holiday desserts at Epcot, but they were an especially welcome treat atop our frozen cocoa's caramel soft-serve ice cream. Between its bold splash of bourbon and its velvety, dessert-like flavor, the Frozen Hot Cocoa Knob Creek Float was among the most memorable drinks we checked out at Disney Springs. And before you step away from Swirls on the Water, don't forget to try some of the booth's Dole Whip delicacies, like the Dole Whip flight or dessert nachos.

Outdoor Bars at Disney Springs: Holiday Rum Punch

Few things in life disappoint cocktail fans as much as receiving a watered-down drink. But make no mistake — the Holiday Rum Punch at Disney Springs will never let you down in that regard. What's more, you won't need to consult a map to help you find it. Unlike other drinks featured in our guide, various outdoor bars across Disney Springs serve this merrymaking menu item.

The Holiday Rum Punch is packed with fruity flavor, courtesy of ingredients like Bols Blackberry Brandy and Bols Crème de Banana Liqueur. The potent punch recipe even contains a splash of Tito's Handmade Vodka, plus orange tangerine syrup and orange juice. As we sipped it, we certainly detected notes of blackberry brandy and citrus, though we couldn't quite pick up on its Crème de Banana component. The Holiday Rum Punch isn't for the faint of heart but those who prefer their drinks on the stronger side will surely savor it.

Splitsville Luxury Lanes: Mistletoe Cocktail

Feeling low on holiday cheer this season? The Mistletoe Cocktail at Splitsville will remedy that in an instant. From its rosemary "branches" to the decorative baubles that hang from them, there's no end to the fun in this festive beverage. To cap off the drink's merry mistletoe look, a pair of sugar-dusted cranberries are perched right above its glass.

The ambiance at Splitsville Luxury Lanes adds to the charm of the Mistletoe Cocktail. Whether you sip it overlooking the crowds at Disney Springs from the windows upstairs or during a spirited game of bowling, you're sure to have a ball either way. Splitsville's drink special exhibits a botanical flavor similar to a gin and tonic, though it features Stoli vodka instead. Its crisp, invigorating taste is a joyous change of pace after you've had one too many eggnogs or hot cocoas during the winter months. Apart from the sprig of rosemary resting against its rim, the cocktail also contains a swirl of rosemary syrup — plus some Barrows Ginger, bright lemon juice, and a splash of soda water.

Morimoto Asia: Toji Moon

Morimoto Asia is one of the most impressive dining destinations in The Landing at Disney Springs, from its breathtaking decor to its innovative food and beverage selections. If its name rings a bell, you might recognize the culinary star at the helm: Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto. At Morimoto Asia, Disney Springs guests can partake in a luxurious omakase experience or sample Pan-Asian delicacies from the standard menu, like the Morimoto "Buri-Bop," a yellowtail rice bowl prepared tableside.

Cocktail connoisseurs will find the drink menu at Morimoto Asia to be a dream come true, and we wasted no time before ordering the Toji Moon. Containing a mixture of ingredients like Absolut Mandarin vodka, Monin habanero-lime syrup, and celery bitters, the Toji Moon is not your ordinary mixed drink. The celery component is pleasantly prominent, calling to mind a classic drink recipe. If the Bloody Mary is the red sauce of the cocktail world, then the Toji Moon is its white sauce. It's savory, spicy, and complex, but with lighter and brighter flavors than its tomato-based counterpart. To further add to its allure, the drink's glass is garnished with dozens of tiny, sparkling gold stars. If there were one drink from Disney Springs we wish we could order at our local bar, it would have to be the Toji Moon.

Dockside Margaritas: Cranberry Paloma

When you need a moment to sit down and relax at Disney Springs, Dockside Margaritas has your back. True to its name, this drink stand boasts its own waterfront patio, allowing guests to sip in the shade surrounded by scenic views. We can attest that the spot is just as cozy after the sun goes down, when soft lighting lends a gentle glow to its laid-back seating area.

Naturally, there are many margaritas on the menu at Dockside but we opted for the booth's seasonal Cranberry Paloma made with Lunazul Reposado Tequila. It arrives with a generously cut wedge of lime, which we drizzled over the icy pink beverage. According to the mixologists at Dockside Margaritas, the zesty paloma cocktail also features a touch of grapefruit and lime, as well as some cinnamon-tinged simple syrup. Its tart, vibrant taste serves as an excellent refresher on a warm day at Disney, though we enjoyed it as an after-dinner palate cleanser in the evening.