13 Ways To Elevate Your Favorite Boozy Drinks With A Milk Frother

As winter's chill sets in, there's nothing more comforting than a warm, spirited drink to light up the holiday season. But what if you could add an extra layer of indulgence to these beloved concoctions? Enter the milk frother — a tool not just for lattes but a magical wand to transform your favorite boozy beverages. From the classic charm of Irish Coffee to the sophisticated allure of an espresso martini, the frother introduces a creamy, airy texture, turning each sip into a luxurious experience.

If you're new to frothing, start by using 1 cup of milk in a 12-ounce pitcher, steam tip totally straight down in the middle of the pitcher. Add milk from there depending on how many cocktails you're making and how much cream you find works with each recipe. Of course, there are other ways to froth milk. You can use a Mason Jar, a whisk, a standard blender or immersion blender, or even a French Press.

There are numerous delightful ways to use a milk frother to enhance everything, from the rich depth of a White Russian to the festive spirit of eggnog and many more drinks. Below are a few of our favorites, which you can use to inspire your own embrace of the frother's power to elevate your winter drinks, making each one not just a beverage but a celebration of the season's warmth and joy.

Creamy Irish Coffee

Irish coffee, with its heartwarming blend of coffee, whiskey, and cream, is a quintessential winter delight. But imagine elevating it with a creamy twist using a milk frother. The frother works its magic by introducing a layer of velvety foam atop the rich coffee, creating a luxurious texture contrast against the deep, robust flavors of the whiskey and coffee.

Begin by brewing your favorite strong coffee, then add a shot of Irish whiskey (Jameson is a personal favorite). Sweeten as desired, adding white or brown sugar, which, according to The Guardian, was the original sweetener. Next, froth the cream until it's light and airy yet still pour-able. Gently spoon or pour this frothy cream over the coffee. Try adding a bit of cinnamon to the top or shaving bits of nutmeg. The secret is to drip Midori, absinthe, Chartreuse, or creme de menthe to add a festive splash of color. Any liquor will do, even food coloring.

The result is a visually stunning, flavor-packed treat — the warm coffee and whiskey perfectly complemented by the cool, smooth cream. Each sip combines the invigorating strength of the coffee and whiskey with the soothing, creamy froth, making for a truly indulgent winter beverage experience.

Frothy Espresso Martini

The espresso martini, a cocktail that marries the invigorating essence of coffee with the smoothness of vodka, can be transformed into a frothy delight with a milk frother. The key is to froth the espresso before blending it with vodka and coffee liqueur, creating a rich, creamy foam that adds an extra dimension to this sophisticated drink. Start by brewing a strong, flavorful espresso (or two!).

Once cooled slightly, use the milk frother to aerate the espresso, creating a thick foam. In a shaker, combine the frothed espresso with vodka, coffee liqueur, and a touch of simple syrup. Shake vigorously and strain into a chilled martini glass. The frothed espresso creates a luxurious layer of foam on top, giving the martini a creamy mouthfeel and a visually appealing appearance. Every sip offers the perfect blend of strong espresso, smooth vodka, and sweet, velvety froth — a true celebration of flavor and texture.

There are a number of ways to elevate the espresso martini beyond the frother. Don't be shy with experimentation to bring out the coffee and relieve the spikiness of the alcohol. Any experimentation is an ode to the drink's inventor, British bartending guru Dick Bradsell, who first placed the three coffee beans atop an espresso martini. This add-on to the cocktail symbolizes health, wealth, and happiness and originates from the traditional Italian way of serving Sambuca, where the beans are known as con la mosca, translating to "with the fly."

Velvety Hot Chocolate with Baileys

Transform your classic hot chocolate into a sumptuous adult treat by adding Baileys and a velvety froth with a milk frother. This combination elevates the humble hot chocolate into a decadent beverage, perfect for sipping by the fire on a cold winter night. Start by preparing your favorite hot chocolate mix or homemade recipe. Once hot and well-blended, stir in a generous shot of Baileys Irish Cream for a rich, boozy kick.

Now, take your milk frother and work it into some fresh cream or milk until you achieve a thick, luxurious foam. Gently spoon this froth over your Baileys-infused hot chocolate. The froth adds a creamy, airy layer that melds beautifully with the rich chocolate and Baileys below. Every sip is a delightful blend of warm chocolate, smooth Irish whiskey cream, and soft, pillowy froth, creating a comforting yet indulgent winter beverage experience.

For an elevated boozy hot chocolate, you can also try adding a bit of miso paste. Miso is high in umami and helps cut back the sweetness of a drink. Using white miso will have the mildest impact, with about a teaspoon per standard mug of hot cocoa (see a later slide for another option) or chocolate. Follow the standard frothing methods mentioned above.

Whipped White Russian

Reimagine the classic White Russian cocktail by adding a whipped, frothy layer using a milk frother. This simple twist brings a new textural dimension to the cocktail, enhancing its richness and visual appeal. To start, mix vodka like Absolut Vodka (the general standard) and coffee liqueur (think Kahlúa) in a glass with ice, creating the strong, sweet base of the drink.

Then, take heavy cream or milk and use the milk frother to whip it into a light, airy foam. Carefully layer this whipped cream over the vodka and coffee liqueur mixture. The contrast between the dense, boozy base and the light, frothy top creates an inviting presentation. As you sip, the creamy froth mixes with the underlying layers, mellowing the strength of the alcohol and adding a smooth, velvety finish. The Whipped White Russian becomes not just a cocktail but a luxurious treat, perfect for a cozy winter evening.

Aerated Eggnog

Elevate your holiday festivities with an aerated twist on traditional eggnog using a milk frother. This technique introduces a light, frothy texture to the rich, creamy eggnog, making it even more delightful to drink. Begin by preparing your eggnog with a cherished homemade recipe or a store-bought favorite. Before serving, use the milk frother to aerate the eggnog, creating a fluffy, light consistency.

The milk frother's technique plays a pivotal role in transforming traditional eggnog. Introducing air into the mixture alters the eggnog's texture, making it lighter and more approachable for drinking. This aeration process is key to achieving a delicate balance between richness and drinkability. For those desiring an adult twist, the addition of a splash of bourbon, rum, or brandy is recommended. These spirits not only contribute to the eggnog's warmth but also complement its creamy base with a subtle hint of sophistication.

As you pour, the lighter, frothy top layer becomes evident, creating an inviting appearance. Enhance this visual appeal by garnishing with a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon. These spices are not just decorative but integral to the eggnog's flavor profile, adding a quintessential holiday aroma and a warm, spicy note that perfectly complements the richness of the eggnog.

Try mixing with one or two types of alcohol, thinking of it as a jubilee of adulthood. At Tasting Table, we have a list of the 10 best rums to use or follow Martha Stewart's own boozy eggnog technique.

Frothy Brandy Alexander

The Brandy Alexander, often hailed as a dessert in a glass, is basically a fancy spiked milkshake. It can achieve a new level of decadence with the addition of frothy cream, courtesy of a milk frother. This extra step not only enhances the cocktail's texture but also adds an element of visual elegance. 

To craft this elevated version, begin by precisely measuring equal parts of brandy and crème de cacao into a cocktail shaker. Add a generous amount of ice to chill the mixture thoroughly. Vigorously shake the concoction until the shaker feels notably cold to the touch, ensuring the ingredients are well-blended and chilled.

In a separate vessel, take heavy cream (about 30-35% fat content for optimal frothing) and use the milk frother to aerate it. Continue frothing until the cream reaches a consistency of soft peaks — this is crucial for achieving the desired light yet stable texture.

Carefully strain the chilled brandy and crème de cacao mixture into a pre-chilled cocktail glass to maintain its temperature. Then, with a gentle hand, layer the frothed cream atop the liquid. The cream should float effortlessly above the drink, creating a striking contrast against the dark, rich hue beneath. This layering technique not only adds a tactile dimension but also harmonizes the deep, cocoa-infused notes of the crème de cacao with the velvety smoothness of the frothed cream.

Milk-Frothed Mojito

Transform the traditional mojito into a novel, creamy delight by utilizing the unique capabilities of a milk frother. Begin this culinary cocktail journey by muddling fresh mint leaves in a glass, releasing their aromatic oils. Add freshly squeezed lime juice to this, ensuring a balance between the herbaceous mint and the tart citrus. For sweetness, incorporate simple syrup — a blend of equal parts sugar and water — to taste, creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Proceed to add a measured pour of white rum, typically about ½ to 2 ounces, depending on your preference for strength. Follow this with a splash of club soda, which traditionally adds a light effervescence to the mojito. Herein lies the twist: instead of directly adding the club soda, take chilled club soda or a mixture of soda with a small amount of milk or cream — the latter adding a richer texture. Employ the milk frother on this liquid, frothing until it achieves a light, frothy, and airy consistency.

Carefully layer this frothy mixture atop the rum base in your glass. The goal is to create a distinct, creamy layer that floats over the mojito, introducing an unexpected textural contrast. This method not only adds visual appeal but also transforms the drink's mouthfeel. The effervescent, bubbly quality of the club soda is now accompanied by a silky, creamy froth, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Gin Fizz with a Twist

While our own Jennine Rye elevates the gin fizz with her signature rhubarb ginger fizz cocktail, another take on the classic, we might infuse an element of refined elegance into the classic Gin Fizz, consider the innovative use of a milk frother to add a frothy, cloud-like topping. Begin this cocktail crafting journey by combining the foundational elements of a traditional Gin Fizz: a quality gin for its botanical notes, freshly squeezed lemon juice for a sharp citrus profile, and homemade simple syrup to balance tartness. Vigorously shake these ingredients with ice in a cocktail shaker. This shaking chills the drink and begins the process of aeration and emulsification.

The transformation occurs with the next step. Instead of the usual topping of club soda, prepare a separate frothy mixture. Take a small amount of egg white — typically about half an ounce — and add a dash of lemon juice and a small sprinkle of sugar to it. Use the milk frother on this blend until it reaches a voluminous, airy, and stable foam. This frothing process aerates the egg white more intensely than shaking could.

Delicately layer this frothy mixture over the shaken gin base in your glass. The aim is to achieve a clear delineation between the vividly flavored liquid and the light, ethereal foam on top. The milk frother's action results in a foam that is not only visually appealing with its creamy, cloud-like appearance but also adds a luxurious texture to each sip.

Silky Bourbon Sour

Reinvent the classic Bourbon Sour by introducing a silky, frothy dimension that enhances its rich flavor profile. Begin the process by accurately measuring and mixing your bourbon — a spirit celebrated for its deep, complex notes — with freshly squeezed lemon juice and homemade simple syrup. This blend should be vigorously shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker, not only to chill and dilute the mixture but also to start a preliminary emulsification process.

The transformative step involves the use of a milk frother on egg whites, a deviation from the traditional cocktail preparation. Instead of adding the egg whites directly to the shaker, froth them separately until they achieve a soft, meringue-like consistency. This method ensures a more stable and consistent foam compared to the conventional shaking method. The frother introduces air into the egg whites, creating a velvety, pillowy foam.

Once you have the desired frothiness, gently fold this frothy egg white into the bourbon mixture. This careful integration is crucial to maintain the foam's integrity and airiness. When pouring the cocktail into a glass, you will notice a beautifully layered effect — the rich, amber-colored bourbon base topped with a smooth, creamy layer of frothed egg white. You can also try transforming a bourbon apple cider into a sour using this Tasting Table guide.

Spiced Rum Latte

Ever heard of a Pharisaeer Kaffee? It's a German coffee drink with a boozy twist. But if you want to stick to the morning routine with a sharp changeup, try a Spiced Rum Latte, enriched and transformed by the luxurious touch of a milk frother. Start this comforting concoction by brewing a pot of strong, aromatic coffee or pulling a shot of rich, dark espresso. The choice of coffee lays the foundation for this festive beverage, with its deep flavors acting as the perfect backdrop for the spices and rum.

In a separate container, pour in milk — the amount depending on your preference for creaminess. To this, add a measured dash of cinnamon and nutmeg, spices that evoke the essence of the holiday season with their warm, inviting aromas. Introduce a splash (or two!) of spiced rum, infusing the mixture with a subtle kick and complex flavor profile.

Gently pour this frothed mixture over your freshly brewed coffee or espresso. As the spiced, rum-infused froth meets the hot coffee, the flavors meld harmoniously, creating a beverage that is both invigorating and comforting. The frother's action results in a latte that is not just mixed but emulsified, allowing each sip to be a perfect balance of robust coffee, warm spices, and the rich, velvety smoothness of the frothed milk.

Fluffy Pisco Sour

The Pisco Sour, a beloved cocktail hailing from South America, gains an extra layer of sophistication and texture through a milk frother. Traditionally, the iconic froth of a Pisco Sour is achieved by vigorously shaking egg whites with pisco — a grape brandy, lime juice, and simple syrup. This method, while effective, can vary in consistency and stability of the foam.

To ensure a more refined and consistently fluffy froth, begin by separating the egg white from the yolk. Place the egg white in a clean, dry container and introduce the milk frother. Froth the egg white with the frother until it reaches a state of soft peaks. This process aerates the egg white more thoroughly than shaking, resulting in a silkier and more stable foam, perfect for layering atop the cocktail.

Once your egg white has reached the desired frothy consistency, delicately fold it into the previously mixed pisco, lime juice, and simple syrup. This step should be done with care to maintain the airy structure of the froth. The frother's action creates a foam that beautifully complements the sharp, vibrant flavors of the pisco and lime, adding a luxurious, creamy texture.

Deluxe Amaretto Hot Cocoa

Any and all winter drinks can be upgraded with Amaretto. But you can elevate your hot chocolate experience to a realm of luxury and comfort with the addition of Amaretto and a velvety froth, creating a Deluxe Amaretto Hot Cocoa. Begin this indulgent journey by preparing your hot cocoa, either from a cherished homemade recipe or a high-quality store-bought mix. The key is to achieve a rich, chocolatey base that serves as the perfect canvas for your additions.

Once your cocoa is steaming and infused with deep chocolate flavors, introduce a shot of Amaretto liqueur. This Italian almond-flavored liqueur imparts a complex, nutty sweetness, intertwining beautifully with the cocoa's richness. The Amaretto doesn't just add flavor; it infuses the cocoa with an aromatic depth and a subtle warmth.

This Deluxe Amaretto Hot Cocoa becomes more than just a drink; it's a sensory experience. Each sip delivers the comforting embrace of hot cocoa, enhanced by the sophisticated flavor of Amaretto, and finished with the silky smoothness of the frothed milk.

Sgroppino Al Limone

The Sgroppino Al Limone, a classic Italian cocktail, receives a delightful makeover incorporating a milk frother, adding a frothy dimension to its citrusy charm. Traditionally a blend of lemon sorbet, vodka, and prosecco, this cocktail is known for its refreshing and zesty character. By introducing the milk frother into the preparation process, the texture of the lemon sorbet is transformed, elevating the cocktail's sensory appeal (we've also ranked the best limoncello brands).

Begin by placing a scoop of high-quality lemon sorbet into a mixing bowl. Utilize the milk frother to gently aerate the sorbet, creating a lighter, more mousse-like consistency. This action not only softens the sorbet but also enhances its creaminess, making it an ideal base for the cocktail. Once the sorbet reaches the desired frothiness, blend it with a measured pour of vodka and gently stir in the prosecco. The prosecco's effervescence and the vodka's clean, crisp notes are harmoniously married with the creamy sorbet, resulting in a balanced and refined drink.

Serve this innovative Sgroppino Al Limone in a chilled glass to maintain its cool temperature. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel, which not only adds an elegant visual touch but also releases essential oils, enhancing the cocktail's aroma. The resulting drink is a harmonious blend of sweet and tart flavors, with the frothy lemon sorbet introducing a sophisticated texture that dances on the palate.