20 Best Snacks At Walt Disney World

The Walt Disney World resort opened in 1971, but, before that, as NPR explains, the land was mostly cow and orange blossom land. However, that space would soon become something akin to "a community of tomorrow" and a world-class destination for families from around the world. Each year, people pour in to make the pilgrimage to Walt Disney World for a magical time spent riding roller coasters, spinning on teacups, shopping for unique merchandise, and eating.

It's no wonder, then, that the theme parks offer such an incredible variety of snacks for guests to enjoy. In a place that caters to many different cultures and palettes, the resort wisely offers a diverse selection of snacks and meals. And while there are dozens of delicious options in each of the four theme parks, there are certainly ones that stand out among the crowd. In fact, some snacks are so popular, they have reached something akin to iconic status.


One of the best parts about eating at the Walt Disney World resort is having access to all kinds of different food to which you may not usually have access. International travel may allow for unique dining options, but it doesn't bring the convenience of having such a wide swatch of options in one place.

Takoyaki is the perfect example of this. Live Japan explains that Takoyaki is a common street food found most commonly at summer festivals in Japan. This snack is an octopus fritter covered in delicious fried dough and sauce. Morimoto Asia offers street food outside of its restaurant at a street food stand. From Morimoto Asia, you'll get these incredible fritters covered in seaweed called nori, tart pickled ginger, and Okonomi to top it all off.

For only $6, you'll get six pieces of Takoyaki. Between all of the shopping and walking you'll be doing at Disney Springs, this snack is the perfect choice before your lunch. Since there are quite a few pieces, this is also an easy snack to share. So grab some chopsticks and dig in because we think you're going to love this hidden gem.

Mickey Pretzel

While traveling at Disney World, there are some snacks you simply must have. They are quintessential to the parks and the whole experience. Funny enough, many of these treats are very similar to other theme parks, but Disney takes them to the next level. According to The Disney Food Blog, Mickey pretzels did not arrive at Walt Disney World until 2011. But even still, Mickey pretzels are one of these iconic treats.

As the name suggests, these pretzels are quite large and come in the shape of Mickey's face. Since the outline of Mickey's face is rather intricate, there's a whole lot more dough here than with traditional soft pretzels. Like other hard pretzels, they're salted with those large salt granules, and you can even get cheese dipping sauce on the side.

You can find these pretzels throughout the Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, Typhoon Lagoon, and Disney Springs.

Apple Cinnamon Churro

Like pretzels, churros have a long and storied history in Disney parks. The legacy begins in Disneyland in 1985 when Jim Lowman from Disneyland Food and Beverage brought the churros from the Long Beach Grand Prix to Disneyland in California, according to Disney Examiner.

When Sunshine Churros opened in 2019, it brought excellent options to Walt Disney World that rival the churros of Disneyland. For these tasty churros, head on over to Sunshine Churros in Disney Springs. For $5.25, you can order a traditional churro of several different flavors, including cinnamon and some fruit flavors like watermelon, apple cinnamon, or Fruity Pebbles. You could also order a salted caramel or rose gold flavor.

The apple cinnamon option is a simple churro with a fall flavors twist. Think of it like an apple pie churro with that freshly picked apple flavor and warming cinnamon. If apple cinnamon isn't quite your favorite, check out the seasonal options that rotate throughout the year.

Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich

Waking up early is an important part of the Disney World experience, but that doesn't mean it isn't hard. However, on your Magic Kingdom day, you may find yourself popping right out of bed in anticipation of one of the best breakfast snacks at the resort.

When you get to the park, head on over to Sleepy Hallow and order a Fresh Fruit Waffle Sandwich. This sweet snack is a waffle with Nutella spread and strawberries, blueberries, and bananas on top. It's a sandwich because the easiest way to eat this one is folding it over like a gyro, and at $8.49, the serving is quite generous.

We love that this fruit waffle sandwich is not shy about dishing up the chocolate-hazelnut spread, and the serving of fruit is also quite substantial. If you don't make it to the park till the afternoon, you can also grab this snack throughout the day.

Gideons' Coffee Cake Cookie

What's better than a fresh cookie? A fresh cookie with a good story, of course. Gideon's Bakehouse is a Central Florida institution, and it has the sweetest story to go along with it. As the tale goes, Steve Lewis, Gideon's founder, purchased a Victorian-era cookbook published in 1898. He quickly discovered that this antique book had once belonged to a young baker who dreamt of becoming a professional baker. Steve took Gideon's dream and made it into a reality.

Gideon's offers cookies that weigh in at half a pound of delicious ingredients. Each day, it has a chocolate chip, peanut butter, toffee nut, cookies and cream, and a host of seasonal flavors. However, our favorite cookie is one exclusive to the morning crowd. You'll find the Coffee Cake cookie only at Gideon's location in Disney Springs, and because the bakers only make a certain number each day, there are only so many cookies to go around.

Be sure to order a peanut butter cold brew while you're there because this might just be the best coffee offered on Disney property. Gideon's opens its doors at 10 a.m., but if you don't want to wait in line for an hour, we recommend lining up at least a half hour before.

Carrot Cake Cookie

Like Gideon's coffee cake cookie, the Trolley Car Café's Carrot Cake Cookie isn't your typical cookie. For this tasty treat, head on over to Disney's Hollywood Studios. Right on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard, you'll find the Trolley Car Cafe, home to Hollywood Studio's Starbucks location and a whole host of pastries.

This sweet little cafe offers all of your favorite Starbucks pastries, but it also adds its own flair. The Carrot Cake Cookie is one of those items. This cookie is less a crumbly cookie and more of a cupcake that has been cut in half and stuffed with cream cheese frosting. Be sure to grab a fork on your way out because you'll certainly need it — unless you plan on licking your fingers clean for a few minutes. The carrot cake is perfectly moist, albeit a little sticky, and the generous portion of frosting is delightfully tangy.

Caramel Corn

If there's one snack that Disney knows exceptionally well, it's popcorn. You'll find popcorn carts at all of the parks, serving up delicious, vegan (via Vegan Disney World) buttery popcorn. There are also all kinds of other delicious flavors for various seasons and occasions. However, the best popcorn at Disney World is Werther's Caramel Corn.

Fresh caramel corn is available in Epcot's Germany pavilion at Karamell-Küche and in the Magic Kingdom in Fantasyland, right across from Dumbo at Big Top Souvenirs. At both shops, you can watch cast members take regular popcorn and join it with the gooey, melty goodness that is molten caramel. Honestly, you'll smell it before you see it.

A hot tip here: Florida is hot. So, if you plan on enjoying your popcorn later in your hotel room or on the way home, purchase it right before you leave. This way, all of the pieces won't melt together into one popcorn ball. It'll still be delicious, but not as fun or easy to eat. To this end, please note that Big Top Souvenirs closes at 7 p.m., which is earlier than the park's closing time.

Caramel Butter Bar

While you order your caramel corn, be sure you check out the pastry and sweets case. There are some absolute gems in there, including large cookies, fudge, and caramel apples. But of the items in the case, even the ones that aren't as fancy are absolutely delicious.

The Caramel Butter Bar, for example, is available at Karamell-Küche and Big Top Souvenirs, just like the popcorn. This awesome sweet is a shortbread bar on the base with caramel and a shortbread cake on top. It's not overly sweet, this is an excellent post-lunch or post-dinner snack, and you'll love that the caramel taste comes through without the sticky mess that often accompanies caramel.

At Epcot, we especially enjoy the caramel butter bar during the nightly fireworks show. At the Magic Kingdom, the Caramel Butter Bar is a low-mess snack for long line waits or even parade viewing.

Tropical Serenade

Walk into any tropically themed Disney restaurant in Disney World, and you'll hear an odd request for POG juice. This special mix is a unique blend of passion, orange, and guava juices and is legendary In Disney World.

The Tropical Serenade snack at Aloha Isle in the Magic Kingdom offers an incredible treat with this magical juice. A Tropical Serenade includes POG juice, with a generous serve of coconut soft-serve that gets a little decoration of a pineapple upside-down cake pop. You get to have your cake and eat it too with this drink because it mixes delicious these fabulous juices with one of the best flavors of soft serve Disney offers. Not to mention, you get to enjoy a little cake with your dessert.

This is just about the perfect snack to enjoy on a blazing hot Florida afternoon. So grab a Tropical Serenade and head on down to Main Street for that parade.

Mickey Ice Cream Bar

If you're looking for something a little more classic, this one may be more your speed. Some Disney snacks are as much of a celebrity as the big mouse himself, and this treat may count itself as one of those favorites.

All parks have several places where you can find a Mickey's Premium Ice Cream Bar, and they're the same throughout the entire park. Mickey bars come in the shape of a vanilla ice cream Mickey head covered with chocolate. With a stick coming out the bottom, you'll love that you can eat this snack on the go or while waiting in line for your next roller coaster ride. If it is sweltering outside, be sure you grab several napkins so that your hand doesn't end up coated in chocolate and ice cream. For kiddos, wrapping the wooden stick in a bunch of napkins can help avoid utterly sticky hands.

Can't wait for your Disney trip for a Mickey bar? Head to your local grocery store where you can find these in the freezer aisle. They're smaller, but they scratch that itch.

Candied Bacon Skewer

When it comes to snacks, typically, you're looking for something sweet or salty. But if you can't make up your mind or are craving something with a little of each, this candied bacon may become your new favorite.

You can find chocolate-covered bacon in several places around the Disney World resort, but candied bacon can be a little more difficult to stumble across. Our favorite spot is in Frontierland in the Magic Kingdom at Westward Ho, right outside Splash Mountain. This delicious bacon comes on a skewer to help save your hands from becoming totally sticky. This bacon is thick, perfectly tender, and splits that line between sweet and salty perfection.

We think this is the perfect snack to enjoy between breakfast and lunch, so be sure to grab a skewer after your ride on Splash Mountain. Then, dry off in the sunlight with your bacon to give yourself energy until lunchtime.

Cinnamon Glazed Almonds and Pecans

Like Mickey pretzels, Cinnamon Glazed Almonds and Pecans are available at many different stands throughout the resort. You'll often find them in the same places you can find Mickey popcorn.

When ordering, you'll get to choose between almonds or pecans. Of course, the choice is up to you, but we really love the pecan option. These pecans are tender and extremely crave-able. They are sweet and cinnamony, and although these feature traditionally warm weather flavors, these are a great snack year-round. You'll find yourself popping one right after another. For that reason, we recommend grabbing a little cone of nuts and then heading off to a show or parade. With all of the delicious sugar coating, this isn't quite a health food, but Science Direct explains that pecans are a great source of energy. You'll love that special afternoon boost that will help you power through the rest of your theme park bucket list.

Gaston's Tavern Cinnamon Roll

No one does a tavern quite like Gaston. And Gaston's cinnamon rolls are something you have to see to believe. Though it's a great snack, this warm cinnamon roll could also be a perfect park breakfast. To help escape a long wait, we recommend doing this early in the morning, but it's also available outside of breakfast hours for a great snack.

Gaston's Tavern is located just down from the Beast's castle. You'll know you've made it when you see the bronzed fountain of the man himself in front of the tavern. Once you get to the counter, order a warmed cinnamon roll with an extra side of icing. We think this extra icing is a nice touch for dipping the cinnamon roll in, although the cinnamon roll is pretty well iced to begin with. Grab a seat inside in the air conditioning, and enjoy your warm, fluffy, cinnamon roll goodness.

Even though cinnamon rolls are pretty sweet all on their own, you can add a little extra sweet goodness to your snack time with a LeFou's Brew. This drink is a nonalcoholic apple slushie with mango foam on top. It's cold and refreshing and will complement your warm cinnamon roll nicely. Be sure to bring some pals with you for this snack. It's rather large.

Cheeseburger Spring Rolls

While traveling, foodies often get the most joy out of trying something they haven't before. And while you may have never thought that a cheeseburger belongs in a spring roll, this snack may just change your mind.

For the perfect mid-afternoon snack, head on over to the entrance to Magic Kingdom's Adventureland, not far from the Crystal Palace. On your way in, you'll spot a little cart off to the side. Join the line, and when it comes to your turn, get yourself two cheeseburger spring rolls. They'll come out piping hot with a little dipping sauce. Be sure to snag some napkins before going to find a spot to sit. We think this treat is best enjoyed on that green hub grass just before you get to Cinderella's castle, so find a nice spot there. As the name suggests, these spring rolls taste just like an entire burger wrapped up in a roll. They're incredibly savory and the sauce provides the perfect compliment. We think the sauce is something akin to the burger sauce on a Big Mac.

Funny enough, Disney loves stuffing burgers in food. If you're looking for another burger option, the Cheeseburger Bao Buns over at the Animal Kingdom provide a similar experience, but in a steamed bao bun rather than a spring roll. According to famed Imagineer Joe Rohde, these were based on a family recipe of his mother's hamburger hash.

Mickey Beignets

Throughout the Walt Disney Resort, you can stay in many specialty-themed resorts. One of these resorts is Port Orleans French Quarter. This resort sits right off a waterway and is themed for the excitement of a Mardi Gras party.

This resort is also home to Mickey-shaped Beignets. For your beignet fix, enter the resort through the front entrance and turn left. You'll see the Scat Cat's Club Cafe, and this is where you'll find this perfect snack. When you order, you'll choose how many you want as well as what kind of dipping sauce you'd like between strawberry, salted caramel, and chocolate. If you decide to eat your beignets outside the cafe, you'll find plenty of seating to choose from. This area is rarely busy, and most people will be eating beignets just like you.

Like the best beignets from New Orleans, these fried and puffed pastries get a coating of sweet powdered sugar that sure makes a mess while snacking. You'll just need to trust that the mess is absolutely worth it.

The Scat Cat's Club Cafe also offers beignets with different liqueurs if you're looking for something extra special. You can order them with pipets of Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur, Kahlúa Liqueur, or RumChata Liqueur. While the regular beignets come in batches of three or six, these alcoholic options only come in sets of two, but they're delicious anyhow.

Corn Dog Nuggets

"Casey at the Bat" is a poem by American poet Ernest Lawrence Thayer. Thayer's poem shares the story of the Mudville Nine's baseball defeat, regardless of the efforts of their star player, Casey. According to IMDB, Disney brought this poem to life in its 1946 short by the same name. Magic Kingdom's Casey's Corner plays homage to this short through its baseball-themed quick service menu.

This is one of our favorite quick service stops at the Magic Kingdom. Though the menu has plenty of great hot dog options, including a vegan one, we cannot recommend the Corn Dog Nuggets highly enough. This Magic Kingdom go-to snack is a generous portion of miniature corn dogs with a slightly sweet breeding and small hot dog inside. If you don't want to dip your nuggets in mustard or ketchup, we highly recommend ordering a small side of melty cheese. After gathering your nuggets, be sure to stick around and listen to the piano player who frequently plays outside the restaurant.

Cheshire Cat Tail

Anytime Disney gets an opportunity to name a snack after a character, it takes it. It would be silly not to, and this is a perfect example of why this method works out so well for the company and guests alike.

The Cheshire cat tail is a chocolate-filled croissant from the Cheshire Café, right outside the teacups in Fantasyland. While the Cheshire cat may be best known for their smile, this treat focuses on its tail, which is why this chocolate croissant is, in fact, in the shape of a cat's tail. On top of the tail, there is pink and purple frosting zigzagging down the length of it. Although it may not look like the most appetizing treat, the snack is popular for a good reason. Not only is it exceptionally Instagramable, but it also tastes quite great. The flaky croissant dough encloses a melty chocolate filling. Served a little warm, this snack pairs well with that middle-of-the-day coffee. Thankfully, the Cheshire Café also offers some delicious cold brew to enjoy alongside your croissant tail.

Mr. Kamal's Seasoned Fries

There may be no better snack food than fries. Not only are there so many different ways to flavor fries, but there are tons of dips with which to enjoy your fries. And, if you're looking for the perfect snack to enjoy while checking out some animals at The Animal Kingdom, Mr. Kamal's Seasoned Fries may just be the perfect fit.

In between the Africa and Asia portions of Animal Kingdom, you'll find a little snack stand called Mr. Kamal's. There, you can order a host of beverages as well as seasoned fries and dumplings. The seasoned fries are heavily flavored with a spicy cajun seasoning. The fries come with two types of dipping sauces: curried honey mustard and Korean chili ketchup. These sauces take the fries from good to great. Honestly, we couldn't choose a favorite sauce because they are both outstanding in their own ways. The mustard is a little thicker with a little tang, and the ketchup is milder with a tiny kick of chili. We loved both.


Toy Story Land is one of the newer lands added to Walt Disney World. The theme of this land is a theme park created in Andy's backyard using his toys. As soon as you enter the land, the cast members will call you a "toy" to create an immersive experience, and all the structures are larger than life, as though you have been shrunk down to the size of a toy.

In Toy Story Land, there is currently one quick service: Woody's Lunch Box. It offers some cool snacks, but perhaps our favorite is the Tatchos. As a play on nachos, this snack is a bed of tater tots that are topped with chili, cheese, queso, tomatoes, corn chips, sour cream, and even a little bit of green onion.

Though these could easily be a lunch, they would also be an excellent snack for several people to share. Be sure to snag a table right outside the counter because there aren't many more places in Toy Story Land with shade to enjoy food outside of this small space.

Joffrey's Giant Donut

Throughout the rest of the country, a certain green siren serves up everyone's favorite bean juice in every major city. And while Disney World does have a Starbucks location at each of its four theme parks, there are far more Joffrey's locations overall.

While these coffee counters dish up delicious coffee and smoothie drinks, they also bring a delightful arrangement of pastries and sweets. Perhaps the most favorite of these pastries is the giant donut, and while they come in many different flavors, the pink frosted ones are probably the most popular. These donuts are perfectly fluffy, sweet, and sharable. Be sure you split this one a few ways because for this to count as a snack, you'll need to share it.

Plus, if you visit the Joffrey's location in Disney Springs, you can also pick up a coffee with your face on it. Although it might not change the taste, it may actually make the moment that much sweeter.